Sun Mi and Taecyeon Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

JYP Entertainment making full use of their YT channel. Nobody Tango rehearsal video of Sun Mi and Taecyeon which we saw at the 2008 MKMF.


42 thoughts on “Sun Mi and Taecyeon Nobody Tango Dance Rehearsal

  1. I hope JYP continues to update his Youtube channel! This was great! ^^

    YAAY SUNMI! My favorite member, and they post this! WOOHOO! Cheers all around to my fellow SunMi lovers. ^^

    I’m not really a TaecMi shipper, but I generally approve all 2PM/Sunmi-ness since their notes to each other. Hahaha!

    SunMi’s move was my favorite because it was so cool how she flew! Then, Ye Eun’s because hers was uber hot! I remember Sun Mi hitting Taecyeon during the performance though. She accidentally hit his face with her arm while spinning. XD

  2. LOL, it’s so funny ’cause as a Taec fangirl you’d think i’d be all NOOOOO STOOOOP, but I actually approve of this <3333.

    [SunMi dresses so cute :x]

  3. My favorite couple <333 I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw JYP publish this clip…I love you JYPStaff….somebody must be a TaecMi shipper too I guess hehehe…Teac sweating is so sexy in here and so is our Sunmi. It’s nice to see that she did not hit him on the face during rehearsal hahahaha…

  4. My fav couple…. among other couples.
    TaecMi are cute.
    A pity that SunMi wasn’t paired with Khun coz in SGB she said she likes Khun the most. lol.

  5. Ooh, very nice!

    I just saw her UFO msg where she called him a “beast” for flying her around like that! ^O^ Sun Mi’s so lovable!

    Hope to see the other girls’ clips soon!

  6. They’d make a cuuute couple ahh
    They’re both tall, good-looking, and have weird personalities x]

    I REALLY hope they upload the other ones!
    Especially Yeeun’s (cause hers was HOT) and Sunye’s (cause she & Wooyoung messed up on theirs..)

  7. wondergirls4ever_94

    lol WHOA WHOA WHOA i’m pretty sure that they’re not debuting in america but just having a small concert or something. they’re not ready for that yet although i heard that they are studying english hardcore

  8. i love sun mi & taecyeon. they’re my favorite!! ❤
    gosh, so happy that jyp released this clip because
    it was just freackin awesome!
    aww, look sunmi… she’s soo shy.

  9. the wonder girls are debuting in America next year, so i hope everyone will give their full support!!! although i’m super worried, i think if we Wonderfuls stay by Wonder girls through thick and thin, they will be succesfull!!! BoA Kwon is making her debut and has grab many attention, her song eat you up has made many americans impress! I’m sure our girls can do the same! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS FIGHTING!!!

  10. “JYP Entertainment making full use of their YT channel” LMAO full use of their channel oh man i almost fell out of my chair

  11. yeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤
    wowwww x) love sunmi! this looks great!
    too bad i couldnt watch the actual performance!!
    & i think taecyeon’s hot..if he’s the one i’m thinking of! haha
    maybe i’ll become a taecmi shipper? haha syke idk

  12. Beautiful! I wish I was as skinny as Sun mi, so I could fly around like a sheet of paper when carried by a man *_*. Her beauty and talents are to die for XD

  13. God, TaecMi is taking over! I guess Taec was the strongest go-to guy when the girls were deciding partners? LOL SunMi, as skinny as she is, is probably light as a feather, so I bet Taec had no problem flying her around!

    She’s usually really timid around guys, but not with her JYP FAMILY <333 She’s gorgeous! And he’s…hot n sweaty. Great combo. TaecMi TaecMi TaecMi!!!!

    More rehearsal videos please, JYP =]

    They’re so HOTT!
    Sexy SunMi!!!
    Definately Jjang. :DD
    I can’t get over how gorgeous she is!!
    I’m so jealous but I’m in such awe!

    thanks coolsmurf

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