Wonder Girls Earning In Excess of 12 Billion Won in 2008

The Wonder Girls have managed to keep their Tell Me mania from last year raging on in 2008 thanks to their addictive hits recently like So Hot and Nobody with their estimated earnings in excess of 12 billion won.


Wonder Girls Nobody song has set a record on music website Melon for being No.1 for six consecutive weeks. In addition, Nobody was also No.1 on M! Countdown for 5 straight weeks (but couldn’t win No.1 on the actual show, funny isn’t it?). Overseas, it has gained millions of hits through video sharing website Youtube while Virgin Media included the Wonder Girls among it’s seven featured girl groups with them being the only Asian group.

The Wonder Girls have also been setting fashion trends with it’s leopard print outfits from So Hot and their glittery outfits and big earrings from Nobody enjoying popularity with many. According to JYP Entertainment, So Hot and Nobody has bought in 3 and 4 billion won respectively from digital sales.

Commercial wise, the Wonder Girls have become an advertiser’s dream inking various CF deals, endorsing Vita 500 drinks, TBJ clothing line, Samsung notebooks, online game, etc earning them 3 billion won. In addition, performances at various celebratory concerts at schools has bought in 1.5 billion won while album sales have earned them 1 billion won. With slightly less than 2 months to go, the Wonder Girls are likely to end up as very rich ladies.


23 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Earning In Excess of 12 Billion Won in 2008

  1. JYP takes 50%, so the girls should have at least 1 billion (korean $) each!

    I really hope that they will succeed in US and Korea, because if they don’t, it’s like losing their success in Korea AND failing in USA. That would suck.

  2. Oh my goodness.
    Even though companies,etc are probably taking their fair share there’s still ALOT left over for the girls.
    I hope they don’t go too crazy with it..
    I’m really glad they’re so successful they deserve it to the highest extent.
    That’s crazy though.

    thanks coolsmurf

  3. He’s probably taking about 80-90%, CEOs of management companies make way more than the actual artist themselves, it’s the same everywhere else in the world. Plus do you know how big a management company is and how much people they have to pay wages to. The promotion team, accounting team, choreographers, producers, etc…

    I saw a VH1 show way back about TLC, an American Girl Band. They only made 8 cent for every album they sell, and do the consumers paid $13.99 for that shit.

  4. i hope JYP isnt taking a lot of money from the girls.
    I think he is taking 30-40 % of it ?
    there should be a contract.

  5. 12 billion won = 9,480,000 US dollars!!!!
    that is huge huge huge money!!!!
    and they are just 17 – 20 years old!!!
    been just 2 years in the industry!!!!
    and they are earning that BIG!!!
    oh my gosh!!!

    even lets say JYP take 4 million US dollars off!
    for their expenses when they were training ect
    they still have 1 million US dollars each!
    thats alot!!!!
    and i dont think it cost JYP 4 million US dollars
    to trained them.

    but all of them have different years of training
    SunYe’s the longest!
    YeEun just train for months!
    if thats how its gonna be
    then YeEun must be the first one to finish
    paying her expenses when she was training

    my gosh MiSo are just 17 years old( 16 western age right?)
    and they are now millionaires!!!

  6. they must also be getting quite a lot for sunye’s car endorsement..But, is that counted as WG earned revenue or SunYe separately earned revenue?

  7. JYP takes the money as payment for training them and all other expenses. once they paid off their expenses from their trainee years, thats why they really start earning money. but that ll be really soon since they make so much money because they are so popular

  8. The 120 billion plus is gross earnings for the company, after mgmt fees, taxes, etc.. it still is an awesome amount that the girls get. I think it’s time that dorm of theirs to something bigger?:)
    Congrats to their continuing hard work.

  9. i’ve check the google on the estimination of 1 billion us dollar. it’s equal to 790k us dollar. if it’s 120 billion us the girls would be earning 94.8mil dollar. Holly crap!That’s great~ proud of them.

  10. “Nobody was also No.1 on M! Countdown for 5 straight weeks (but they couldn’t win No.1 on the actual show, funny isn’t it?)”

    Yes, it is quite funny xD *Sigh* it’s Mnet, I’m not surprised =P

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