Some Unseen 1677 Pictures

Something random and unseen.

Sun Ye

So HeeSun MiYe EunYoo Bin


32 thoughts on “Some Unseen 1677 Pictures

  1. I thought you really meant “Some unseen one thousand, six hundred, seventy-seven pictures” xDDDDDDDD! I was about to go on uber save and pic spam mode 😀

  2. this isn’t related to this but just saw this pic of wonder girls
    too bad they kind of covered yeeun’s face

  3. omg
    theyre GORGEOUS<3

    ughhhh, its gonna be redcarpet for like another 1 hour and 15 minutes…

    in the states, that means the actual mkmf starts at 3am ):

  4. Yeah, I can see how a lot of people think that Ye Eun is the least attractive of them all, but I still disagree. I think they’re all beautiful… like, extremely beautiful. So jealous… haha. But I think people think that because her nose is kind of big, I guess, and she was much more different looking during Tell Me.

  5. I love it when Sohee’s concept is like this!
    She’s not only seen as cute but really gorgeously pretty.
    Her long hair waved and just flowing
    Her deliiciousss peachish colored dress.
    And SunMi dressed somewhat as a school girl!?
    Adorably cute and SO HOT at the same time. :DDD
    Shame on those who think she’s “not as pretty”
    And just so loving!
    She made a heart in her pic! lol
    For me MiSoYe takes the cake for these pics.

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. someone please help me…. to watch the MKMF AWARDS LIVE, what do i have to do??? i’m actually confused… please can someone tell me the steps… thank you…

  7. I think they are all equal in their attractivness and hotness! You can’t really compare them to one another. But Ye Eun and Yoo Bin stand out for me <3333333

  8. they are beautiful! i’ve always thought that ye eun unnie was pretty, but during the tell me days she wasn’t as pretty as she is today!!! i didn’t mean to say ye eun unnie was the least attractive member, i just thought that some people didn’t see her as bright as she is today… in other words, she has changed from a normal looking girl to a beautiful young woman… i think she has more male fans dying for her than her tell me days…

  9. @ wondergirls4ever

    people saythat ye eun is the least attractive among these 5? i also think otherwise. look at her beauty! she’ll make the hearts of all men drop like a log.

  10. I don’t remember sunye’s dress X___X

    but man, xD I’m reliving my fangirling spasms from the summer with everyone else!! LOL

  11. They look pretty and cute. But I think (and maybe I’m wrong about this) that the Photoshop on their waists is a little overdone. I mean, look at Ye Eun’s waist. Her body looks unnaturally small compared to her head, and I’m not convinced she’s like that in real life.

  12. i really think that the girls have become more prettier…. sunye unnie, although i liked your long hair… your new haircut is so adorable!!! sohee unnie, your the cutest angel i have ever seen… sunmi unnie, i dunno what to say, cuz your just an amazing dork!!! you have always been pretty!!! ye eun unnie, people use to say that your the least attractive one in the group, well right now you are the most member that shines!!! yoobin unnie is so smexy!!! i love the girls and will always love them!!! thanks coolsmurf! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS FIGHTING!!!

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