Viewers Wants Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin on We Got Married

Kim Kyu Jong of SS501 and Kim Yoo Bin of Wonder Girls have got the seal of approval from viewers following their blind date on Kim Hyung Joong and Hwang Bo couple segment over the past 3 weeks. They are strongly backed (just a suggestion) by viewers to become a couple on MBC We Got Married.

Conclusion of the SS501 and Wonder Girls Blind Date

Many viewers left messages on the website, “Strongly recommend Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin as a couple on We Got Married. They have the novelty factor and are so compatible on the program. It would be great if they really get coupled. It would be really ideal if they could fill the void left behind by the romantic couple, Alex and Shin Ae whose final episode was aired today.”

Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon of SS501 concluded the final episode of their blind date trilogy today with Ye Eun and Yoo Bin of the Wonder Girls. They got along really well with each other by this point compared to the initial awkwardness and there were no barriers between them by the end of the blind date. In the end, Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin ended up as a couple while Ye Eun coupled with Hyung Joon. Kyu Jong expressed, “It’s really great to be a couple with a girl that I really liked before. It was great to be able to play games together and got to know each other even better. I am really happy. Thank you.”

Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin each exchanged phone numbers and seemed to indicate that they would like to keep in contact in future. Kyu Jong expressed, “It’s a honor. I don’t know how to take the first step. This isn’t the same as love. But I just want to be friends. Hope that we can become really good friends.”

WAIT A MINUTE! What about T.O.P.? That Hyori kiss was a mistake!

T.O.P. Kisses Lee Hyori


73 thoughts on “Viewers Wants Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin on We Got Married

  1. Kyu really like Yubin….why?….maybe she is his deal person…but i think Kyu’s fans will angry so much….i also can’t accept this one….

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  4. I would love for Any Wonder Girls member to go on We got married.
    Sunye with Jiyong, Donghae, Yunho, Junsu, or Yoochun(Love Sunye wayyy too much)
    SoHee with Heechul or Taeyang
    Yoobin with TOP(No, my Toobin dreams haven’t completely shattered yet…yet.)
    YeEun with Daesung(No way am I separating these two)
    Sunmi with Seungri πŸ˜€
    i’m really weird O_o i loved that episode though even though i watched it like years ago.

  5. Oh MAN, I wish they would do these kind of things with WonderBang XD I guess they don’t want to overdo it.

    Your article was funny =) Nice twist at the end.

    I know Kyu Jong said he didn’t contact her later on and apologized, but I wonder if he contacted her after that. And if he did, I wonder if they’re still contacting each other, even though she’s in the states =D

  6. i ReALy LiKe KiM KyU jOnG ThAn TOP..!! KyU jOnG iS sO SwEeT aNd LoVes YoObiN vErY mUcH..!! NoT LiKe ToP hE onLy NeEd YoObiN BeCauSe oF ThE pOpULaRiTy So He CaN bE mOrE PoPuLaR..!!! HATE U TOP..!! GO GO GO KYUBIN oR YOOJONG..!!!

  7. i think Kyubin is cuter than Toobin lol, wonder girls and big bang do a lot of collabs on stage, so they’re probably good friends. πŸ˜€ and lol TOP definitely doesnt have feelings for Hyori, they had to do something that would stand out in the show to be compared to the american award shows or something like that. I hear that top has only had one love of his life and that was around when he was in high school? lol if u look at the video with him giving hyori a kiss, he wipes his mouth pretending to put the mic up to his mouth. it wasnt obvious to me, but my friend spotted it right away. anyhow, i think Kyujong and Yoobin is so totally adorable XD

  8. lolz! @kk

    i like your idea there BUT that rapping T.O.P ended in an instant when i saw that hyori kissing! are you guys sure he just tripped?coz it doesn’t look like it O.O look his hands on her face and her eyes closed feeling the moment?! oh and btw when i saw this i hated hyori ^^ haha

    TOOBIN is DEAD oh and im having a war in im with my firiend he’s telling me it’s sandara (my picture there i mean) and i got mad coz yoo bin is so perfectly tan there’s no mistaking there and dara is so pale? uh no uuh snow white there

    where was i? oh yeah TOOBIN is DEAD. BIG BANG!indeed you messed it up T.O.P and yoo bin has moved on go KYUBIN!

  9. LOL. Your last comment was SO TRUE.
    It’s all about KYUBIN now. =)

    I hope they do come on.
    MAN, that would be awesome.
    I will definitely watch WGM, like ALL THE TIME.


  10. TOOBIN is out.. KyuBin is in!!! i wuz really a big fan of TooBin but wen i heard hyori and him kissed i changed to KyuBin!!! sooo GO KYUBIN!!!

  11. Personally I liked YeEun and Hyung Joon better. They looked really comfortable with each other. Smiles and hyper! It was fun to watch. Where as Yoo Bin and Kyu Joon just looked a bit out of place. Maybe because even though he’s older he just looks like such a kid. I feel like Yoo Bin needs a “man” because she herself physically in appearance is overpowering. So TOP needs to get back into the picture. Sorry fans of new couple. XD I don’t think Kyu Joon would go with any of the Wonder Girls T.T

  12. Oh, I just saw it! It was epic! >o< I love the Hyung Joong X Ye Eun tandem, mwehehe. Hwang Bo looked really really happy about the outcome! ..KyuBin.. Hwaiting! ❀

  13. Yes…i want Kyu Joon oppa with Yoo Bin…..i give my approval to them..muahaha…
    Both of them have the chemistry..i dont mind if they replace Alex and Sinae place in WGM..hehe…
    Will look forward this couple…Kyu Bin..^^

  14. hahahahah
    toobin fans are crushed… top you messed up big…but i think he was jealous cuz he saw WGM and heard about her dancing the tango with a 2PM member…poor guy got jealous…hahaha… toobin forever! but Kyubin is the new trend..tee hee

  15. hooohooo..i started to watch WGM back again cos YeBin was there, and if KyuBin really happen, i’d say come on..y not??they look good together…i’m not really a fan of SS501 before cos i never got to know them, but then, after seeing Kyujong & Hyungjoon being so honest in WGM, i would be happy if they keep in touch with YeBin…i love Hyungjoon’s ‘see you at our comeback’? or something..i hope there’s more interactions to come.. so if WGM really happen for KyuBin, i’d be psyched…
    hello KyuBin!!!
    bye bye Toobin(why do u have to kiss Hyori??)!! XD


  17. i would seriously NOT MIND AT ALL if these two become a couple on WGM. Yet again, wat about all the toobin love? Gosh, just looking at that last picture makes me go “errr…you got yoobin!” LOL. But yea, the “kyubin or yoojong” couple would be fun to watch on WGM.

  18. My heart’s broken…

    … and crushed.
    TooBin, this is the end.

    Haha, I’m glad YooBin & KyuJong got the hearts of the fans. I want to see them again on WGM.

  19. i think they look cute together… although i liked toobin, but they both don’t interact much…

    @Orchid, yeah that would be great!!! i really want to see sunye and micky on this show… that would be just amazing!!! haha… i really want a wondershiki collab!!!

  20. lol i totally agree with everyone omg i do really love TOP to be with yubin and all but they are just so busy, no time for each other and maybe it isnt so bad that Kim Kyu Jong is with yubin i dunno really so confused!!! and the kiss with hyori is just i can’t believe it and lol about the trip and accidently kiss her thing

  21. If Wonderbang were all together for WGM, it’d be like a world with no natural disasters. :3 Sun Mi nd Seung Ri would be so awesome and dorky xD. The Earther Protecter and the Mood Killer. haha xD

  22. LMAO@your last comment.
    I use to like WonderBang but I’m over it now & Toobin it’s over the moment he kissed Hyori…lol

    I like KyuJong & Yoobin. I think they look really cute together so I’m all for them on WGM though I don’t think Yoobin will considering WG is a big group & JYP has other plans for them but if JYP does allow it then that would be awesome I’ll go back to watching WGM. All since Anbi left I didn’t care much for it & now AlShin left I’m really not caring for it the Marco-Dambi couple annoy me so to think they replaced AnBi or AlShin is such a bad match. That I prefer not to watch anymore but if KyuJong & Yoobin end up as a couple on WGM then I will definitely be watching πŸ˜€

    So what’s their “couple name” KyuBin?…lol

  23. it would be kinda cool to see yoobin and kyunjoong on WGM agin but if that happens i think it would be a bit weird that they’re there……and plus both groups are busy with ‘idol’ stuff

    even if they did go on as married couples they’d have to leave early too……….. cause of their busy schedule’s

  24. @kk – -> LMAO u crack me up

    & alvin last comment HAHA

    dude as much as i love KJ, Yoobin belong to TOP. . i think the kiss was to make yoobin jealous , *sigh* all wonderbang (or bang girls *in korea*) fans are heart broken .

    LMAO anyway i can’t see yoobin being on WGM , & i hope that it not happening .

  25. i already got over Wonder Bang as soon as One Day came along XD~~ more Wonder Day please~ but Yoobin/Kyu would be fine too ;D i can’t wait to watch the episode!

  26. @ stephanie
    I totally agree it was supposed to be TOOBIN FOREVER!! He just ended it right there. After all that glue and time cutting and pasting in my little Wonder Bang scrapbook…a huge waste on TOOBIN [my favorite couple] pages.

  27. Damn TOP one huge big mistake you’ll regret. How could you just let Yoobin and Wonder Bang fans down like that?! You a**hole!!

  28. man as soon as i saw the picture of TOP kissing Lee Hyori, i was crushed! my sister and i were like “NOOOOO! STUPID HYORI!”
    but yeah, we’ve calmed down now. it’s just an act after all. haha

    anyway, i’m hoping for wonderbang moments in the future! ^^

  29. that kiss was a mistake but i agree with kyujong and yoobin on we got married. they ll bring up the ratings and make the show more interesting because the new couples havent been able to bring back what andy and solbi and alex and shinae has.

  30. YES!
    its the new deal you guys!
    sorry, but toobin is now over ever since that giant gust of wind blew T.O.P over (but good thing hyori’s lips were their to catch his fall).
    lol, i’d love to see this couple on wgm, they looked so good together on the show ^ ^

  31. hahaha the hyori kiss in the end was indeed random lol.
    i second demand that! we need fresh people on the show. it’s gonna be hard though cuz both members are busy and all with group stuff @_@ but i totally love both couples <333

  32. Hehehe.

    I remember i was so obsessed with T.O.P + YooBinie couple.
    But now im with KyuJong+YooBinnie couple!! ❀ LOL

  33. XD coolsmurf, you’re so hilarious.

    TooBin ended the moment he kissed Hyori!! It’s definitely KyuBin generation, now, just like cheryl said!!

    I can see lots of TooBin fanfics now, putting Hyori as the bad girl and third wheel of their TooBinness. XD

    But man, I can totally see the chemistry between Yoobin and KyuJong! I support them, too!!!

    Their theme would be marrying young!

    It would be wonderful for a Wonder Girl to be on the show, and with the possibility of JoongBo leaving, which would be inevitable and probably soon because of Boys Over Flowers T-T), Kyujong can fill that idol/SS501 void!


  34. LOL !! i totally agree ! its suppose to be top&yoobin forever ! ugh lol
    i mean kyujong is nice … but its topbin ! its always been topbin! lol aiyahhhh lol

  35. lmao! good bye toobin! since he cheated
    on binnie with hyori 😐 and hello Kyu Jong
    and Yoo Bin! lol just kidding! (: i love toobin
    and i actually really like the Kyo Jong and
    Yoo Bin pairing! it would had been awesome
    if it was big bang members on the show with
    yoobin and ye eun!

  36. lol
    i still think that TOP watched WGM and saw YooBin with kyu jong and decide to kiss Hyori to make Bin jealous
    i think i’m writing a drama

    what we call them?
    Wonder 501?
    SS Girls?
    Wonder SS?

  37. Imagine if there was a SPECIAL episode of WGM, where they called ALL WG and paired them up with BB, DBSK AND SS501!

    And in the end they could choose the guy they want to be with!

    SunYe+Jiyong/Micky/JaeJoong( I can’t choose!)

    ( none from SS501..I can’t see her with any of them)

    SoHee + Taeyang/ Changmin (none from ss501 again)

    YooBin+ TOP/KyuJong (hehehe)

    YeEun + Daesung/ Yunho ( but no way am I gonna let DAEEUN separate )

    SunMi + SeungRi/ Junsu (hmm…but I have to say//RIMI forever!)

    (I love WONDERBANG more , but WonderShinki is fast catching up)

  38. HAHAHAH! yeah a mistake…TOP tripped and fell on her lips…Well this sounds exciting..I have to watch WGM now..but dreading to watch Alex and Shinae’s departure…

    Yoobin married so young? thats a different type of couples…don’t know how I feel about her possibly joining WGM, but it would be a blast seeing my binnie every week..(her popularity will def rise!!!)

  39. Hahaha! your last comment!
    Yeah TOP kissing hyori was just an act. =)
    It’s still Yoo bin’s choice. I think she really like kyu jong. hehehe.
    woohoo with the wonderbang hint. =)

  40. i agree with your last statement! haha
    toobin <333
    i know kyu jong and yoobin got along really well on WGM, but i hope it stops there, only a guest appearance =)

  41. noooo what about TOOBIN? ><
    ahahahs your last sentence.
    kyujong and seunghyun should swap places.
    then seunghyun&yoobin can go on wgm together instead πŸ˜€
    wonderbang love<3

  42. lol!
    your last sentence was funy~~
    yeah, i suggeset yoobin+TOP also <33
    which one is kim kyujong? the one in the top right hand conrner?

  43. YuBin seems to really like KyuJong
    and and KyuJong seems to really like YuBin!
    so why not?
    did you guys remember how YuBin stare at
    KyuJong when he was introducing himself…
    YuBin look at him so mesmerized!
    and KyuJong keep talking about how she like
    YuBin way before they met in person!
    but i really doubt it they’re gonna be in WGM
    with Wonder Girls hectic schedules its quite impossible.

  44. @last comment.

    It would be real nice if Binnie did go.

    Btw, ALvin..what happened to the show that SunYe and YooBin went on?. I saw caps on soompi, she looks really pretty.


    But that’s ok =] She’s got bigger fish to fry xD YOOBIN + KYUJONG FTW ❀

    Wonder what happened with YeEun and Hyung Joon

  46. LOL @ your last comment! pwahaha!
    Gotta love Wonderbang<33

    It’ll be interesting if Yoobin does actually appear on the program for real – she IS the oldest! =D
    Can’t wait to watch the episode, thanks for the review^^

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