Wonder Girls Loses to Rain on M! Countdown by 1 Point

The Wonder Girls was in the running for No.1 on M! Countdown for the 3rd week running, having lost to DBSK twice in the past two editions. But this time, they had a new rival in Rain. Still, they didn’t quite manage to win it losing by a mere 1 point. Yes, 1 point. The Wonder Girls didn’t turn up, choosing to rest at home after an exhausting trip to the tiny red dot in South-east Asia.


Technically, the Wonder Girls 2nd loss to Rain after Inkigayo last weekend.


33 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Loses to Rain on M! Countdown by 1 Point

  1. aww sucks they should won!? theyy put s0 much m0re effort while rain was in america?! grr. at least theyy tried šŸ˜€ but rain is go0d butta against wonder girls <–they shoulda won!? aiy0 so luyckky

  2. aww… just one point!!!! what if… considering the possibilities of Mnet not liking wg… that they tied and gave bi one extra point?? just a possibility šŸ™‚ anyway… gosh… one point!! ..

  3. Lols.. They lost by one vote but Rain and Wonder Girls are in JYP Family! So we don’t need to be sad =) If he win, Wonder Girls wins too even 2PM , 2AM etc etc!

    Wonder Girls Hwaiting!

    JYP Family Hwaiting!

  4. What the hell is that!?
    ONE vote?!
    Well whatever.
    I’m at least glad that they chose to rest.
    They really do need it.
    They work so hard! The hardest working teen/young ladies I’ve ever seen!
    Grats to Bi

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. Wait… does this mean they beat DBSK?

    Well, whatever the context, great job girls! Wonderfuls, let’s all vote harder next time! ^^

  6. DANGG!
    1 vote?!
    comeon korean wonderfuls~ vote like crazy!! keke lol

    good for the girls! they need the rest :]]

  7. Oh, come on… Just one vote… That’s lame. I think they should win on tv at least once, even though they’ve been #1 for weeks.

  8. they rigged it.
    Bi only won because wonder girls didn’t show up, so they “graciously” gave it to him. HA

  9. HAHAHAHA only one vote…. they keep losing by small numbers like this… Congrats oppa! work that magic stick….

    Wonder Girls, its all good you have 2 consecutive song of the month awards…

  10. man… but considering that they debuted not that long ago… they’re doing real well! love them lots! laughs… tiny red dot huh. haha! i live in that tiny red dot! šŸ˜€

  11. WOAH!

    That is REALLY close! Too close actually! LMAO!
    Ahhh well I love Rain Bi too keke^^

    Glad to hear the girls taking a rest =D

  12. OMG!!!! ONLY ONE VOTE!!!!!

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