Fan Sightings of Wonder Girls in Singapore

The following are pictures and accounts of the Wonder Girls who were spotted yesterday afternoon at the vicinity of Orchard Road shopping by lucky eagle-eyed fans who happened to be in the same area breathing the same air.


The above pictures were taken by nnyM@soompi.

I was suppose to go for Jewelry’s autograph session today but by the time I ended school it was too late so my friends & I were thinking of finding WOnder Girls and all the other singers. But we’ve got NO IDEA where were they but we decided to go down to Orchard anyway. Walked around aimlessly but we didn’t see any fans so we thought they’re probably not in Orchard area and besides we didn’t know which hotel were they staying either.

We went into Paragon and went down to Starbucks. While I was busy eating my BAGEL, my friend suddenly went “eh look…got koreans………omg isn’t that sohee!” And when I looked towards the escalator..there was sohee! With another girl whom we could not see as her back was facing us. It took a while for us to realise then we went up to the 1st floor but by then…sohee wasn’t there anymore. We were searching around and as I turned to face the escalator I saw Hyun Joon from VOS coming down the escalator. I was soooo shocked. He’s rather hot in person! Really. He was wearing a cap, white singlet with trackpants and sunglasses. He hung a pair of headphones ard his neck. Rather hip-hop which was what I didn’t expect from the VOS image. Then we kinda followed him out of Paragon to see where was he heading. He was crossing over to Taka so we followed after he left.

The moment we entered Taka and as we walked towards Ngee Ann City side, we saw Hyun Joon again with Park Jung Ah (She’s really pretty btw!). Was a little star-strucked at that moment. We went up to On Pedder since we thought Seo In Young love shoes. AND TADAH. The whole of Jewelry was there with Hyun Joon! Seo In young is so good looking!!!!!! SIY was holding a pair of boots looking very happy. Haaha. After SIY bought her shoes they all went off to other place. We remained outside On Pedder because while we were waiting for Jewelry, my friend went “eh…isn’t that Sunye”. Sunye went into Chloe and we were the only ones who realised she was there. So we kept peeping and YES ITS HER. So we waited for her to come out and took a picture with her. She’s really friendly and she answered us in english. =)

Left Taka cos my other friends told us that Sohee & Yoobin are at Heeren. So we walked all the way and we were thinking that they probably went to Queen’s Couture. Once we walked in..we saw the both of them at the cashier paying up. So we stood outside to wait for them. When they came out we asked them for a photo. Sohee was cute. She didn’t seem to understand us so Yoobin told her we wanted a photo with them. She immediately agreed. Haha. Just when I thought she was gonna reject us.

They left in a cab while we were waiting for one as well. I assumed they were going back to the hotel which I later found out was Ritz Carlton btw. Didn’t get to see Yeeun and Sunmi though. Neither did we see 2PM. Although we went to the airport but there was simply too many people and we were already too tired to squeeze with the crowd. But saw the rest from the viewing mall. Didn’t see WG though cos their flight’s kinda late and I’ve got school so came home instead. =)

The best part of the whole thing was that we didn’t even know they were gonna be in Orchard and we just bumped into Sohee and subsequently the other celebrities. Kinda felt like a coincidence. Oh and the amount of fans around could be counted with my fingers. Yeah not much people knew I guess. HAHA. =D Kinda regret not taking photo with Hyun Joon though cos there was no fans around. Just him and the manager. =/ We kinda didn’t dare to approach Jewelry either. =x Oh well…=)


The above were taken by popthecorn@soompi.

There was this evil hotel staff who kept trying to trick me and my friend into thinking that all the stars would go to marina sq to shop and he kept shooing us away saying that he heard the stars saying they are gng to marina sq or smth and he said “yar, i heard that they are gng there.. wondergirls or smth..” and my friend and i were like totally spazzing, and we really believed him so we left and then while we were walking there my friend said that she overheard the evil hotel guy saying over the phone “no leh, they’re not buying it (as in his story tht wondergirls was at marina sq) so we were like okay mb we’ll stay a little longer, and as we were walking back to ritz, we saw sunye, ye eun and sunmi entering a cab !!! (walau, that hotel staff damn sneaky business right jdhfsahfjdsnf)
he was friendly and all, but .. evil. (REGRET #2 : didn’t take pic with sunmi and yeeun and sunye!! ) so after sunye,yeeun and sunmi left, yoobin and sohee were surrounded by fans,who were asking for pics and autographs so my friend and i rushed over and got a pic with them too ! :DDDD

The Wonder Girls are now back in Seoul having departed Singapore late last night. Sun Mi was spotted to be ill and pale while at the airport, having to be supported by Ye Eun and another staff. Get well soon!


63 thoughts on “Fan Sightings of Wonder Girls in Singapore

  1. i loveeeeeee yoobin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ YOOBIN!!!
    she is so the PRETTIEST out of the wondergirls!!
    don’t you think so??
    say perogies if you think so 🙂

  2. omg!! even thru the pictures i can see that SUNYE~~~~ is SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!

    oh my SunYe~!

    lucky freaks you guys!!

    thanks for sharing the pictures and story.
    much appreciated. 🙂

  3. ENVIES!!!
    They get to see Wonder girls and taking photos with them!!
    I’m so so so Jealous!
    So Hee my darling you need more sleeps

  4. Yoobin looks so tanned ! and Sohee looks very tired..
    I’m so envying you allllllllllllll !!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! I wish i could take a picture with them !!

  5. YOU ARE super lucky! What time was it?!
    Crapp man.. I have tutorials.. Ahhhh! They are in SG so am I why didn’t I get to meet them?!

  6. Omg i knew it! they will definitely shop at orchad.. its so obvious.
    i wanted to go but stuck with school stuff…
    im sooo jealous!

  7. OMG! 😀

  8. OHMYGOODNESS. I probably would’ve cried then fainted, leaving me no chance to take pictures with them. XD

    That’s so cool that they just randomly saw them! HOW LUCKY!

    Although, they totally should’ve gone and took pictures with Jewelry and Hyung Joon.

    They say that Yoobin and Sohee have the least interactions with each other, but they’re always seen off-cam together like when they were both hanging out with Min.

  9. im so jealous ! i so want to see them ! i reallly
    want to ssee yoobin and sunmi in real life ! i hope
    they go to ny again so that way i can go to their
    performances or whatever stuff they’re doing.

  10. honeybun! what’s wrong with Yoobin and Sohee’s faces. Too much makeup will ruin their facial appearance. My poor babies. okay. I want to meet them in person too. Your one lucky fan girl. lol.

  11. grrr
    *smack myself*
    i should have gone down to orchard…
    but i was having exams too…>.<
    come to SG again!

  12. even though im not a WG fan. but i like Sunmi very much
    thank god her pic is not taken with… i’ll be so jealous i’ll.. explode!
    sunye seemed very pretty

  13. OMG SO LUCKY!!! I watched their concert but I thought they were leaving in the morn, or else I had plans to go Orchard!


  14. popthecorn@soompi ! those people were from my school . omona . x.x

    and how lucky . i couldn’t pon school on that particular day cos i had many events going on in school . which is totally sad . 😦

  15. i love sunmi!! lol sohee looks weird in teh 2nd photo and looks like my friend in the first one.. haha xD

    i want to see yoobin in real life >_<

    no way would they come to australia though =[[

  16. omg! WISMA ATRIA!! I USED TO GO THERE ALL THE TIME BUT DUE TO THE FREAKING A LEVELS, I DIDNT! AGH!!!Orchard is awesome and i stay so near orchard:( I hope they had a great time in sunny singapore:). Come back again soon!!!:)

  17. ….my greatest regret…..not able to see sunmi and take a photograph with her………..
    im going emo…..

  18. get well soon SUNMI..
    thanks YEEUN for being a wonderful sister to SUNMI..
    LEADER looks so cute and stylish, the hair suits her so much…
    YOOBIN and SOHEE take a step in developing their bond as a sister…shopping together and infact i saw one picture of WG on the stage where both of them were whispering together at the back..
    WG are very friendly and down to earth, that’s why i love them..

  19. i hope SunMi is doing Ok now,
    very nice to hear that her YeEun unnie is there to specially
    take care of her, but i bet they all are taking good care of her
    its just with YeEun i think SunMi find comfort the most.

  20. omg i’m so jealous!!! There were also fans who talked to Hyun Joon and not know who he was! :O I’m so shocked… I love v.o.s!!

    I should’ve went to wherever they were yesterday 😦 awww, I hope they’d come back again!

  21. I’m so jealous too! hahah.

    Sohee looks adorable. She looks really happy to be taking a picture with her fan. So cute!

  22. sunye spoke in english?! yahhhhh! she’s so cute… and she’s real friendly too? 🙂 i’m so jealous… i love the wonder girls! haha… would rather see them shopping than performing at a concert. laughs… i take that back. their performance was awesome! 😀 you guys were so fortunate! ahaha! thanks so much for posting this… haha. that hotel staff was so EVIL… bluffing fans?! that’s terrible… and you guys are really considerate and sweet fans too! 😀 hope sunmi will feel better soon!

  23. my friend say sunye walk so fast..she’s trying to follow her but couldn’t catch up bcos she walk too in faster than normal speed. Damn lucky!!I really want to meet them in person..even at the airport i could only see Ye Eun. But there was a mob surrounding them making it harder to take pics. How come Sunye was MIA during the departure uh???Most people said they could not spot Sunye but the other 4 was visible.

  24. sooooooo jealous with you! hix hix


    (watering mouth T_T)

  25. OMG SUNYE so pretty….well she is naturally beautiful, seeing her with no make up with my own eyes, i can 100% assure, sunye is gorgeous!!!

  26. aww.. those girls are so lucky! seeing wg, jewelry & vos accidentally! that’s like, WOW!
    oh, so sunye, yoobin, and sohee didn’t go together to not catch much attention.

  27. aww darn lucky girls!!! It was a pure luck coincidence I tell ya. oh wow. Not only WG but VOS and Jewelry too! They all had a good time shopping especially SIY XD
    Sunye looks so gorgeous in the pictures! Real gorgeous!
    Sohee is so cuuuuteee<3 She definitely look like a high school girl.

    I love how the stories are really detailed. It makes me feel like I was there.. lol!
    I’m a little sad that SunMi and Yeeun weren’t able to take pics with them I would’ve loved to see what facial expressoin SunMi would’ve come up with.
    LOL Sohee’s so cute!
    It makes me sad that everyone misunderstands her..
    All she needed was for Yoobin to explain..
    Who says they’re not close. 😛
    Bahahah I love Sunye she seems SOOO nice!
    Ahh I’m so completely jealous you don’t understand..
    Grats to the lucky fans.
    Btw I love the no makeup on them. It’s so natural

    thanks coolsmurf.

  29. They are so freakin lucky!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I would probably scream my ass of if that happened lol

  30. NO!!!! The Wonder Girls are in Singapore!!!
    I am stuck in Malaysia and having one of the biggest exam of my life! Ahh How lucky get to take pics with them!
    Yoo Bin!!

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