Wonder Bakery Begins at Lotte World

Don’t have much time to translate but it seems like the new Wonder Girls reality show, Wonder Bakery will not be just restricted to the kitchen. In episode 1 which will be shown tonight through Mnet at 6.30pm (KST), the five lucky aspiring bakers get to date their designated Wonder Girl partner 1-on-1 at Lotte World to brainstorm and stimulate their creative juices to bake a cake.


With no Yoo Bin and Sun Mi pictures being showed in the preview pictures, I am thinking maybe their portion will not be shown in Episode 1 but the next?



40 thoughts on “Wonder Bakery Begins at Lotte World

  1. I actually think Sohee’s guy and Ye Eun’s guy are very cute. Ye Eun and her baker would make a cute couple. Sun Ye and her baker are having lots of fun so that’s always cute! Poor Sohee is still quite shy but I can understand. He’s like years older than her and she’s barely 16. I can’t wait to see this subbed because I understood only 10% of what they were saying, lol.

  2. yeah, sohee seemed so shy… i really liked sunye and ye euns’ chemistry with their partners… ye eun unnie was so excited once they arrived at the amusement park! sunye and her partner were so sweet…. at sohee’s part i was laughing alot, cuz her partner was the one asking her questions, he’s friendly so i hope to see sohee be more of confident and not too shy… can’t wait for the next episode, wonder what ride sunmi and yoobin went on… i love the show, it was awsome!!! can’t wait for the subs!!! WONDER BAKERY FIGHTING!!!

  3. Personally I think relationships that seem like buddies are quite fun, you don’t have to be all shy holding hands and blushing. I enjoy the chemistry between Ye Eun and the young man. It’s fun to watch. I was laughing so hard at So hee’s part though, because it was just so awkward, you could tell she was probably thinking “Who’s this guy? does he think he’s cool with those shades?” LOL OMG She’s too cute.

  4. sunye is a very charming girl, she maybe not the prettiest but she have something in herself that you cant resist her! and for this reason, im really sure that the guy really crush on Leader!!!! hehehe that what i love this couple so much, i love when they always smile, sweet, dorky and look comfortable to each other ^^

    yeeun and her guy doesn’t look like couple
    i think they look like chingul more cos yeeun so boyish

    and sohee’s couple like other comment said
    they seem soooooooooo awkward _ _”

    hope in finally sunye’s couple got win hehehe
    i’m a bit going to bias LOL


  5. Ye Eun looks amazing.
    I’m sure I’m going to enjoy this show because the girls are always having so much fun. You can’t help but smile!

  6. wah look at the guy with ye eun. he’s so lucky and it seems like their having lots of fun! every pic of ye eun in there is flawless. haha so hee looks so cute and confused in the pictures lol

  7. I think the producer of this program just want to break the ice between the girls and the competitors..

    Wow, I envy all competitors…

  8. I can’t wait for that…i hope that the episodes will be available with english subtitles since I don’t know hangeul….

    Yay! O_o

    :)) šŸ™‚

  9. love this show! šŸ™‚
    so who do you think is gonna walk away as winners?..
    me?..im going with the sunye couple!..i love the chemistry between them( so comfortable..and he is so dorky!)

  10. I just finished watching it and I already LOVE the show! It’s so much fun having them paired up with guys. But Sohee and her partner were sooooo awkward. šŸ˜¦

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  12. Ahahahha!!
    That’s soo cuute!!
    Sohee is adorable here of course
    Sunye looks like she’s letting loose and being the child instead of the mother
    I LOVE Yeeun’s pointing pose!
    Ahh that looks like so much funn
    Those lucky contestants..
    I agree I can’t wait to see the full ep!!
    Dating.. lol..

    thanks coolsmurf

  13. so hee unnie is so cute!! ye eun unnie looks so cheerful, sunye unnies too… can’t wait to see the full episode!

  14. sunye in last two pics?, she loves her leather jackets these days!
    she is so gorgeous and lucky guy who gets to date and cook with her!!.
    Im such a fangirl..keke

  15. Haha so cool! Those guys are lucky, doubt they can concentrate on brainstorming when they’re like dating the wonder girls. LOL šŸ˜€

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