Wonder Girls Music Bank No.1 Streak Snapped by DBSK

A week’s absence makes a whole lot of difference. With Music Bank cancelled last week, it made a return to regular programming today with the Wonder Girls among the top 3 again vying this time for No.1 with DBSK who sandwiched Nobody with Mirotic and Love In The Ice. DBSK appeared for the first time in a long while and their presence saw them picking up their first No.1 on Music Bank since their comeback as the Wonder Girls winning streak was snapped.


The points total was crazy for all 3 songs. Just look at the numbers where all 3 exceeded 10,000 points. I believe it’s a new record. Gods of the East indeed!

They wore a new light purple design outfit. Nice.

Seems like the Nobody (Rainstone) performances was for last week only.


45 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Music Bank No.1 Streak Snapped by DBSK

  1. @leaderlove

    awww.it’s so sad i can’t watch the video…can you tell me witch ceremony is it..is it golden disk award?..i wanna now, pls. tell me..^.^
    everyone, sorry if I’m being bias..

  2. i must say Love in the ice are better than nobody,but it pawned Mirotic BIG TIME! It should’ve been no.1. even Nobody are waaay better than Mirotic..
    thanks for posting this^^

  3. Wonder Girls’ Nobody was not sandwiched by Mirotic and Love in the Ice. Nobody came in third, the ranking was #1 Mirotic, #2 Love in the Ice, and #3 was Nobody.

  4. ahh..cudnt be more happy if WONDERSHINKIBANG could actually happen!

    sunye and micky is <33
    sunye and jiyong is <333

  5. ohhh sunye and the boy band’s leader ❀
    she’s so popular, i just wondering who will win LOL
    maybe G-Ye, but now i start to love MinKy (sunye/micky) ❀
    he’s not leader but he’s cutesy’s boy haha

  6. wondershinki >>> Sunye-Micky-Xiah-UKnow
    wonderbang >>> Sunye-GDragon
    wonderday >>> Sunye-JoKwon
    wonderjunior >>> Sunye-Leeteuk


  7. i hope to see more wondershinki moments… a collab would be great!!! or another wonderbang would be awesome!!! hmm… Micky-sunye- Gdragon…. hehehe…micky oppa is so cute!!! DBSK, WONDER GIRLS, BIG BANG FIGHTING!!!

  8. it is sunye’s face photoshopped on a man’s face. ( she looks good even as a man!..)

    MICKY-SUNYE!…omg..he seems to like her a lot!!!!!..wondershinki..am so excited!

  9. @Sera
    i think it’s Sunye but it’s photoshop hehe ^_^ if im not wrong o_o”

    and i found that if leader was a man like this pic she will be a very handsome man lol

  10. @ always.
    nope that’s definitely not sunye. looks like a guy… O_O

    & the girls did great in that performance! looking gorgeous, too~ i really like their new dresses(:

    congrats to dong bang πŸ˜€

    Haha I knew I noticed WG getting shy all of a sudden… I think any girl would if DBSK was standing right there. lol.
    WG and DBSK fighting ! πŸ™‚

  12. Aww… better luck next week, girls! Nobody has been out for quite some time, so it’s already impressive that they’ve held on to the top spot for so long, especially considering the competition. WG FIGHTING!


    want to see more of wondershinki moments?
    these are jj fancams, you can see the guys reaction to what binnie ( micky said something to junsu with a huge smile) was saying and also see that Micky kept on staring at Sunye thru out the ceremony.
    JJ and Sunye, Sohee n Binnie bowing to each other, Leader again flashing her famous smile!


  14. oh my.. well.. it’s good anyway. DBSK is super popular. And it’s nice that they got to be in the top3 with them. That means, Wonder girls are as popular as DBSK!! yay!!
    μ›λ”κ±ΈμŠ€ νŒŒμ΄νŒ…~!

  15. lol wtf is up with the charts all of a sudden? JK JK

    congrats to the boys =]

    time for the girls to win elsewhere, but obviously, id love for the girls to take back number one next week ^__^

    these outfits are CUUTE~

  16. I agree with bbftw.
    Wasn’t Mirotic below Nobody these past few weeks?
    On the charts AND on the show?
    Ah well.
    We know they should’ve won so I guess that’s all that matters
    And like coolsmurf said look at those points!
    very nice perf and LOVED their outfits/hair.

    thanks coolsmurf

  17. man…
    WG shoulda won forsuree.
    sigh. nobody is an awesome songg!
    love the video! it looks so clear and high-deff. :]]

  18. saranghae Sun Ye…
    please guys..get ur hand off my girl!!hahaha…. πŸ™‚
    anyway..too bad..but the guys hav the advantage as a “comeback”…haha..
    WG fighting!!

  19. I LOOOVE THEIR PURPLE OUTFIT! its so pretty! and their live was excellent~ i hope DBSK thought they were pretty too<3

  20. It’s actually really close,cause they won against one of DBSK’s songs,and although they didn’t win this time,I’m sure that they will when other awards.

  21. oh that’s not Min Sun Ye, Sera
    i found her/his skin colour are different… ???
    maybe 0.o
    well it looks like the same

    err.. anyway
    WG fighting!!!

  22. oh the stylist finally had a change of heart…or maybe the stylist was changed! :DD anyway…really satisfied with the outfit…oozes so much elegance(:

    dresses were quite short though..maybe its due to the camera angles…but for one moment, i almost worried if they’d get exposed…

  23. I just watch the video!! I really like this performance, they sound awesome, look great. My favourite performance so far. I think it is the best πŸ˜€ Maybe because this video is HD so I like this the best. πŸ˜€

    Gosh…I’m going to become bias and lean towards them soon πŸ˜€ They are making me like them more and more πŸ˜€

  24. O___O….I find a lot of things hilarious on what happened yesterday…

    I hope Bi picks up something for Music Bank too…

    Wonder Girls jjang!

  25. WHOA. Unexpected…yet expected… πŸ˜€ But this victory came a little late for the hard working boys. (: I’m proud and sooooo happy for them! Shows that hard work will pay off (:

    Eh… I sound anti wonder girls!! Hope they won’t mind me being a little bias. πŸ˜€ They are hard working too but DBSK have been absent for a while so I think they should get recognition for their hard work too. (:

    My favourite ending…Both DBSK and WG are equal. (: I love them both! πŸ˜€

  26. @ wondershinki
    thank you!!! thank coolsmurf! its about time they actually meet… its ok, maybe wonder girls can win on inkigayo or m!netcountdown… i’m so happy to see my favourite idol groups together!!!! WONDER GIRLS, WONDERFUL, DBSK, CASSIES FIGHTING!!!

  27. omg, WG looked SO GOOD, these purple outfits are so flattering. They HAVE to wear this again. (instead of the patterned? dresses, not a fan uck) I usually have something to disagree about on the various nobody outfits before, but this is perfeeect! so was their performance, they looked really energetic!

    grats to dbsk too. πŸ˜‰

  28. oh you also see, sunye and junsu bowing to each other right in the beginning..and then leader pair kinda nod at each other..

    omo..BTW, the girls WERE GORGEOUS TODAY! love the performance too!
    purple outfits were <3333

  29. I’m so happy that I FINALLY got to see wondershinki interaction.
    This is gonna be a wondershinki spaz fest, im so sad that the soompi thread got closed before this!!!!!! 😦


    the guys would not stop staring at the girls, did anyone notice how nervous yoobin was while answering the mcs question..haha..I’m convinced its cuz of dbsk..and at the same time you can see sunye and yeeun smile really shyly at each other!!!!!
    and you see sunmi giggling like crazy too! ( while yoobin is talking)
    when the announce dbsk as winners, the oldest unnie and the 2 maknaes kinda go back but PARK OPPA( oh i love her!!!) is like standing there with this cute expression on her face like, “NO, THIS IS MY STAGE..I DUN WANNA GET OFF” and sunye is hiding behind her and waving to the fans..and YOOCHUN instead of paying attention to the ppl congratulating him is looking at sunye with this huge smile!!!!
    ( ahhh…my favorite wg and dbsk member!)

    AND for the final , best BIT!

    when they are leaving the stage , micky says something to sunye, and she flashed this HUGE HUGE megawatt smile at him and bows..and you see junsu coming in to say sumthn as well ( haha..crowding to talk to the girls) πŸ™‚

    Even thought they didnt win, IM so so happy today!!!

    WG fighting!

  30. aish, i’m sad that they didn’t come first but they already won no. 1 many times so i’m very proud of them!! not to mention they were up against dbsk >__> but gratz to the boys anywho =]

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