Wonder Girls @ NongShim Spread The Love Concert 2008

Wonder Girls wearing gold outfits (finally!!!) at this afternoon’s NongShim Spread The Love Concert 2008 at the Seoul Olympic Park. It was like your usual Inkigayo program on SBS with Eun Ji Won and Heo Yi Jae plus the addition of Lee Hong Gi of F.T. Island as special MC and it was outdoors.



What was special besides the Nobody performance (you could hear all the fans singing along with them like it was a giant karaoke room) was that they showed a clip just under 9 minutes of the Wonder Girls (minus So Hee) when they visited the Korea Welfare Foundation’s One Love Village late last month to look after the orphans. The Wonder Girls thus had the most air-time.


Towards the end, all the performers for the day appeared and sang a song to close out the concert lasting just under 70 minutes with the Wonder Girls choosing to remain in the background. Always so low-profile.


Can you spot So Hee?


56 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ NongShim Spread The Love Concert 2008

  1. people it was the DAMM microphone! Leader Min didnt crack! watch the video carefully please!…oh…i like how ye eun change a bit the note at the end…refreshing…great performnce overall…DAMM MICROPHONE!….the crowd was ahmazing…i wish wonder girls will come to my country…its very near with singapore….anyway…sun ye mic was the problem..she didnt crack!!!!!!!

  2. Sun ye did high notes in tell me at the end of the performances too so that proves that it was just the mic. Stop assumeing things without knowing plz

  3. Too bad for Sun Ye… That’s just what haters were waiting for. Something to bash her about. As for me, I believe it was the mic going on and off (even for Ye Eun, too). Wow at the audience! They were so loud!

    Stupid jyp ent! No more 800k Nobody views huh?

    WG fighting! Sun Ye fighting! Coolsmurf fighting!

  4. truly one of their best performances. the crowd was insane

    haha I spot Sohee’s lil beehive ^^

    thanks for the pics! they look beautiful.

  5. “Can you spot So Hee?”

    Does Taemin count, haha? He was the first one I noticed in that that picture (and then Jonghyun’s dorky face). I was watching the Wonder Boys performance all day today, too. I thought he was a great So Hee.

    The search for So Hee had me paying a bunch of attention to the back row. I’m sure I see Seung Ri and you cannot mistake TOP’s gravity-defying hair. And that is definitely YB next to…Key? Minho? I can’t tell. I think it’s Key.

    Rambling now. I’ll shut up.

  6. @nxh, thanks for the heads up. They already claimed the video when I uploaded. So it seems like they decided to reject the content with effect from today. lol. it’s ok. my a/c is still fine. wonder why?

  7. heyy. i hope you’ll read this. do you know that jyp ent has filed a claim for your nobody mv…i tried to watch it on wondersmurf channel and its no longer available…funny thing, i searched for other nobody mvs..and some were still watchable…just wondering if you knew…will youtube send you a message about such things? just concerned and worried for you…

    oh btw, other mvs like so hot and tell me are fine though.

  8. thanks alvin.. for all the info about wonder girls
    you are one of the reasons why i love WG so much
    i am really proud to you..
    keep fighting <333..

  9. I love their outfit ! And the make up was just so rightttt ! They are freaking awesome. I love Yeeun’s little improvement at the tone. Everything is so perfect except Sunye’s mic..

  10. yeah sun ye did not crack it was the microphones!
    the microphones were like terrible. but all the girls
    look soo gourgeous herre!i hope they will have a
    cute dress like that for the mkmf .

  11. @noop…. she did not crack! and sunye unnie has a very powerful voice! i agree with zxy, it was the microphone… sunye unnie hardly ever crack, her voice is very flexible meaning she can sing any range without any problems… stop comparing ok… ye eun unnie’s voice is powerful too… they both have an incredible voice!!!

  12. wow i never saw sunye crack like this! it’s huge crack in the end of her line! why she always tried to do high note it’s not suitable with her voice at all, it must have so much powerful voice, so i think her common voice suitable with main vocal or some bg chorus more, high note is park oppa style

  13. Ohhh I LOVE how they’ve had all new outfits lately, even though they are nearing the end of their promotions..
    They all look great so far~

    The performance was awesoooome.
    I agree with you, would’ve been one of the best if it weren’t for Sunye’s mic, which was not even her fault =\

  14. LOL@last line.
    Great performance, great concept, great hair, great oufits.
    The girls are so warm hearted. With the orphans.
    I mean. ahhh.
    I love them so much!

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. Really love today’s outfit GOLD IS THE BEST ^^

    and i love when they visited the childs SO CUTE ^^
    the part when Leader play piano to some child was so touching LOVE ❤


    my girls like to keep it on the down low… nice, nice..
    I so wished I watched inki now….aish…hopefully someone
    uploads the second part soon…

    Loving the wigs~~lalalala

  17. Son Dambi was standing beside our girls at the back!
    posted in Soompi!
    saw a clip at youtube Son DamBi wearing white!
    shes close to wonder girls i think
    since SunMi love to hang out with her!

    i love their performance here!
    YeEun even change a note on her line 2:22
    very nice!

    and the video with those precious precious precious kids!
    aw my gosh!
    im overwhelmed how bonded they are with those kids!

  18. enough of that wonderbang thingy..

    Just listen to the crowd..
    it gives me chills down my spine..
    wonder girls are truly amazing..

  19. haha.thanks! lol. i knew it. my recognition skills wouldnt have that vast an improvement overnight…ah. i finally get the whole picture…

  20. @stephnim

    in order of who performed last, more or less expected order.


  21. so much for hating the wigs, coolsmurf… hahahhaha! i like your new header. it’s real cute ^_^

    anyway. the girls look absolutely fab <333333
    and that picture of yoobin kissing (?) the little kid is soooo endearing~

  22. @nxh
    nope, thats H.Eugene…u can see the BB next to Shinee ( seungri, back of taeyangs head, tops crazy hair! and gds cap)

    as you can see in this clip both WG and BB decided to stick to the background.
    Maybe they were talking to each other..hehe


    you know what I found really funny, it seems the girls at an equal distance from both BB and DBSK..consciously? ( who knows)
    Girls dunt get the boys jealous!

    is it really them? because i thought it was them…but i always mix people’s faces up…especially when the faces are quite a distance away from me…so i was kinda doubting myself..haha. so sohee is behind top? or is that not top?

  24. (Looking at the first picture…) So much love between SunYe and YeEun lately!

    Especially in last weeks ComeToPlay & MusicBank too ^_^

    2Ye is L.O.V.E!!

  25. oh man. im beginning to love the stylist…whoever thought of this gold dress design! (:

    who is sohee behind though?

  26. oh its the dress from the album cover!
    they are SO GORGEOUS!

    AWW..the clips look adorable!..our girls are perfect!

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