Wonder Bakery CF + Poster

Now this was a surprise. I thought it was just a simple reality program by Mnet in a kitchen. But it was made known today that the reality program is actually sponsored and made possible by Crown Bakery, a Korean bakery franchise.

Wonder Bakery

Click for HQ Poster | CF Download (UU) | password: wonderbakery


24 thoughts on “Wonder Bakery CF + Poster

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  2. Mhm
    Well yayy
    I have this ep. downloaded but I haven’t yet found the time to watch it.
    I love the concept though
    So original and at the same time looks so yummy!
    Hope the girls had fun with it

    thakns coolsmurf

  3. ^
    you mean her pants right>
    how can her legs look mangled? 🙂

    leader looking pretty in the picture!

  4. lolz yay cant wait!!! this is funn ><
    WATCHING IT FOR SURE!! lol yeah wen its subbed =)

    ohh btw..what does “jjian” means? o.O

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  6. cant wait for this

    WONDDERSUBBERS your doing great !!!

    “patience is a virtue”

    and thats all i’ve been doing heheheheheh lol ^^

  7. @ wonder subbers… it is me who should apologize.. i’m sorry.. i was being very selfish! you guys work so hard and i really appreciate it alot! i’m deeply sorry for being unpatient towards you guys… if there is anything i can help, please tell me… i know you are trying your best! so keep on working hard! Wonder girls, wonder subbers hwaiting!!!

  8. We are sorry that we are being so “slow”. And we are sorry that we can’t be as fast as SoShiSubs. We are sorry that we can’t be as fast as Alvin. We are sorry that we disappoint you. We are sorry that we don’t rush our staff. We are sorry that we can’t satisfy everybody. We are sorry for everything. Lately we’ve been saying sorry a lot. But we are thankful to those that have waited patiently with us. Thank you everybody for waiting patiently with us. ❤

    -WonderSubber Family

  9. Wonder Bakery rocks! I love cakes and WG lol.
    Gahh the girls are so cute and dorky in Ep 1.
    I’m just gonna wait patiently with Wondersubbers 🙂

  10. wondergirls4ever_94, it’s only been a couple of days since some of those have come out. Just waiting a week isn’t hard. Please be more patient than just a few days.

    The girls look so cute in their outfit. Can’t wait for the next episode. 😀

  11. can you sub the 1st episode of wonder bakery, please?? i really wanna see it, i’m kinda disappointed that the events that wonder girls has parcitipate in, like mnet my favourite, mbc come to play, the radio shows hasn’t been subbed yet..i can’t understand a single word they are saying… sorry for being impatient…

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