Wonder Girls Nominations at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards

The Wonder Girls are nominated for the Digital (Online Music Sales) Bonsang award and the Popularity Award at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards. What’s exciting is that So Hot and Nobody are nominated in both categories!

Wonder Girls 23rd Golden Disk Awards Nominations

Two teams will be awarded the Popularity award sponsored by Yepp while four teams will be awarded the Digital Bonsang Award based on online music sales. 1 from those four teams will be awarded the Digital (Online Music Sales) Daesang (Grand Prize). For the record, the Wonder Girls won the Digital Online Sales Bonsang award and Popularity award last year. And it still baffles many why they did not manage to win the Best New Group award.

The 23rd Golden Disk Awards will air live on Mnet and KMTV on 10th December starting at 7.00pm (KST). The only way to vote for the Wonder Girls is by phone (ARS#) or mobile voting unfortunately. So let’s show our support in spirit for the Wonder Girls and Korean Wonderfuls. Good luck to all nominees!

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20 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Nominations at the 23rd Golden Disk Awards

  1. yeah but snsd won the best new artist award last year..which is why because im sure wondergirls sales are more than theirs..iono i hope wondergirls won something like best artist this year…i can’t wait!

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  4. Korean Wonderfuls HwaitinG! i hope you guys give all you can haha! but yeah TVXQ & Big Bang’s fanbases are huge…..anyways WG will always be no. 1 for all Wonderfuls aren’t they? hehe WG will always be no. 1 for me!

  5. @wondergirls4ever_94..
    So Hot and Nobody were veryy famous yes, but DBSK and BB’s fanbase is CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY huuuuuuuuge.
    So truthfully they might take the award for sales.

    Even so I’m still hoping that they’ll win both awards considering that TWO of their songs are up in each.

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. wonder girls should win the awards… cuz so hot and nobody was like really famous!!! come on korean wonderfuls, vote..vote and vote!!! WONDER GIRLS AND WONDERFULS HWAITING!!!

  7. compared to DBSK & Big Bang album sales the girls is not
    close up there. But their single sales is actually really good. So we just have to wait & see. I hope they do walk away with something =] .

    good luck girls.

  8. Hope they win twice in each category and take home the digital Daesang….

    If they don’t win the digital Daesang I would be very shocked…. I’ll kick some serious asses that day…

  9. They probably didn’t win Best New Group because their sales weren’t that high compared to the other winners. The GDA is based more on what you sale and not on how much popularity you have thus making it a respected award show unlike MKMF.

    Most definitely the girls are going to take the digital bonsang and popularity award again. Depending on how well Big Bang sales for their second album, the girls have a high chance of winning the digital daesang too!

  10. Woo…congrats and good luck~~~

    i hope they’ll win both the awards 🙂
    i think last year they won these 2 awards too rite?

    WG jjang~~i’ll be watching you reciving your awards ^.^

  11. Wow, you know you’ve had a good year when you have to compete against yourself for awards. Hopefully they’ll win both awards again!

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