Wonder Girls Will End 2008 with Nobody Promotions

Wonder Girls will be doing Nobody activities until the end of the year.


The Wonder Girls are now performing Nobody (Rainstone Remix) as part of their promotion. Because of the Nobody craze, it has already achieved No.1 on online and offline charts, cable charts, and on programs. The Wonder Girls have plans to continue promoting Nobody until the end of the year.

Wonder Girls JYP Entertainment agent said on 10th November, “They will continue Nobody activities until the end of November. Starting in December until the end of the year, they will focus on awards and other events. We have also received a good response about the remix version from fans.”

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15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Will End 2008 with Nobody Promotions

  1. WOOHOO! More WG’s ’til the end of the year, then FEBRUARY CONCERT!! YEHEYYY!!!

    I hope they create a DVD of it. It’s like… historic for a girl group to have a concert like them!! Also, I WANNA SEE IT!

  2. ^ Yeah, I was hoping that too. I wanted them to have a lil more edge and try hip hop

    I still want that new album, ladies xD

  3. ohh I thought they’ll be performing Anybody after next few weeks? I guess not….
    I was hoping they would perform hip-hoppish Anybody. Lol it’s just my delusional mind that Anybody is gonna be a hiphop genre haha.

  4. The remix is perfect with the cold weather coming in. I read that they’re already performing it sparingly because it’s so difficult to transport the chairs which are specially made for them. They have to take 3 vans instead of 1 or something..

    Anyhow, I’ll be sad when the girls are gone, but I’m sure they’ll be busy preparing for heir concert and then recording for the full album. Good luck, WG!

  5. ^^I think JYP has already confirmed that the girls will be promoting Nobody until the end of the year..

    I don’t think they’ll be promoting Anybody when it releases because isn’t it just a digital single? T.T
    I think this is good way to end 2008 i guess…that’ll mean fans can be anxiously waiting for Wonder Girls comeback in 2009!
    Ahh can’t wait till the full album too!

    Hopefully Wonder Girls will take home tons of awards at the end of this year! HWAITING!!^^

  6. Yeah,agree I hope they don’t exert themselves like they did with the Tell me and So hot craze,and I have to say I love the rainstone remix a lot it makes the lyrics sound more pure.

  7. I love the remix!
    Not as much as I love the original fast hot version but still.
    I heard that they’ll be promoting a new remix of Nobody..?
    Called Anybody I believe?
    CAn someone confirm or deny this?
    Can’t wait till their new full album next year!!

    thanks coolsmurf

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