Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun Chocolate 081105

The Wonder Girls showed an amazing performance this past Wednesday on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate talkshow as they performed an english song Love You I do from the movie Dreamgirls and the Rainstone version of Nobody.

The Wonder Girls were interviewed after performing Love You I do with So Hee shyly confessing that she has long legs from the start.

Wonder Girls on Kim Jung Eun Chocolate

Kim Jung Eun had asked, “Who is most stylish?”. Sun Ye replied, “So Hee has pretty legs so she often wear jeans which make her legs look longer.”

So Hee then evoked a lot of laughter from the audience by surprisingly saying to herself, “It’s not that my legs look longer, they were long to begin with.”

The Wonder Girls also revealed, “When we are performing our latest song Nobody, the outfits are so tight that before we go on stage, we worry about eating (even a little will have an effect). On some days, we didn’t eat the entire day because we had a lot of performances to do on that particular day”.

credit: gomdorii (translation)

Wanna add this to your Wonder Girls collection, download it from wgjjang.wordpress.com, courtesy of RedMangoLover.


31 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun Chocolate 081105

  1. WHOA~ tbh, I really did not know what to expect from Wonder Girls singing Love You I Do, but I was REALLY pleasantly surprised~!

    Yoo Bin and Sun Mi did great singing the lower parts, and So Hee — I didn’t think she could sing at all before, but now wow! Where has she been hiding that voice all this time?? Please use that voice from now on and not the highpitched voice she usually uses. My opinion of her has really changed 😀

    Ye Eun’s voice sounded so soulful, it was perfect for this song ~! Her high note was really awesome. And Sun Ye, what can I say, she is awesome in EVERY perf ❤

    WONDER GIRLS~~~~ <333

  2. !! So Hee did an amazing job!! SHE CAN SING PPL!! lol her english is good too ^^

    this is why shes my favortie..shes full of surprises lol

  3. omg. is it just me or did yoobin and sohee improved their singing ? they sound amazing ! so proud of them ^^

    aww. the girls not eating for the whole day? that worries me 😡 i hope the girls stay healthy and not get sick. fighting !

  4. everyone did great..
    dont ever wish them to be seperate..
    i love WG because of all of them..
    not for only one..
    the first thing that i love about WG is their friendship…
    they were like a real family…
    everyone take care towards each other..
    n u must always remember
    during ye eun audition…
    she said that “..in a group we can learn from one another…and fill one another’s gaps”
    so i hope that they won’t seperate because group is better than going solo..

  5. I really don’t care for SoHee, so I wasn’t enthused about her part of the performance. She gives off a negative vibe when she appears on talk shows and interviews.

  6. i think yeeun was the best here, she really blew me off with her part, it gave me chills down my spine .
    she got the crowd going when she sang that part :}

    sohee’s english was really good, and i think she did a good job.
    sunye was great as usual, loved it when she hit the high notes.
    yoobin was pretty good, too. though i thought her english was the best, but turns out i think sunmi or yeeun has the best eng.
    sunmi was great, too, i love her husky voice and when she sang at the part 1:32 . powerful<33

    love you wondergirls

  7. most definitely agree with you 19.YeEun.
    please dont wish for WG to seperate so that each person can reach their fullest potential. thats a risk no one is willing to take, considering WG together has already touched so many people with vocals like from the songs above.

    they were off the hook singing in english!

  8. ^ Please don’t wish that on the girls. They all bring out the best in eachother and make up for the other members short comings.

    Anywho, WOW! I got goose bumps 🙂 I always knew SoHee could sing. They were all extraordinary. I hope this gets people to stop saying that our girls can’t sing.

  9. I think they sounded good in english
    Especially Ye Eun she could have a good career as a solo artist
    Some how I now get the feeling
    That WG’s as a unit are all holding each other back
    I reckon they could all be successful alone
    I love the WG’s but something is happening to them
    I just hope they find songs for their next album
    That capture me as much as their last album
    And I doubt it will happen
    I reckon it will be filled with songs like tell me and so hot
    Kinda stuff
    Which is interesting for a mini album
    But annoying for a full album
    Nobody the rainstone remix is so sexy and sultry
    I love it

  10. Sohee was sooooooo awesome theses two performances!
    & she was cute when she was singing along to Yoobin’s rap (:

    they totally ROCKED that first song and KILLED it !
    whoever says our lovely wondergirls cant sing, let them see this video and have them judge for themselves, shoot. soooo goooood lols i was smilin and cheesin the whole time lols
    mm i persoanlly do not like the rainstone remix, but this performance made me like it a little bit. it was a really good performance ! i can honestly say i thought it was flawless lols
    thanks for sharing ! =)

  12. OMGoodness Sohee! She never surprise me, because I knew all along that she was a good singer. That’s why she’s my NUMBER 1. People who doubt her must be hiding behind their monitor saying “oh my god she really can sing!”

    The Girl’s English is amazing. Sohee’s English was very well receive. I can hear her clearly and she hit the notes.. She is too cute coming out from the phone booth. haha.

  13. i loveeee the english song perf.
    they totally rocked the stage!
    Nobody perf is also good as always=]

    but OMG*.* Sohee CAN sing really well! ppl who says she can’t just see this perf…
    i hope they’ll perform more english songs in the future ’cause their english improved a lot and i’m sure they’ll sound so good^^

    aww..i can’t stop love these girl<3

  14. God those outfits X__X

    But holy crap! The girls definitely wow-ed me! I had tingles after watching their performances on chocolate! they always ROCK IT ON HER SHOW! *__* So heewas the surprise of the night. like WOW!

    Sunye and Yeeun definitely did not disappoint either ❤ They always perform top top top!

    Yoobin and SunMi stepped it up with their huskiness! I love hearing those girls sing the most.

  15. i think…after they had finished Nobody performance at Music Core then, came here to recording this show because they wear the same outfits on both stages..

    i’ve watched the interview part
    they’re sooooo cute
    oh..im curious about sth…
    Did KJE ask Sohee about her skirt or something like the previous one??
    I’m just guessing…
    What question did she ask Sohee??
    i wanna know bc Sohee laugh a lot again…
    too bad i don’t understand Korean
    hope someone sub this.. ><

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  17. i’m not really good in music/notes terms, but i guess WG is really good in low/big voice kinda type of song….like in irony days…
    Sohee could really sing!!! i guess she’s just having a hard time adjusting with her voice because she’s in her adolescent period…
    i love their performance…they’re really having fun…
    and i love the way they worked with their english pronunciation…
    what i love about this girls is that they are really working hard, and i’m glad that everything is really turning well…
    WG fighting!!

  18. Whooo!
    I was hoping they would come back on that show sooner or later.
    I haven’t yet watched the entire show but I’m hoping they’ll be another revealing fact about someone like last time with Sohee and her skirt. :PP
    Ahh I’m so proud of them!!
    And I agree with SunMi & Yeeeun Fan.
    People need to stop doubting her ability to sing. I’ve always believed taht she can sing and I just wish people would start to see that too.
    Ah I REALLY miss SunMis bangs.. 😦

    thanks coolsmurf

  19. They did amazing! I love all of them! I’ll write what I wrote on there,if So Hee can sing that good with an english song,than people are really doubting her singing ability.Ye Eun did really well when she hit the loud note.

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