Dae Sung Going to Same University and Course with Ye Eun!

More good news for fans of the Dae Sung and Ye Eun couple! According to news posted by sookyeong at her blog, Big Bang members G-Dragon and Dae Sung have both been selected for KyungHee University Arts Design School’s post modern music study and will enter as freshmen for the 2009 intake.

Now if you follow the news of the Wonder Girls and Ye Eun in particular, you would have known that Ye Eun is now in Kyunghee University studying the exact same course (post modern music study) and thus will become their seniors by a year. And this in addition to another news that Big Bang will be going on a American tour next February. Now, recall what the Wonder Girls will be doing in the same month! Big Bang and Wonder Girls can’t be separated!

Jo Kwon of 2AM and Kang Min Kyung of Davichi will also be in the same course as freshmen for the 2009 semester. Changmin of DBSK is also in the same university. Many thanks to sookyeong@wordpress.com for the source.


57 thoughts on “Dae Sung Going to Same University and Course with Ye Eun!

  1. Oh Ye Eun, you’re soooo sweet!!! I don’t know if Daesung deserves a GORGEOUS DIVA LIKE YE EUN???

  2. Hahaha, I hope they’ll have fun as classmates. It seems like they’ll be pretty awkward and shy towards each other, though, even with their many collaborations >:I

  3. they looks OK together i guess…
    same sch means ,they really gonna have much time together…hahhahhaha…

  4. lol they’re gonna be in the same college and course? XD Hope they get to be partners in assignments or something haha.
    Kwonnie too? yay!

  5. I KNEW IT!!
    this is not coincidence at all..
    they are meant to be together..
    it’s destiny!! ^^


    i love this..
    i’m sure they’ll be great friends and there will be more
    wonderbang moment soon..

    omg,i’m too excited =D

  6. lol what a coincidence!! …or maybe not winkwink

    man… i’d love to go to a university in Korea…so that I’ll have a chance to meet either a member from WG, DBSK or Big Bang…

  7. i miss wonderbang soooo much!

    when i saw lee hyo ri and BB colla, i really feel sad!

    wish that was wonderbang, haizzz…

  8. omg daeeun lives on!! gah my two favorites of each group!! let’s petition ye eun to be on family outing lol. wonderbang<333

  9. OMG MY FAVORITE WB COUPLE!!!!! woooooohhh!! this is the best news evaaah.

    ii wish ye eun would go on family outing

  10. Hahah and I was beginning to think that WonderBang was dieing out.
    Especially with Toobin.
    Grats to BB members who got in!!
    Hope they’ll be more WonderBang run in’s in the future now that they all go to the same uni!
    Well GDragon, Daesung, and Yeeun anyway.
    Of course I’m more excited for the Wonder Girls..
    But you know what I mean

    thanks coolsmurf!

  11. haha,g-dragon and dae sung are older than ye eun
    but somehow become ye eun’s juniour…
    although g-ye and daeeun rock
    but i would like to see more interaction between ye eun and d-dragon

  12. Wow….really?
    Ah..i envy the university’s students that study there…
    They have the chance to meet them…^^
    Thank you for sharing..^^

  13. It’s great new. Wow! same school. How cool is that? Wonderbang never dies, it will always stay alive. Something so suspicious about these two group. They’re always seem to be together either way. Nothing separates them. I’m really happy for GDragon & Daesung. Congratulation!
    Wonderbang fans keep it going!

  14. wonderbangg:DD ahaha. thats nice to hear..and yeah..i was totally thinking of the us thingy…hmmm. rather suspicious actually..i mean, more or less you visit the same music people there, or thats what i choose to believe..(:

    i like wondergirlsfan’s point of view..totally true. haha. i just hope there’d be a wonderbang special stage at the end of the year…and not hyori-bang or whatever they call it. 😦

  15. Wow, that’s one celeb-filled school. Hopefully they’ll be able to see more of each other, and be able to build a stronger friendship. Then Wonderbang shall happen again!

  16. haha this news made me smile!! thanks
    love that pic of Yeeun and Daesung~~and their going to the same uni?!?!

    this is fate.

  17. Its a BIG WONDER DAY!!!!
    HAHAHAH!!! i’m so happy now….Wonderbang is real!
    *crying a river for the soompi thread WHY?!?!?!*

  18. i think both JYP and YG are smart producers
    WG will be leaving,so that JYP can focus more on 2AM & 2PM
    BB will be leaving,so that YG can focus on YG girl group’s debut

    i hope WG & BB collab again soon

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  20. they meant to be together!!!
    I knew it, i knew it
    I think Daesung and Yeeun have similar personality like cheerful, outgoing ,get along with people easily, etc. so they should be close friends very easily.

  21. And Changmin is also in the same university ! haha
    But Bi was graduated from Kyunhee University already, I think ?! Because he is no longer attending the university.

    That’s why their Korean Summer Program last year was over booked ! LOL That’s because of those celebrities xD

  22. coolsmurf!
    recently, you’ve been showing that FANBOY side of you a bit more.

    exciting(= to see them two be so closeee to each other

  23. it’s like the heavens won’t split them apart. WONDERBANG are just destined to be together one way or another. YAY!

  24. wow! the same major! well, Ye Eun has been there for a year already so they might not be taking the same classes… but most likely they’ll be bumping into each other in the same area of the college~

  25. Wow that’s a lot of famous stars in one school! Hehe, I DO like Dae Sung and Ye Eun together. xD

    Wow, both of my favorite chart-toppers will be in America in February? Then who’s going to be in Korea?! lol.

    Wonder Bang = meant to be. 😀

    Thanks for the super cool update! Hehe, I like that there’s been more Wonder Bang updates recently. 🙂

  26. i heard the news of dae sung and gdragon accepted into the same uni as ye eun but i didn’t think you would post it here! haha, i love it!
    daeeun will be schoolmates! yay!
    and that tour/break in the states, at the same time?!

    WONDERBANG all the way! =)

    You can’t escape Wonder Bang!

    Congrats to all of them for being accepted! ^__^
    Lots of them got accepted this year~!

  28. yes!!! finally Wonder Bang!!! ye eun and daesung makes a cute couple!!! i hope they get to spend more time together… do a collab or a concert together…. WONDER GIRLS + BIG BANG = WONDER BANG!!! WONDER BANG HWAITING!!

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