Wonder Girls Ivy Club Uniform Pictures 081117

Long-awaited pictures of the Wonder Girls modeling for the Korean uniform brand, Ivy Club has finally been released. There’s a group and individual solos. How can you not fall in love with them after seeing this? ^__^

Wonder Girls

Sun MiSun YeSo HeeYe EunYoo Bin

Each individual shot has a concept. Which is your favourite?

Click for Original Size Pictures
Group | Sun Mi | Sun Ye | So Hee | Ye Eun | Yoo Bin

credit: wonderholic


70 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Ivy Club Uniform Pictures 081117

  1. Ye Eun’s eyes look big, bright, and clear…

    they all look pretty, but i don’t like how they shaded Sunmi’s jaw line.

    CUTE uniforms. i want sunye’s!

  2. I vote for Yoo Bin…
    But then actually all the girls are really pretty in the uniform…
    Thank you for sharing..^^

  3. Yoo Bin’s face was lightened, which makes no sense since she has a beautiful skin color >.> That’s why it looks so weird. The only normal ones would be Sun Ye, Ye Eun and So hee. They should have left Sun Mi’s and Yoo Bin’s alone, I’m sure they would have been better.

  4. I don’t think Yoobin had glasses photo shopped onto her face because you can clearly see her hair has a slight raise on the side due to it’s place atop the frames of the glasses. But everyone clearly had photo shop just to clear up their skin in areas where the make-up didn’t do it’s job. We love our girls in their natural skin, but the media doesn’t so they photo shop away.

    And to put it bluntly, Sun Ye’s face is at a weird angle so her smile and nose look odd. Her group pic is cute but that solo picture wasn’t her best. I think the best would have to go to Sohee, Yoobin, or Ye Eun. Very cute poses.

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  6. i know that korean uniforms are not like this… i’ve always wondered, ivy club and elite uniforms… what do they actually promote??? i mean, it looks cute but what is it for??? do they sell these uniforms, or is it just for fun???

  7. ye eun’s pic is my fave! it is so cuuutee.

    yoobin’s pic looks overly psed. helloo i would actually like to friggen see her tan skin. she’s so white in that pic it’s scary.

  8. Korea is crap with photoshop… Can’t even make the pictures look decent without ruining the faces of our girls? They’re horrible. Shouldn’t even have resorted to the use of the program in the first place >_<

  9. Sun Mi’s face is photoshopped too much. You can tell by that shadow line on her jawline. =[ They made her jawline manlier! WTH?!

    I think Ye Eun’s is the prettiest though! The lollipop concept’s really adorable, and Ye Eun looks so cute!

    My favortie uniform’s Sohee’s though because it looks so clean cut and nice. ^^

  10. I looved Sohee’s concept
    Flowers are nice, and so is tea, candy, and gigantic pens and glasses
    But I LOOOOVE perfume.
    And Sohee looks so cute with her concept!
    Long pretty pig tails.
    Ahh she’s so pretty.
    She’s so SWEET. (pun totally intended)
    I do agree with some people here though
    The group pic is the best. :))

    thanks coolsmurf

  11. Even though Sunmi is my favorite I’m going to go with Sohee on this. The picture (including the signiture) is really great and stands out the most. I wouldn’t mind having school uniforms if it was cute as theirs.

  12. i picked yoobin. its so ridicoulous how school
    girl she looks lmao. my grrandma have like 4
    of yoobin’s pencils lol. (:

  13. I’m wondering, their signatures- is it their name in english writing because to me it looks like really fany scribbles (but very cool looking)

    Anyways, i like Sun Ye’s concept the best, actually i wanted to vote for the group pictures XD

  14. omg,Wonder Girls are pretty in school uniform..
    YeEun is so cute.. ^^ i love her expression and the big lollipop..

    wonder girls are just too gorgeous.. =D

  15. I don’t see how they’ve photoshopped so much >.> I can show you images from SGB where Ye Eun looks like these pictures. Yoo Bin looks nice in the group photo and weird in her solo. The area where the pen is looks like they tried to blur it out or something. Sun Mi’s looks like they took the face of another photo and put it on the body of this one. I’m surprised at how they didn’t fix that. None the less the group photo is the best!

  16. finally, we get to see the photos haha
    all of them look so student-ish and great!
    i want yoobin’s pencil LOL
    wow, really hard to choose…

  17. Haha cute ^^
    oh my -_-
    The pen that Yoo Bin is holding D:
    I have that one! XD well mine is color blue πŸ˜›

  18. love the Ivy uniform spread!!
    Sun mi’s signature looks like a big scribble haha
    i didn’t vote bc I couldn’t decide… they all look so lovely!!

  19. are people retarded?

    sun mi looks the most photoshopped, along with yoobin
    can you not see the weird outlines on their faces? the shadow, the skin tone??

    it’s just cutouts of their faces pasted on..

  20. Even though so hee is my fav, I honestly thought she didn’t look as good as the rest in this photoshoot (all look stunning!), nonetheless, still cute with the tiara. So I voted for yoobin πŸ™‚

  21. Haha. this is amusing! :]

    Hehe. I think SunMi’s is cute because her jacket has a lot of little colorful hearts.
    SunYe reminds me of WonderBakery hehe.
    & SoHee has a tiara on. haha. such a princess. ^^”
    YeEun has a giant lollipop!
    YooBin has a giant pencil!

    I’m not really sure how uniforms are supposed to look like.. (i’ve always gone to schools that don’t require uniforms)
    but I think So Hee’s & Ye Eun’s look more like “real” uniforms.

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