So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 081116

So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi on MBC FM Shim Shim Ta Pa radio program on 16th November (pre-recorded on 12th) hosted by Shin Dong and Kim Shin Young. Why only the 3 of them again? Maybe it’s the same arrangement as when they were promoting So Hot to develop their speech ability.

Shim Shim Ta Pa 081116

They will do the same thing next week.


31 thoughts on “So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 081116

  1. I have to say that SunMi is so pretty even without make-up…
    I like the last pic…. The girls’ expressions are funny n also the DJs.. lol


    Is it just me or is Shin Dong wearing make-up and pearl earrings?? Haha, is this the same day he danced to Nobody in his show? He was in all dress and make-up when he performed their song on his show. XD

  3. LOL SoHee is so dorky.. ^^
    glad that she’s happy..
    Yoobin is so cute in the last pic..
    dorky yoobin =D

    sunmi is so funny in the last pic.. ^^


  4. Lol, I love the last picture the most. XD Sunmi’s staring at Shin Dong like “Wtf are you doing?”. Sohee’s face is so adorable, and Yoo bin is just awesome :p.

    Hmm…, Kim Shin Young seems to have lost some weight 🙂

  5. oh, kim shin young in dress..that’s a surprise..
    she looks beautiful in her outfit..
    and of course, the girls are freakin adorable in their outfits…
    i see that SoHee and YooBin is more closer now,,even their pose is kinda that…XD
    and yay for Timon and Pumba reunion!!hahaha..
    tanx for posting this up!! =D

  6. oh oh sang ull in the house!!

    Shin Young you adorable thing!!!! hahah..loved her during mkmf!

    of course i want that leather jacket!

  7. timon and pumba, reunited and it feels so good! LOL

    Man, everyone’s wanting SunMi’s love these days!


    Anyway, the girls are looking so dorky ❤

  8. I think So Hee and Yoobin have been getting a lot closer lately… I like ^.^ also, “skinny and fatty” aka “Timon and Pumba” are soooo cute!!!

    Btw, I grown soo much love for Kinm Shin Young. People keep saying shes “big” but I dont think Kim Shin young so… I think shes just bigger than everyone else cuz they are soo freaken skinny… and taller (not necessarily tall. <3<3

  9. OMG i just died!!
    they look way too adorable!
    so dorky too! love their dorkinessssss
    omg sunmi ah!! thank god she still has the bangs! totally in love with her bangs!
    and sohee looks so dorky here too keke i like

    Sohee’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUTE especially with her little tongue sticking out!!!
    Yoobin is utterly adorablee and kind of sexy looking with her batwoman hand mask!
    And SunMi looks gorgiously hilarious with her “What the hell” face.
    LOVE their no makeup.
    Naturally beautiful.

    thanks coolsmurf

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