New Wonder Girls Reality Show, Wonder Bakery

The Wonder Girls will be participating in a patissier (pastry cook) survival program called Wonder Bakery where each member (Wonder Girls) will be paired up with those who dreams of becoming a patissier.


Each week, one member will be paired with one pastry cook to make a cake that matches the mission given. During the judgement period, one cook will be eliminated and a new challenger will enter the program in his/her place. They will keep competing in teams of five until the final mission. There will be a total of eight missions with the best patissier receiving a prize of 10,000,000 won.

“The Wonder Girls came into this expressing that they wanted to give something back for all the love they received till now,” shared PD Kwon.


The program is about helping these aspiring patissiers to reach their dream. First broadcast will be aired 5th November through Mnet at 6:30pm (KST).


48 thoughts on “New Wonder Girls Reality Show, Wonder Bakery

  1. Wow..that’s awesome…
    I so going to watch the tv shows..
    Now i have at least 4 tv shows that i going to watch now..including this…^^

  2. @irees.. i agree.. even the star golden bell episode hasn’t been subbed, the girls have been on many exciting shows, like my favourite, mbc come to play, and radio shows too… i don’t speak nor understand korean, so it makes me sad that i can’t enjoy their shows much.. i know wondersubbers are working really hard, but maybe make it a little bit faster… other people who can understand korean can translate it into subs too… that would be so helpful for us wonderfuls who don’t understand korean… i have enjoyed shinee and snsd’s reality shows, and i’m sure wonder girls show would be awesome too!

  3. Those outfits look familiar. They wore those outfits on the My Favorite Radio Show with VOS. =]

    So this is JYP’s and WG’s answer to SM’s and SNSD’s reality show? I’m somewhat excited, but the timing of this reality show makes me feel like they’re trying to compete with SNSD yet again. And I would’ve never thought of them going into the food reality show thing.

    I hope this show fairs well! I don’t want to compare, but SNSD’s reality show has really been interesting! I’ve been tuning into their show, so I hope this show does well, too! ^^ Especially since Ye Eun and Yoobin are into food! Especially Ye Eun! Haha!

    Good luck to WG! HWAITING!

    Lastly, I hope WonderSubbers really do sub this. I hope they go about it quickly, too. WonderSubbers have been subbing old WG’s stuff always, and it takes them months before they sub stuff that are current. =/

  4. @SunMi&Ye EunFan

    LOL no that was the outfit they where to mnet ‘my favorite’ so i guess they did the photo before or after filming ‘my favorite’

    i love their style.

    anyway wonder girls & food is a plus.
    lol i love how food & the wonder girls connect so well HOHOHO.

    can’t wait to watch the show, even though i understand nothing!

    seems like wondersubbers have loads of work lately


  6. i know that SUNYE n YEEUN will love and happy with this show

    Sunye who always cooking
    Yeeun who always eatting

    2Ye inlove ❤

  7. Sunye’s gonna have a blast cooking, and YeEun’s gonna have a blast eating xD

    WHAT A SWEET DEAL! Cant wait to watch ^__^

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  9. sunye is good at cooking , I’m sure she is going to enjoy cooking and then try and make it for her wonder babies after that.

    Leader is looking flawless these days.

  10. great things are happening too the girls and i’m so happy for them! they are so humble!
    “The Wonder Girls came into this expressing that they wanted to give something back for all the love they received till now,” shared PD Kwon.
    that is so kind of them!!! such an interesting reality show, hope its fun! i can imagine them being dorky and ye eun unnie saying her tagline “it’s delicious” hahaha…

  11. OMG, YESSSSSSSSSs……… Food and Wonder Girls? I’m so there. I seriously can not wait for this. I really wanted to see them on a show again where you can really see their personality and I’m so freaking excited.

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  13. i can see YeEun saying her famous line…
    “hmmm… its delicious!!!”
    so many times at this show! lol
    this is gonna be a lot of fun!

  14. WOw i didn’t expect this…hehehe its cool that they’re going to have their own show…im looking forward to it…hehe Wonder girls hwaiting!!! =)

  15. “The Wonder Girls came into this expressing that they wanted to give something back for all the love they received till now,”
    – PD Kwon.

    The girls…ahhh…so very generous of them<33
    This sounds very exciting! I’ve all seen them cook before but not cakes! Lolz! Can’t wait!

    ^^Fallen .
    QUOTE: The program is about helping these aspiring patissiers to reach their dream.
    I guess this is more understandable =D

  16. adding to my previous msg…
    OMG, wonder girls are so HUGE now!!! just yesterday it was makeup now it’s their own show.. *_* i can’t believe the first broadcast is in a few more days… why haven’t there been news of this before? :/

  17. snsd’s elle magazine show with the fashion is understandable..

    but WG with bakery?!?!? lol… this is so random!!!
    it’s weird.. but hey, since it’s wonder girls, i’ll look forward to it! 😀

  18. Actually scratch that…all i know is that she got into a university. I’m not sure if it was Dankook or not, haha.

  19. they all look adorable !
    cant wait to see the show .

    sunmi isnt looking sad, shes just pouting, shes doing her aegyo :]]

  20. That’s what they were wearing at My Favorite~ I wonder if that’s why they all looked so cute that day..

    [YeEun looks especially adorable! And the teal pumps really pop in the first photo *^o^*]

    Anyhow, can’t wait!

  21. AHHHH!
    That’s such a unique idea.
    Wonder Girls and pastry?
    Who would’ve thought!
    I love that they’re wanting to help others reach their dream like they’ve done.
    They’re so sweet! (like the cakes they’ll be making..hahah….)
    I’m excited for this!!
    I’m thinking that they’re gonna have a ton of fun with making pastries.

    thanks coolsmurf

  22. WOW the wonder girls already have their own series…???gosh they look so good with the pictures…but y does sunmi look so sad on the next photo?

  23. pastry! and WG! my two loves!!!

    they’re finally appearing on a series!!!

    Saw this at wonderholic… been waiting for the news translation!!

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