Kim Jong Kook Wins K-Chart on Music Bank

Just to keep everyone in the loop. The Wonder Girls despite not turning up today was still in the running for #1 against Brown Eyed Girls and Kim Jong Kook (did not perform either). In the end, Kim Jong Kook won K-Chart but he wasn’t around to get his trophy. Feel sorry for Brown Eyed Girls. Wonder Girls wasn’t there, they promote a new song, and yet they still can’t win.

Music Bank 081114

M! Countdown was pre-empted yesterday.


7 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Wins K-Chart on Music Bank

  1. I agree with Lily.
    I know Kim Jong Kook just came back after like a 3 year hiatus or something like that but still.
    BEG works HARD!
    I’m not a huge fan of them either and even then I still notice.
    I wish them luck in the future.

    And as for our girls it’s cool. Share the love lol.
    They’re still #1 anyway. 😛

    thanks coolsmurf

  2. Hey, all artists are great! Though I’m not a huge fan of BEG, they are hardworking girls and that is very respectable. Likewise with Kim Jong Kook and I don’t even need to say it for our girls.

    They’ll have their time to shine.

  3. yeah, B.E.G has worked so hard for it!!! their song is really good!!! i hope people give them the chance to win the no.1 spot, they really deserve it!!! as for Wonder girls, its ok… they have won 4 times, maybe they can win at other music charts!!! WONDER GIRLS AND B.E.G FIGHTING!!!

  4. Why doesn’t BEG get a award? this’s so unfair. KJK wasn’t even there. They should have gave the award to BEG. They work so hard, but no one notices.

  5. I really hope BEG wins something soon.. TT_TT
    But I’m happy for Kookie oppa!!! he deserves a nice little trophy after all these years!

    WG has won already four in a row, so I don’t mind giving other people the chance to shine!


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