Wonder Girls @ MKMF 2008 Red Carpet + Award Presentation 081115

The Wonder Girls were dressed in simple white dresses that had a blue flower design on it. A contrast to other singers who were decked out in black.



Jang Jae Hyuk won Best MV Director award having directed Park Jin Young The House You Live In, Wonder Girls Nobody and 2PM 10 Points Out Of 10.

Handing out Best Male New Group Award won by Shinee.


And in case you didn’t know yet, 2PM will partner Wonder Girls in their special tango version of Nobody for MKMF 2008 later. Watch out for that!


117 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ MKMF 2008 Red Carpet + Award Presentation 081115

  1. SUNYE so pretty they are all natural beauties^^their performances were fun and they made me want to dance along side them especially during the Disco vers. Their vocals blew me away with such tremendous talent in young stars :3 the tango perf. was so cool^^ woo young(my fave), nickhun, taeyeon junsu, and chan sung looked so deliciousxD YUM *wishing them more success in the future* WG fighting^^

    and I hope they had a fun time.
    No scratch that.
    I KNOW they had a fun time.
    Very nice choice of outfits and hair.
    Like coolsmurf said they were simple, but had a pretty blue flower that stuck out from the white. (dresses).
    Hair was elegantly up but made them beautiful and hot at the same time
    And of course the girls are just so freakin PRETTY.


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  5. AHHHHHHH!!!!! OMGOSH!! WonderGirls are partnering with 2PM in their Nobody Tango Version??!! Thatss such a good news.got me soo EXCITED AGAIN!!!!

  6. how can these girls be more n’ more n’ more n’ more BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

    in white!!! yeah!!!!

    they are really strikingly beautiful!!!!!!!!

  7. LOL yeah top kiss hyolee
    its really laggy for me, anyone else experiencign it?


  8. HE WAS GOING TO GO FOR THE FOREHEAD. but he paused and i thougth he just wasnt going to do ANYTHING cuz the fans would go crazy.
    but then he went for the lips. O_O


  10. their performance was really really good. it was a bit short for me, but it was maddd good. 2PM was hot…as usual. HAHAHA. their dancing was really sharp and just <3.

  11. OMONA… its getting scary!!! i wonder who will win the best female group award… taeyeon had the highest vote for OST, but SG wannabe won it!!! i hope Wonder Girls win the award!!!

  12. Those who can’t watch. I’m constantly updating in Spectacle. I don’t know Korean but I am listing who won what and who’s performing. Doing it with the best of my knowledge! Oh wow Brown Eyed Girls – How Come Rock Mix! DOPEST EVER. Girls are looking super hot OMG!

  13. Wow i thought I missed the whole thing. Go DaVichi! they deserve one of those things for whatever they won for.

  14. there are clearly more girls in the audience than males… considering the amount of cheers when they announced the artists there since wg had hardly any loud roars.
    and bi was announced last so im assuming hes going to have quite a significant part on the show

  15. @soheewg

    thats weird!…cuz SM announced that they would not be attending…

    WG looks SO great..especially Minjookie!

  16. to soheewg: yeah. either there was no time for them or they weren’t planned to be interviewed. It would be cool for them to be interviewd. but they have a lot of antis…

  17. i didnt even see snsd come ):

    wg looked really pretty! they’d look even more precious with that gold award thing in their hands though

  18. @soheeWG
    Maybe because it is only the popular ones who get to het interviewed.
    not saying SNSD is not popular but they havnt been promoting new songs in 8 months´.

  19. our girls didnt win anything like dbsk and bb>!

    no fair!

    SunYe looks beautiful today!…its like they saved her best look for the last!

  20. Wonder Girls looked great tonight =] the dresses were really plain, but they looked elegant, so all is well ^__^

    The red carpet is finally over.

  21. soheewg, i love the way you talk. you sound so funny.

    “why dbsk keep getting a golden thingy”
    “Not fair”

    anyways, the cake looks to DIE FOR ❤ so delicious

    im satisfiedddd(: now i can sleep happily

  22. BB! U guys rock my socks!
    Funny how Taeyang was alone 😛
    and WHY does taeyang always have glasses on? i wanna see your beautiful face goddammit ,,,,

  23. the girls are gorgeous but i humbly believe their makeup is a bit heavy. their makeup as in the eyeliner, mascara, and eye lashes and stuff. just the area around their eyes

  24. theyre definitely SHINY.
    theyre outfit matches really well, except for their shoes. i mean, you serious? vintage high tops. haha

    i know the saying save the best for last but do WG have to follow it? since they are the best.
    but ugh ): im soooo sleepy

  25. omgomgomg
    when’re the wonder girls going to arrive?!

    im getting antsy…
    being able to see wg will allow me to sleep happy and satisfied

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