Ye Eun Cyworld Diary Entry 081116

Ye Eun shares her joy with Wonderfuls after an unforgettable night for her and the Wonder Girls at last night’s 2008 MKMF where they won 3 big awards, with Song of the Year topping everything while also winning Best Female Group and Best MV. She wrote this at 4.59 this morning, must be hard to get to sleep.

Ye Eun Cyworld Entry 081116

It’s Ye Eun.
Probably, I won’t forget this day ever.
Can we, who don’t even exist 2 years (ago) live up to this award..
Am I not dreaming right now..

Because it’s an award we didn’t even think of winning,
I still feel like I am dreaming
Of course
I don’t want to wake up

We are small and have room for improvement but we will work hard to deserve this award and become the best group.
We will definitely become that.
We won’t forget the award that you gave us.

To the God who allowed all this to happen
I thank without being able to put it into words
To the members who have laughed and cried alot, I love you

to the Wonderfuls who have always stayed with us, I love you ❤

(translation by Luxtorra)


Don’t cry Ye Eun, we love you too.
You’re not dreaming.
But you still have to perform today.


49 thoughts on “Ye Eun Cyworld Diary Entry 081116

  1. Yeeun!! <33 you are so down to earth and don’t take anything for granted, love you

    “Don’t cry Ye Eun, we love you too.
    You’re not dreaming.
    But you still have to perform today.”

    LOL coolsmurf on that last line

  2. Yeeun is my favorite member. She is pretty and talented at the same time. I really love Park Yeeun and Wonder Girls ! Fighting !! Park Yeeun ! I hope i can meet you someday 😀

  3. ohhh….i just can’t help but say that it’s just the start for the wonder girls=)

    i believe that in the future greater rewards await them…

    keep up the spirit wonder girls!!!

    Park Ye Eun….for me you’ll always be the best=)


    They definitely deserve it, and I have no doubt that they can surpass themselves just like they already have everytime they come out with a new album or anything new for that matter!

    The WonderFuls will always be behind the Wonder Girls!! ^^

  5. “But you still have to perform today.”
    This is exactly the reason why they won.
    And why they deserved to win.
    Their hearts are of pure gold and love
    And also the songs they’ve created KICK ASS.
    I’m unbelievably happy that they won.
    I hope more will come for them in the future.
    And just I love them!

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. We love you too! YeEun is so humbling and inspiring. She doesn’t even forget to thank the Almighty. You can do all things through Him that strengthens you. WGs4ever!

  7. i see ye eun is the most emotional members in MKMF night!

    she cried a lot!

    her entry is so beautiful, so touching!

  8. omg!
    i still cant believe!
    our girls really deserved all the awards!!
    Wonder Girls is love.
    Park YeEun, its not a dream! you really deserved it!
    im proud to be a wonderful!

    We love you tooo!!!
    Wonder Girls fighting!!!
    Wonderfuls Fighting!!!

  9. YeEun…u’re not the member that caught my eyes at first

    it took a long long time for me to come to notice u and look at u w/ more insightful eyes

    but again…ur heart of gold, ur sincerity, and ur humility gradually win my heart

    better late than never to say these words

    “i love u, Park Ye Eun”


  10. YeEun unnie,don’t cry..
    we,wonderfuls,will be really sad if you cry..
    please be happy and smile.. ^^

    you’re not dreaming..
    you really deserved this award..
    your hard work have been paid.. =D

  11. Omg ye eun is so beautiful! on the outside AND inside =]

    are they going to be performing the disco version today?

  12. OMGosh! I was so crying my phat butt off when I saw the award and the pics… I thought the pics were more emotional than the videos…
    YeEun, your always loved no matter what happens. Your spirit is so freely, that it touches so many wonderfuls who would love to be in your shoe right now! I’m really happy for you and the girls. Wonder Girls till the END!

  13. aww… YeEun… u are not dreaming ^^
    i believe in u and all the members ! that u guys will become the best group !!

    stop making me cry..! ><……

  14. Yes, you ladies deserved those awards!
    I may not be a member of Wonderful, but I’ll do my best to support you ladies in anyway I can. 😀

  15. YeEun is truly wonderful =] So humble, it’s heart wrenching!

    It’s not a dream! SHE’S LIVING HER DREAMS and wonderfuls will always be by her side =] as well as the rest of the girls! WGS <33333

  16. YeEun is truly wonderful =] So humble, it’s heart wrenching!

    It’s not a dream! SHE’S LIVING HER DREAMS and wonderfuls will always be by her side =] as well as the rest of the girls! WGS <33333

  17. This is why I love Ye Eun so much. She cares so much about the fans. They definitely deserved these awards.


  18. 🙂 Yeeun is sooo sweet and touching~~~ :’)
    We Love You too!!! ^-^ Sleep well!!
    Wonder Girls Fighting~!

  19. LOL!! “you re not dreaming..but you still have to perform today xD
    yah..YeEun dont cry stay strong =) we will always support u all! =)

  20. i can’t sleep last night too… ye eun unnie touched my heart by those words…they are the best!!! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS FIGHTING!!!

  21. you girls totally deserved it. hopefully she got some sleep because we wonderfuls don’t wanna see you be too overworked and tired

  22. If the fans can’t sleep…of course they can’t either.
    But they need to rest.
    Ye Eun dear you’re not dreaming…we love you all!!! =)

  23. lol at your last sentence
    yeeun its not a dream….
    one day your dreams will come true
    and wonderfuls will be with all of you

  24. ^^
    You’re not the only one. I also cried when I saw her crying, but Sun Ye made me cry first when she tried to hold back her tears. I won’t ever forget this day, either. May WG become the best!!! Well, better now that they are the best.

    These words that she has expressed contribute to the reason why they deserved that big award.

  25. her words made me cry ): it’s heartbreaking enough yesterday. LOL I can’t even sleep with the explosive perf from them yesterday XD
    Yeeun-unnie,we love you too!

  26. her words are so touching. the award meant so much to her and wonder girls. she cried so much that i too started crying with her lol yeeun<3wonder girls<33

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