Yoo Bin Cyworld Diary Entry 081116

Following the diary entry by Ye Eun earlier this morning, this time it’s Yoo Bin who left a short but equally meaningful message to Wonderfuls.

Yoo Bin Cyworld Entry 081116

Really very thankful
Because of the Wonderfuls who love us
We are the world’s most blissful Wonder Girls
Let us continue to be together like this in future ^__^




40 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Cyworld Diary Entry 081116

  1. wahh T_T’ that was so nice of her to leave a message . all of them were so busy. we love you yoobin!

    fighting !
    thanks for the translations alvin!

  2. i love you binnieee! ❤ keep on hardworking
    and you will be very sucessful in the future!
    and achieve all your goals! and thats a very
    sweet picture of yebin!

  3. AWw Yoobin<3
    We love yo utoo :DD
    Of course we will love you more in the future
    And congrats to their success!

    thanks coolsmurf

  4. aww too bad the other girls don’t have cyworlds anymore (well Sunye’s is for chinese fans only)… Yebin we know….we love you too

  5. sorry to ask it here…but was wonder girls on inkigayo today? does anyone know where to watch it on youtube? am i being too impatient? haha..

  6. @WGluver
    WonderSmurf channel is one example of that..last time i checked i can barely see any comments related to the wondergirls @ his page but now.. it’s like Haven for the WonderFuls.. hahahahaha..

  7. They will be loved by lots of people, and these people will become Wonderfuls.

    WonderFuls will grow and grow

  8. i really love YeBin couple,
    the two girls are the most hardworking out of the group

  9. if u noticed, it always be yeeun and yubin who are always say thank you to wonderfuls when they recieve awards or something in theire homepage, not mean but i barely saw the other three do like this, even though their 3 not have cyworld but their have cafe that their can write something to wonderfuls too, ummm…

  10. Watching them win made me so happy!
    And Seriously, you’d think that they’d be around for like, 5 years with all this success lol These girls are pros!

    And we love you too! ❤

  11. i’m so happy for the wonder girls!
    they totally deserve every award they received!

    i can’t wait until golden disk awards.
    i’m hoping they are recognized at that event as well.

    wonder girls fighting! ^^

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