Wonder Girls Surprised At Support from Singapore Wonderfuls

The Wonder Girls were in Singapore this past Tuesday night for the Korean Pop Night 2008 performing their hit songs Tell Me and Nobody to a crowd of 6000 as the Singapore Indoor Stadium turned into a giant karaoke room.

Wonder Girls Wowing in Singapore

The crowd of nearly 6000 sang along with the Wonder Girls and gave the loudest cheers to them on a night where different Korean singers had put on a showcase lasting nearly 2 hours for Singaporeans and Koreans living there.

The immense popularity of the Wonder Girls was evident upon their arrival, being welcomed by around 500 fans holding placards and balloons as they were escorted by security from the arrival gate to their vehicle waiting outside. The Wonder Girls responded by waving to their fans whenever possible.

“We were so surprised by the warm welcome we got from Singapore fans”. On the 6th, the girls arrived at Incheon Airport and gushed about their visit to Singapore, “Despite this being our first visit, so many fans welcomed us at the airport. We’re very thankful. When we were performing, we were so surprised when the whole audience cheered and sang our songs with us.”

Besides the fans support, Wonder Girls leader Min Sun Ye also got a pleasant surprise on her way to Singapore on the 4th when she received notice that she had gained admittance to Dongguk University for the 2009 semester.

credit: wonderkid (translation)


46 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Surprised At Support from Singapore Wonderfuls

  1. @ Rui En
    Firstly, who says that Singapore has no talent?
    Even though no Singapore had made it into the Korean market (which is natural since Singapore’s NOT korean anyway), but what about Stephanie Sun, JJ Lin and many others that made it in the Chinese market?
    Please get your facts right before you comment on other people and their country.

  2. Woot woot! Our girls are getting more popular
    and popular!

    @Rui En:
    God, shut up. No one needs to hear your crap.
    I bet the Singaporeans have MORE talent then
    you EVER will so shut your mouth. EW to you.

  3. wAH…
    They even even went to SIN
    they’re so lucky (Singaporean)
    wae korean artist seldom get to Indonesia?

  4. i was lucky enough to be there!!(: but the fans were mostly farther from the stage which was such a pity cause the others were not very enthusiastic…. BUT OVERALL, their performance was awesomeeee!!!!!! my seat was the farthest but everyone there sang along.. i was like WOWW

  5. yeah! please come back again… i’m so glad they enjoyed performing here! πŸ™‚ cant wait to see them again! πŸ˜€ i’m supporting wonder girls all the way!

  6. haha i love WG!! they were awesome at the concert! (: i was also surprised that there were so many wonderfuls here but they’re wonder girls after all so YEAH WG FIGHTING and congrats to sun ye!!

  7. @ Rui En,

    Apparently you have not known how SG Wonderfuls showed their support during the Girls’ arrival on 4th November.

  8. @Rui En : Lolz, its funny that how you’re saying that Singapore has no talents and at the same time, your ID is that the name of a Singaporean actress. Gee, I thought Singapore has no talents and since there’s a Singaporean actress with the name Rui En, aren’t you ashamed of sharing the name since you think you are so “great and talented”? Hah, I wouldn’t be suprised if you were a Singaporean yourself. You’re the one who’s Ew.

  9. @ Rui En: It wasn’t staged. I was present there and it was started by a Wonderful. -.-

    I’m really happy that they thought that way, the SG Wonderfuls put in a lot of effort into welcoming and cheering because we really would like them to come back again πŸ™‚

  10. I’m not even a Singaporean but I’m so darn proud of SG Wonderfuls! They’re so supportive to our girls.
    And the cheers was SUPERB.

    @Rui En,
    Wow you sound so racist.
    And was there even SBS cameraman there?
    You didn’t even get your fact straight lol. Don’t feel jealous because WG didn’t come to your country ok?

  11. korea…check!
    Los Angeles…check!

    America…. next! next! next!

    get ready america!
    Wonder Girls are in Full Gear!!!

    Wonder Girls Fighting!!!

  12. WGs were so nice ^_^ i love them even more now HWAITING!

    to rui en: the 1st day at airport.. we all know WG not coming but we just cheer. isnt that enough to proof our support? somemore all cheers are staged.. if not how are we gonna coordinate the cheers? everyone will be cheering their own cheer and then if its not coordinated, every body shout their own, you think they can hear what we wanna say? Geez… tsk tsk *shakes head*

  13. the WGs rocked the stadium that day.
    everyone went insane! haha.
    screaming their songs away~~
    indeed a huge karaoke room.

    they must be really surprise by the WGs fans here.

    showing them so much love~

  14. Poor Singaporeans they have no choice but to support foreign talents since they have none. What Singaporean act has talent….NONE LOL. By the way the singing in the airport was STAGED anyway with the SBS cameraman asking the fans to sing Nobody probably to feed off the Korean pride or something. It doesn’t matter anyway since most Singaporeans think they are Koreans or something Ew.

  15. LUCKYY!!!! IM GOING TO SINGAPORE NEXT TIME!!! lolz = = not… hope i wil go to Korea in the future just to see them and visit there!! =) WG FIGHTINGG!!!!

  16. I’m so jealous!
    Lucky Singapore fans who got to take pictures with them at random malls..
    I’m so glad they’re beign loved everywhere!
    Like I’ve said many times before these girls deserve it.
    Her OTHER dream. πŸ˜€

    thanks coolsmurf

  17. Awwww what a pleasant surprise…she must be on cloud 7

    SG Wonderfuls, thank you for greeting the girls so warmly…you guys are amazing…i even got emotional watching some of the fancams…YOU GUYS ROCK!

  18. Yeah…i bet they think they are not so popular here…
    you could see them during the concert they were like so greatful to everyone…bowing and waving

    well i also didn’t know there were so many wonderfuls here too ^.^

    Wonderfuls in SG really showed their love to them from the moment they landed in SG~~

    I really want o know what;s their impression of Singapore though…

    Please come back to Singapore again ^.^

    this news article is by singapore or korea?

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