Wonder Girls Best Female Group + Song of the Year @ 2008 MKMF 081115

Winning and receiving Best Female Group Award from Park Tae Hwan. Besides that big prize, they also picked up Song of the Year Award for Nobody.




Song of the Year means a lot because it is harder.


Nobody also won the Best MV Award. In related news, WonderBang member, Big Bang won the Artist of the Year Award and Best Male Group Award.


106 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Best Female Group + Song of the Year @ 2008 MKMF 081115

  1. Haha there’s a pic where GDragon is looking up at them smiling. He must be happy for them too 😛

    Oh and I also noticed Sun Ye being the greatest leader that she is, gave chances to the other members in talking when recieving the awards. Usually it’s the leader who speaks and takes the award but Sun Ye was allowing the others to do it. She’s so lovely 🙂

  2. I’m so happy.Wow! wondergirls is wonderful and best group. I love them.Gongratulations WG. I’m so proud of WG.

  3. Awww.. there all crying :*(
    They must be shocked that not only did they won an award, they won three of them!

    I’m so happy!! They totally deserve this due to the amount of effort they put into their songs and dances.


  4. the song of the year pictures, 8 pictures down, bigbang’s jiyong is turning back smiling at the sight of the girls crying in happiness. looks like it, wonderbangggggg.

  5. their so amazing, and i love them!
    they totally deserved it!

    i’m sooo happy and really proud of our girls!!
    we’ll always be there to support you! <333

  6. i’m tearing up from seeing ye eun cry…
    gosh…her dream is coming true…
    she worked so hard for it.
    same for all of the wondergirls…
    they must be so…proud & happy.
    i’m proud and happy for them.

  7. Proud to be a WG fan! 😀
    Lol at the photo with Sohee and Yoobin pouting. XD
    Very moving photos especially the last part! 🙂

  8. goodness …. just a wonderbang collab to end the year and 2008 will be one of the best years to beat!

    Just look at GD, must be happy for the girls… i’d be too!

  9. That is such a cute picture with GD smiling at them. SOOOOOOO CUTE!! And i can’t believe TOP kissed Hyori!! What about Yoobin?!! He is such a jerk, i didn’t mind Sandara but Hyori?!! Come ON!!

  10. I was so touched when they received the award…they were almost all in tears…it’s like they never thought they would get the Song of the Year award…I am so happy for the girls!!!
    Thanks for the pictures! It was these moments that makes the picture so priceless….=)

  11. afogjosdfsdfjlk!! IM SO HAPPY! WONDERGIRLS FOREVER!!
    OMG ROFLMAO! in one of the pics you can see jiyongs head and he looks like a perv or soemthing XD wonder bang~

    She’s so overwhelmed !~
    I could go on and on about this
    But I’ll just say that they deserved this.

    thanks coolsmurf

  13. I’m so happy and proud to be a wonderful now
    Congratulations…u deserve it after so much hard working
    Wonder Girls ROCKSSSSS!!
    btw, pic no.8 Yoobin and so hee s’ expression are the same LOL

  14. 3 awards??!! Three??? OMG O.o
    i’m soo proud…they really deserve it.
    the performances were amazing. i just love it.
    aww..it’s so touching to see that they’re so popular right now..in last year’s mkmf they win the rookie award and now those 3 award..they become korea’s little sisters.. but this bcuz they are so harworking. they are so wonderful. they are the Wonder Girls. thank god that i can know them.

    Wonder Girls&Wonderfuls Fighting!~~

  15. They deserved every bit of this! Oh my goodness, I’m getting teary too… They worked so hard! I’m so happy for them ^^ WG forever… They look so pretty and the pics are really touching. Thanks for all these, Alvin! And thanks for voting Wonderfuls. May the girls have more success in the years (and award shows haha) to come!!!

  16. i was so happy to know that they won three awards!
    gosh last night, i stayed up till four am to watch it but then slept. so then i couldn’t see the girls & big bang accepting the awards. now, i probably have to watch the rerun or something again. but YES!!! i’m so happy for all of them. they really deserve it. CONGRATULATIONS! WONDERFULS FOREVER ❤ (& Big Bang)

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  18. aww i’m so proud of them and extremely happy for them! =)
    is there a video out yet of the girls winning the awards?

  19. ye eun looks so lovely and passionate(even when crying)^___^*hugs ye eun unnie* they deserve it after all the hard workxD g-dragon and jo kwon look so cute silently supporting them^^ fighting!!! WG FOREVER<33

  20. the pictures break my heart cuz i see them crying again =(

  21. congratz WG!
    OMG! Ye Eun cry so much… i love her… Sweet Moments
    Keep Fighting!
    We Always Love Wonder Girls…

  22. wonder girls deserved it all and much more. it was a shock but i thought all along that they deservedit. gd looks so happy ffor them 😀 while i was watching it earlier i couldn’t help it but my eyes got teary and just looking at the pics of ye eun they’re tearing again. wonder girls<3

  23. :DD i think its even greater that they are standing on par with the boybands..was just watching the mtv season 1 where noel visited and said they should aim to be the best girlgroup in korea…lol. its like 1 year and a plus, and they have conquered…(:

    on a sidenote, love that picture with gdragon..that was a sweet one. now with 2 am/pm i wonder if there will be any end-of-yr wonderbang collaboration plans… …

  24. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was jumping up and down and crying and screaming (silently) and just… AMAZED at these girls!!! I keep crying whenever I see their tears of relief and of hard work that’s finally been paid off. I’m just so happy and… it’s hard to describe this feeling, but I’m extremely proud for these girls. 2008 really is their year, and more success awaits them down the road to international fame! I LOVE the Wonder Girls!!! XD

  25. okay.WG TOTALLY DESERVED it ! pictures of YeEun and Yoobin crying making me cry too T-T like literally..lolz G-Dragon were looking at them crying >.< Good job wondergirls u guys’ hard owrk had paid off and thats for shure =)
    WG FIGHTING & STAY STRONG!!! <3333333333

  26. picture no.16 is JYP FAMILY LOVE!!
    i love how they support each other through happy times and
    bad times!!


  27. God is so Good!
    we are just asking for one award!
    and he gave us not 2 but 3!
    im so proud of the Wonder Girls!
    they work the hardest to earned that 3 awards!
    congratulations Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls!

  28. GD was checking our girls..He must be proud that they won..

    Wonder Girls really deserved this award..
    I’m so proud they won it!!
    I’m a proud wonderful ^^

    Wonder Girls,please don’t cry..
    it makes me want to cry too..

  29. Congrats girls!!!omG..i’M FREAKING OUT right now..it’s just..OMGGGG…i’m on the verge of tears..my wonderful girls are superb and the best tonight.

  30. Omg, I really started crying after seeing these pictures. They were so happy and so proud of themselves to accomplish such a remarkable achievement. Wonder girls forever. Wonderbang forever

  31. that one picture of gd looking at the crying girls is priceless.
    and look! jo kwon is there! kkkkkk~

    congrats, girls. you deserve it. wonder girls ❤

  32. LOL @ 8th picture —So hee and Yu bin with their blow fish faces XD they seem close now good for them

    ooohhhh and congratulations to our girls!!!! they deserve it!!!! they really do, i love WG!!!!!!

  33. After passing where it says ”Best Song of the Year means a lot because it is harder.” The 3rd picture below that sentence,I remember watching it live,and Ye eun was crying next to so hee,and while Sun Ye was giving her speech,you could hear So Hee in the background saying to Ye Eun in a caring and kinda hysterical way ”OMG,why are you crying?” lol it was funny though.

  34. Awww YEEUN is totally crying her eyes out. And Sun Ye held it in for her speech, but you see in the other pictures shes crying a lot too. Same with YooBin.
    So glad they won a daesang, really unexpected but they did deserve it, So Hot was really popular and they had to promote that song soooo much, than Nobody was hit and they had to perform this song a lot too. really tiring stuff.

    also SunYe is surrounded by GD, JoKwon and PTW lool, i wonder who she’ll choose. Jk kekeke

  35. 2008 is definitely their year! congratulations to the Wonder Girls !! (3 awards yeah :DDD)
    so happy for them..good job wg and to us, their fans! WG hwaiting!
    i wanna hug them too ^^v

  36. oh gosh i missed the last part….i want to see them win song of the year..CONGRADULATION!! look at yeun lol..she’s is bawling and sunye too!!! I’M PROUD YOU!!! AND PROUD TO BE WG FAN!! LUV YA ALL THE WAY!!

  37. omg! wg won 2 awards! i’m so happy for them.. too bad i didn’t get to see them win the awards but i saw their performance though.. i can’t wait for someone to upload their winning moments on youtube…

  38. OMG I wish I could see them receiving the awards live. Damn you Sohu ):
    Watching the pictures above,the girls are crying and hugging each other T_T
    It’s heartbreaking.
    lol GD was looking at them hugging at each other XD
    and the ONEDAY boys are there for them.
    Glad that they’re not there alone like last year 🙂
    Best Song of the Year. Mad props to JYP! He’s a GENIUS!!

  39. CONGRATULATIONS Wonder Girls.
    Their tears of happiness, so touching.

    @20th picture. Group hug of them crying, and you see GD on the side smiling at them xD

    go wonder girls ❤

  40. hooray!!!!!!!! woooooooooo!!!!!

    i never doubt that!! they deserve it!!

    go!! go!! wonder girls!!

    it’s the big night for you and all wonderfuls..

    wonder happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. @Gita: snsd still hasn’t been promoting any new song or album.

    congratulations to all the winners! I can’t wait for next year’s mkmf…

    btw the kiss between TOP and hyori is all over the news lol!

    anyway, I liked what the girls were wearing when they performed better than the white one…idk why though.

  42. yayyy!!!
    they totally deserve it!
    aww im so happy for them!
    big bang won ‘song oty’ last year and now WG!
    wondergirls hwaiting!!

  43. what a year wonder girls! congrats!!

    btw, shouldn’t best song of the year go to park jin young for creating the song?


  45. woohooo!
    Congratulations~~ congratulations~~~~~!
    This year’s MKMF is so totally Wonder Girls’s stage!
    I’m rather shocked that DBSK didn’t win Artist of the Year…

  46. congratulations WONDER GIRLS!!!
    sad dat i couldnt watch it..
    hope someone will upload mkmf full version at youtube soon!!

    once again, congrat!
    u guys deserve it!!

    btw, nice outfit!

  47. The girls were awesome, they deserve all the awards. I felt like crying when they received the awards.. WONDER GIRLS HWAITING<33!




    they deserved it and MORE!

    WG ftw!! thank for being amazing!

  49. Wonder Girls ROCK tonight~!!!
    they are the biggest winners!!

    GOSH…they won Dae Sung~!!!
    really can’t believe it~~*cries

    Wonder Girls Fighting!!!!!

  50. I was doing a report of the show @ spectacle for those who couldn’t watch. It’s great to note that the Wonder Girls seemed to be the last ones to leave the artist seating area. They looked like they stayed just to bow and thank the fans that showed up for them that night.

  51. I saw them getting the song of the year award. Yoo Bin almost tripped and Sun Mi held her. She hugged her because Yoo Bin was really crying.
    I can see Sun Ye holding back tears while receiving and thanking people, while Ye Eun almost crying and So Hee almost too. hehehe.
    So proud of the girls!!!

  52. congrats to the girls!
    i am soo proud! and soo happy!!!!
    WG fighting! wonderfuls fighting!
    there’s more good things too come! yay!



    What can I say? MKMF 2008 was the best night for the Wonder Girls. Idol Wise, the girls held their own and SHINED LIKE NO OTHER IDOL GROUP!!!!!!!!


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