Wonder Girls @ 2008 MegaTV Super Concert 081116

Fresh from their triumphs yesterday at the 2008 MKMF, the Wonder Girls were back on stage performing at the 2008 MegaTV Super Concert this afternoon at Sang-Am World Cup Stadium. The Wonder Girls gave Inkigayo a miss today.





19 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 2008 MegaTV Super Concert 081116

  1. aw… totally deserving of their awards.
    they are really working hard – and i’m proud.

    wonder girls, never change ā¤

  2. AHAHAHAHHAA!!! Ye Eun and Yoobin look lik they’re touching Sohee’s butt in her solo picture, and Sohee’s like, “Oh yeah!” XD

    The Wonder Girls truly are Wonder Girls.
    They never stop giving.
    So I hope that in the future the world can give them more than they’ve given us.
    I see Nobody, Tell Me, and So Hot perhaps?
    I shall watch this later. šŸ˜›

    thanks coolsmurf

    p.s I love Sohee’s wink pic. hahah.

  4. hahahaha

    hideous wigs again

    wg fighting!

    i love em’ anyway šŸ™‚

    but again….if it’s possible, pls don’t let them wear this style of wigs…..


  5. If they perform the disco version outside the MKMF, it’ll just lose its spark and sheer awesomeness =]

    I don’t think I can handle that much awesomeness anymore! MKMF wore me out lol

  6. aww..i wish they perform the Disco version of Nobody again.. =( well.. hope they do in the future!! =)
    WG FIGHTING!!! <33333333

  7. @ToHo
    she’s wear different because she’s the Leader, That enought!!

    Not agree, i think they shoudn’t promote disco version,
    the beat in this version is so fast, if their use this version with their packed schedule, they must be tiredx2

  8. the hairstylist talent gone missing again!
    threw wigs at wonder girls for cover!
    but forgiven since they did master piece with wonder girls yesterday’s MKMF!
    and yeah promote the nobody tango and disco!
    im still have a hang over!
    YeEun used her partner as human jungle gym!
    she slide through her partner the opposite way!
    back first i mean how do you do that?!
    dang it! i watch dancing with the stars all the time
    and iv never seen anyone do that before!

  9. I just notice that they gave MiSo and YeBin in the same color
    and gave Sunye in different color, why they always make Sunye stand out from everyone? so unfair!

  10. I hope that after the activities for “NOBODY” they’ll gather to BURN THOSE UGLY WIGS!!!

    Thanks, Alvin! Still hyped up about the wins today. Yeah!

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