Wonder Girls MNet M! CountDown Photos (11P) 081030

Always one week late, MNet.com official HQ pictures of the Wonder Girls Nobody performance on M! Countdown on 30th October. Just 11 pictures and there’s no Sun Ye solo shot! Boo! Some samples, pretty in white!!!

Hail Ye Eun

Sun MiYoo BinYe EunSo Hee

Download (UU) | password: sohee


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MNet M! CountDown Photos (11P) 081030

  1. I really don’t know all about Wonder girl, but I want to know who the girl in the fourth picture is.
    I really love Nobody song..

  2. SunYe solo picture>?
    How can they do this!. This is the first first time that they have ever missed a members solo picture.

    Not Fair, especially since she looked gorgeous that night. BOOOO!

    and ya, yeeuns armpits not looking to good in that picture, they should not have released that picture and released a more flattering one.

    Still pissed about SunYe not having a solo picture . 😦

  3. SunMi is so gorgeous!
    Ahh I’m jealous.
    I LOVE when they bow to Yeeun at her part too.
    …How can they not have a Sunye solo?
    Well the girls are gorgeous and I loved their concept in this perf.

    thanks coolsmurf

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