Nobody Notches 2nd Consecutive Cyworld Song of the Month Award

As reported earlier, the Wonder Girls received their 2nd consecutive Cyworld Song of the Month Award for Nobody this afternoon at Lotte World.


Nobody have now notched back-to-back wins for the month of September and October having been played on Cyworld for the most number of times respectively. This is their 5th Cyworld Digital Music Award after Irony, Tell Me, So Hot and means they have now equalled Big Bang’s record.

Receiving Their Award on Stage

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Performing on Stage



There’s a new Wonder Girls song titled Anybody released today which is a remixed version of Nobody Rainstone remix. Nothing much except it’s relayered with Dynamic Duo, etc rapping with very little of Wonder Girls frankly.


What if Yoo Bin was rapping? Or Sun Mi? Or even So Hee?


33 thoughts on “Nobody Notches 2nd Consecutive Cyworld Song of the Month Award

  1. YOOBIN looks chubby…with that wig(is that a wig?)
    but still her rap are awesome n great…..

    *back to the days when we were so young and wild and free…blablablabla…

    she’s the best…!
    hwaiting WG.
    and CONGRATS…

  2. Omg, Yoobin is not fat! Her face is just more round when she wears wigs that frame her face like that. Plus I’m assuming her neck isn’t very long so the turtle neck makes it look like she has no neck. Plus standing next to a thin stick like Sunmi, of course she’s going to look a little bigger. But trust me, she is not fat. She has some curves but they’re nothing like love handles. If she’s fat, then fat people in general must be like the size of hippos.

  3. ….
    Anybody was disappointing..
    I was hoping to hear more Wonder Girls.
    But instead I heard barely any Sunye, Yeeun,
    No Sohee,SunMi, or Yoobin.

  4. OH MY GOD.
    I hope she cherishes that moment for a verrrryy long time if not forever
    It’s not the easiest thing in the world to get Sohee to hug someone so I hope she realizes that it was verry special!!
    And yay for Sohee opening up again!
    Is she just extremely tall? Or is the fan really short?
    Grats to the girls! Hope they can beat BB’s record. :))
    Hope to see vids of these perfs soon!

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. X__X There’s nothing wrong with Yoobin being “chubby” =___=

    Be glad she’s healthy instead of complaining.

  6. I LOVE hearing Sun Mi rap. That’d be so cool. I’ve heard her rap before from The Wonder Years album and the WonderBang performance, and her husky voice fits quite well. ^.^

  7. Hahah yeah i agree, so hee looks cute in her wig xD
    mmmmm, not the best shots of WGs, especially the one where sun ye is lifting up her leg and..mmm =/

  8. argh. the wigs need to dieeee >: it makes their face look bloated. geez <_< but anyways, the girls look stunning as always. and congrats for their win ! makes me really proud (:

  9. I heard anybody and was alright…and Cool News! I also learned that Wonder Girls as a GROUP made 12 Billion won (around 9 million in u.s money). That’s so cool,man they must be livin the good life lol

  10. wow, the girls are really on a roll!
    i’m really hoping that they get recognized for their talents at the golden disk awards… wonder girls fighting! ^^

  11. i like how they are all wearing different coloured’d be rather nice to coordinate their outfits with their shoes as well actually…

  12. i think if the girls rap in the song then it would be a hit…honestly i am kinda expecting Yoobin’s part in the song, but i guess it was cut off to fit the’s a pity i cant hear the girls much though…but still i enjoy the song…anything by the girls…and congrats to the girls for winning!!!

  13. Question!
    Are they really touching each others leg when its Yoobin’s part in “So Hot” ? :DDD
    wow they must have a bug trophy case for all their award up to now, congratulations WG!

  14. Nowadays…

    Yubin look chubby more and more and more


    Sunye look thin more and more and more

    What happen to these girls?

  15. Like what the others mentioned, I hope the change the wigs. And like wonderkid, I’m also loving the pic of Sohee with her fan. πŸ˜€
    Good luck to the girls, I know they will win more awards. πŸ™‚

  16. they’ve been wearing that outfit + wig combo a lot these days…

    love that pic of Sohee hugging that fan ^^

    congrats to the girls!!!

    anybody was okkayy…

    thanks for the pics

  17. YuBin’s Face look so chubby!
    maybe because of the those damn wigs!
    when will the stylist stop makin them wear those wigs?!
    they need to realize it doesnt give any justice to wonder girls beauty!
    those wigs are hideous!

  18. sunmi’s costume looks so weird and all the wigs should be burnt except sohee’s. she looks so cute with that wig haha.. i’m so jealous of her, she looks good in everything.

  19. lol Kjpop…

    i think i’m getting too old, cuz i just cried from seeing them receiving their pirce yet again…. 2 in a row!

  20. Yoobin unnie looks chubby… i liked her better during the so hot and tell me days, she was so sexy! i guess during those days people said she was too skinny… but she looked great before! anyway, i like the outfits and the wigs actually go well with the concept… but yeah, can’t wait untill their next hit song!

  21. such unflattering photos. i believe it’s because of the costumes… ugh 😐

    anyway, congrats girls! they’re all doing really well.

  22. ahh! the photographer took a really bad solo shot of yoobin
    anyway, congrats on their 5th cyworld award! again big bang, yay! LOL
    the song ,anybody, was good but it was more like the girls were featuring instead of dynamic duo etc. haha
    it would be way better if yoobin rapped, even sunmi and so hee like you pointed out πŸ™‚

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