Ye Eun and Yoo Bin Cut on We Got Married Ep 34 (english subbed)

Conclusion to the blind date trilogy involving Ye Eun, Yoo Bin (Wonder Girls) and Kyu Jong, Hyung Joon (SS501). It’s sad that this final part was quite heavily edited and the dancing game will never see daylight. Anyway, all 4 will make their final decisions, who will end up (just for the date) with who?

YeBin on We Got Married Episode 34

Download (UU) | Mirror Download (MU) | password: yebin

subbed with kindness by the awesome muish.
This is for personal use. Do not alter or upload with permission.


25 thoughts on “Ye Eun and Yoo Bin Cut on We Got Married Ep 34 (english subbed)

  1. can anyone share with me the video where it shows some of the skinship? the preview part cuz i cant find it although i saw the cuts that were aired :[


  2. haha i agree with Valentia, everything you said was what i was thinking!! also they both my faves out of each group. ye eun’s cool to let her unnie have the guy also i think she knows that he likes yoobin. it would be an interesting drama lol.

  3. Thanks for sharing,
    I have problem when extracting the file downloaded from usaupload. the password yebin seems didn’t work? what is the correct password?

  4. YA. How can they edit the skinship part 😦 Actually…I keep feeling and thinking that Ye Eun only picked Hyung Jun not because she actually really like him but because Yoobin likes him and all.

    I wonder if my theory is right. 😀

    I’m more interested in a Ye Eun and Kyu Joong as a couple actually because it’s always more interesting if the girl likes the guy and the guy likes her friend 😀

  5. Yeah I got to see that clip last night and wow that was so sweet and romantic…kekeke ^___^

    I am satisfied to the outcome of the game…the pairs looks good together…hope that they will be one of the contestants in the WGM soon LMAO! hahaha

  6. Shouldn’t there be a part where Ye Eun & Kyu Jong was paired together, standing on each others foot and hold each other? Why wasn’t it aired?.. disappointed..

  7. ….
    Maybe it’ll be like a MNET My Favorite thing where someone found the unaired cuts of it.
    (In the unaired cut, Yoobin raps her part in Kim Bum Soo with her high voice, and they all imitate SunMi’s strange but cute mouth movement ((even Sohee!!)) )
    Lol. I realy hope that it’ll be like that cause they cannot deprive us of some of the best skinship parts!
    Isn’t that what the whole point of this was?!
    Well anyway I agree with Hong.
    Cause didn’t KJ say something like “I’m sorry to Yeeun, but I was attracted to Yoobin before” or something?
    And doesn’t it seem like she does have some inner crushing feelings for him!? I’ve never seen her so shy xD

    thanks coolsmurf
    Will enjoy verry much!

  8. I love Ye Eun and Hyung joon,they are so cute together,and especially seeing how lively he was their personalities so go together! Them as a couple would be full of fun. It’s really good that she picked him in the end I guess the other guy was boring. lol j/p

  9. dude i seriously think that ye eun like KJ , (like she a fan of his or something) but she choose hyun joon at the end because she somehow know KJ didn’t choose her. >.< Idk when i watch it , she seem to get kinda shy when she around KJ but with HJ she just comfortable (like a friend)

    anyway thanks for sharing.

  10. @ wondergirls4ever_94, who does TOP think he is to be smiling at the girls like that after what he did, huh? Lol, he’s so cute though. Lucky Hyori.

    Anyways, I’m so for the KYUBIN ship. I wouldn’t at all mind if they got together. Kyujong is such a great guy, so sincere and sweet. Binnie is lucky. Instead of having them on WGM, why start a new show called “WE ARE DATING”? Just a suggestion.

    Thanks, Alvin!

  11. yes, very disappointed they edited out all the skinship parts we were looking forward to -_- but still soooooooo cuuute! aaaaaah! 😀 😛

    thank you thank you to those that subbed and uploaded!!

  12. another wonder bang picture from the MKMF! this time you can see TOP and Gdragon smiling at them!!!

  13. another wonder bang picture from the MKMF! this time you can see TOP and Gdragon smiling at them!!!

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