Wonder Girls Peripera Wonder Line Picture Spread (14P)

After some sneak pictures yesterday of the Wonder Girls modeling for their Peripera Wonder Line, Peripera has launched the full makeup line designed by the Wonder Girls available for purchase at their online shop starting from today. And once again, Peripera has been generous with their wonderful spread of big-sized HQ quality Wonder Girls pictures. Enjoy the Wonderfulness!

Ye Eun – Flash Wonder Base

Sun Mi – Wonder Shot Blusher

Yoo Bin – Wonder of Lips (Lipstick)

Sun Ye – Wonder BB Cream

So Hee – Wonder Ever Pact

So Hee – Wonder Duo Mascara & Liner

Off-camera pictures

credit: periperashop.com


32 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Peripera Wonder Line Picture Spread (14P)

  1. hey guys, someone at soompi is doing a survey on all the items.


    $22 for the tube of BB cream and $14 for a lipcolor + shipping. o_O do you guys think that’s a reasonable price? and does anyone here know if Peripera is a good makeup line (noncomedogenic and everything)? I’d love to buy something but don’t want to get ripped off xD

  2. -.- score 2 for sohee again. =/

    i wanna buy these even though i don’t wear make-up much. ah, the power of the wonder girls! they make me want everything they have. @.@

    yoobin’s smile looks forced in one of the pictures.

    sun mi looks… different?

    sun ye and ye eun look gorgeous!

    and sohee looks cute as always!

  3. @ 23 Mimi
    dude im not even bother with you b/c obviously youre not a WG fan, just because of the fact that you dont even know Ye Eun’s name, you dont know the girls obviously and are just an instigator wanting to start a fight between us…

    i think the division was pretty satisfying
    the division was fine considering their attributes…

    on a brighter note, the girls look real good, except that i dont get Ye Eun’s before and after, because she still looks gorgeous!!! and Sunmi looks so heavenly beautiful, and i love Sohee’s clear babysoft skin! YB suits the lipstick very well because of her tan skin, the contrast is beautiful, and Sunye looks so beautiful with minimal makeup, gorgeous!!!

  4. ahh!! So Hee’s Wonder Duo Mascara & Liner Poster is sooo preettyy!!! i mean sohee xD yah.. and the other girls look amazingly beautiful!! WG<3333333333333333

  5. Sohee gets to do two products coz JYP is retarded and always puts emphasis on her just coz she done a movie. You notice she always gets solos in the songs even though shes the weakest talent. More of the others please ^_^ Yoobin, Sunye, Sunmi, Eun Hye! They should spread out so they get to feature in the spotlight evenly, not just Sohee -_-

  6. they all look beautiful,
    i especially love yeeun and sunmis pictures :]

    i think the main maybe only reason why sohee usually has the most pictures is because the company knows sohee is probably the most popular member among the wondergirls

  7. Ye Eun looks amaaazing with minimal makeup! Oh so very natural beauty<33

    The girls look so vibrant and beautiful! xD

  8. They’re all so cute and perky! Go Peripera!–for being able to make them look less tired than they’ve been looking as of late πŸ™‚
    YeEun’s getting prettier everyday. Why do her eyebrows look so cute to me there? Haha.

    @Mari: I think YooBin is ideal for lipstick. I always noted how cute different shades looked on her lips during . I think something’s just off on her pictures.. hmm.. they made her too pale or something ^^

  9. WOW

    i love the pictures…so hee is such a cutie and looks gorgeous with a mascara and false eye lashes on..(am i right?)

    They all looks gorgeous

    Wonder Girls are wonderful!!!!

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  11. The girls are freshly amazing looking. I love the ads. Sohee is cute in both of her ads. Her mascara ad makes me wanna order one! Love it. Thanks.

    I have to say I love MiSoYe’s pics the most
    Sohee loooks ADORABLE! but also total makeup line pretty
    SunMi also looks CUUUUUUUUUTE but yet also pretty!
    And ahh I LOVE Yeeun!!!
    She’s so PERFECT for this@
    i LOOOOOOOVE the backstage pics. especially the one with SunMi covering her eyes with the products.

    thanks coolsmurf

  13. The girls look beautiful! They look super good even in the before pics. Sohee looks extra cute in the last ad! I want the Wonder Duo Mascara and Liner haha…

  14. Wurd to Mari =]

    SunYe, YeEun, and SunMi rock this line. I’m glad things are relatively even among the girls unlike *cough*TBJ*cough*

  15. They all look gorgeous, Ye Eun is a really good model for their line.

    They all are, but I just like how fresh Ye Eun is. They should have given mascara to Yoo Bin and Lip color to So hee. Mostly because their ages fit more to those products. LOL It’s hard to see So hee doing the night out mascara look, she is a baby. And Sun Mi looks like a very sophisticated doll. Sun Ye is just classic! She is so pretty and her smile is very bright.

  16. Ahhh cute ads! The end result of Ye Eun and Sunye’s products look the same. Despite the name of the different products, they both seem to me to work as foundation. xP And I prefer Sohee’s second ad to her first.

    Fresh faced WG is the best.

  17. omg SoHee looks so gorgeous here ^__^
    all the Wonder Girls look super gorgeous here!
    WONDER GIRLS ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀


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