Wonder Girls and Wheesung @ Quiz Expedition Recording 081114

The Wonder Girls and Wheesung were guests, recording for a new KBS2TV variety program called Quiz Expedition that will go to campuses around Korea to test students on some stuff. Coincidentally, they were at Dongguk University today for which Sun Ye has gained admission for the 2009 semester.



This episode will be shown over KBS 2TV on 23rd November.


17 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and Wheesung @ Quiz Expedition Recording 081114

    The MiSo pic is gold.
    I bet Sunye was PUMPED for this!!
    Haha they look lke they’re having fun and I can’t wait to see it!

    P.S I hope they can find more eye pleasing winter clothes..

    thanks coolsmurf

  2. sunye unnie must be so happy!!! all the girls are not forgetting about their education, truly amazing idols!!! sunye unnie, yoobin unnie, ye eun unnie, sohee and sunmi unnie, work hard to fullfill your dreams!!! we wonderfuls promise to support you all forever!!!

  3. wheesung and WG!!!!!
    they are killing me over here!!
    I’m currently addicte to his song, so this is PERFECT!!

    PS: i really need a WG calendar, cuz there are too many things airing lately!

  4. wait!
    since yoobin and soohee’s upper part of the outfit is in plain color, their assets are highlighted! **pervert mode!! kkk!!**
    they are beautiful but please burn those wigs!

  5. Wow! They were at Sun Ye’s school! =D That would’ve been a nice first impression..lolz!

    Sohee looks so adorable in the last two photos..so cute!<3

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