Wonder Girls @ GSTAR2008 & 6th Gyeonggi International Travel Mart Opening Ceremony

The Wonder Girls appeared this morning at the opening ceremony for both GSTAR2008 & 6th Gyeonggi International Travel Mart and cut the ribbons. Both exhibitions will be held at adjacent halls at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Gyeonggi province from 13 – 16th November.



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50 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ GSTAR2008 & 6th Gyeonggi International Travel Mart Opening Ceremony

  1. aww.. we didn’t see them cause we also performed in that event.. Maybe that was too early when they cut the ribbons.

  2. i love eunsun couple too.. I noticed that both YeEun and Sunmi stand together most of the time.. Like almost all pictures i see, they are always together.. =D

  3. Damn, Sohee be rockin’ in that leather jacket. I notice that MinAhn has been wearing the leather jacket lately and of course who else? but Big Bang Gdragon and Taeyang too. It’s weird how SunTae are wearing like a chestnut or kinda brownish red color and then heedragon, they’re wearing black. I thought it was too cute to bring it up here..lol. but seriously, wonderbang fighting’!

    Besides, all the girls look so fashionable these days. I love what they’re wearing. very flashy. ❤ Wonder Girls~

  4. ahhh!! i LOvee YeEun and Yoobin’s hair!! They are all so pretty!! LOvee their fashion..hehe SunYe’s boots! ><

  5. ye eun looks tired these days i hope she is ok.

    YeMi couple always sticks together they dont want to be separated, i love seeing them together yes im biased coz they are my most fave members and also my fave WG couple.

  6. yeh eun looks kinda sick :[
    and sohee looks chunky with that jacket.
    yoobin and sunmi look so pretty :]
    sunyeh ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. i like sun ye and yoobin’s scarfs too !
    they are like so in this year lol. all of
    their outfits are really cute. i prob. said
    this many many times but im in love with
    yoobin eyes (: so cartoon like lol. and i love
    her hair straight. gourgeeeeous

  8. yoobin looks soo pretty with her hair straight :]
    sunmi&yeeun’s skin look flawless
    sunye is so good at her job as the leader
    so hee is definately smiling more 😀

  9. wow they all look so pretty, sunmi and yeeun look like sisters XD
    sunye is so kyute i like her outfit and i have the same scarf as her XD yoobin and sohee are kyute too, im surprised that they were separated during the cutting…maybe the others just wanted to stand next to them..i no i would ^____^

  10. they all look growing and mature more and more nowadays ^^
    sunye style was love ❤
    i agree that she was like go back to the irony days now hehe ^^

  11. SunYe!! YooBin!!
    they looked really adorable!!
    with their almost matching scarfs… so cool~
    *giggling over SunYe’s cheeky face*

  12. Wow….all of them become more prettier..
    Yoo Bin…she look younger than her age…cute..<3
    I just love her..haha…
    I love Ye Eun hair…she’s pretty…
    I love YeBin…^^

  13. Leader Min is absolutely gorgeous!…and SoHee wearing leather is adorable..
    MinAhn couple has been working leather these days..

    all the others look nice too…but MinAhn was just too eyegrabbing here…Also congrats to MinAhn for placing amongst the top 10 choices for girls belonging to groups that have the most chance pf becoming solo..

    The future Hyoris and Uhn Jung Hwas are gonna be these girls!

  14. They look cute, especially Yoo bin. But they also look a little awkward and out of place with all the elderly gentlemen.

  15. EunSun wear pretty similar clothes and color!
    i love it!
    and no one can really stand between SunMi baby and her YeEun unnie eh?
    most of the pictures iv seen lately they are always
    standing side by side!
    they are always together!

  16. dang! im in love with Sohee’s outfit,
    kind of a mix between gypsy and biker!
    nice, its a good combo for her cuteness!
    waaah! her cheeks look so big!

    and sunmi’s hair is like lighter at the
    roots and darker at the end, i wish that they
    hadnt cut her hair though…. i love her
    wavy hair!!!!!!!!!!! i miss it!!!!!!!

  17. …. wg are seperated.. haha
    so cute though~
    sohee’s expression was like “am i supposed to cut it now?…”

  18. Ah I know~!
    I LOVE Sohee’s outfits.
    They’re always soo cute!
    And I LOVE Yoobin and Sunye’s scarves.
    LOOOOVE SunMi’s overall jacket thing.
    And I LOVE Yeeun’s skirt!
    They’re so gorgeousss.
    I love SunMi’s 3rd picture that she’s in. she’s SOOOOOO pretty!
    Hahaha Yeeun and SunMi DO look like they could be sisters..
    I’m glad SunMi still has her bangs though
    And Yeeun just has the side part.
    This seems like such a serious honor.
    I’m glad the Wonder Girls could participate.

    thanks coolsmurf

  19. omg i just noticed the weird thing going on with sunmi’s hair!! haha wow ! it’s like…progressing hair color!! i like it. haha it’s interesting.
    oh i see the close up of yoobin.
    i really like sohee’s outfit…and i wish i had their legs!! they have such longggggggg legs!! even the young-ins! no fair!

  20. theyre all getting prettier & prettier by the day.
    so jealous of them,yet i love them! haha
    i want their outfits! they have a unique feel to them compared to other girl groups their age like SNSD or whoever. more mature & creative. i especially like sunmi’s & sohee’s!! x)
    no close ups of yoobin 😦

  21. Isn’t yoo bin the 5th one from the right in the last picture?
    Ye Eun looks stunning as usual!
    Hahah Sun Mi is cute too!

  22. All of them look Super cute,and especially Sun Mi and Ye Eun sorry for being Bias,it’s just they look like cute sisters,I love EunSun!

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