More Wonder Bakery Pictures (8P)

Solo pictures to add on to the earlier news about the Wonder Girls new reality show Wonder Bakery which will be shown on Mnet starting 5th November.



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42 thoughts on “More Wonder Bakery Pictures (8P)

  1. lol binnie’s soooo friggin cute <33 holding that mixing spoon with the bowl being supported by someone else~
    she looks like a baby there XD

  2. They are so pretty…the miso couple is so cute…
    yeah, they are so busy with their schooling and singing careers…plus lots of ads and promotions, commercials…and now a new show…

    WOW they are really big now….

    However, I wonder if they can still have a good rest…but still they are pretty even if they have loads of things to do…

    I love Wonder Girls…

    Wonder Girls are Wonderful!!!

    Fighting,…Go for the Gold!!!

    har har 🙂 🙂 🙂

    ~ Alexandrae~

  3. finally i can see the old sun ye is back(i mean irony sun ye,i love her look at that time the best)

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  6. all of them look so good,
    they look really different though…

    i guess because theyre determined not to
    let theyre partner down….
    i hope that the style of the show is like
    Iron Chef Japan Style!!!!!!!!!

    and i noticed that Sohee dyed her hair
    to black? i wonder how she will look???

  7. nice pics~!!
    btw alvin 씨, ur dreams came true haha! coz they didnt wear the ugly wigs heheh.
    wondergirls were gorgeous tonight!!
    the whole stadium was singing to nobody and tell me!! so high!! =)))

  8. Wow! I’m dying to see this mnet wonder bakery! hope it’s fun and entertaining . I love Wonder girls and SNSD support them don’t be harsh on them their entertainers be polite and no bashing! ^^

  9. Lol the last picture of Sohee ❤
    Looks like the girls are really busy, tho they do look like they are having fun with show 😀

  10. lol i dont know why i always love when my Leadah concentrate at something hehe when she look serious i think she’s so so so cute ❤

  11. hahaha.. sohee looks adorable at the end.. and sunmi looks so serious in her cooking that she has flour in her right cheek:P

  12. omgoshh!! SunMii looks soo adorable in her two ponytails!! xD lols her cake is veryy preettyyy..hmm lols if u noticed..well its kinda obvious but theres two finger print on her she was touching her face wen she was making her cake! GO Go WG!!! <33333333333

  13. leader looks so serious in the first picture, gorgeousness!!..
    i think the patissier is going to be very distracted by her, fangirl moment!

  14. LOL@last pic of Sohee
    I’m glad they’re having so much fun
    I LOVE SUNMI! hahahhah her pics are just so adorable.
    They look so into it and concentrated.
    Cant wait to watch this!!

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. that show is gonna be soooo much fun!
    SunMi with a little bit of icing on her face is so cute
    and that picture with a chef
    its like shes saying ” yeah i can do this oh yeah…” lol
    love it!

  16. so it will be aired tomorrow?? it looks super fun! sunmi and sohee looks so cute while the unnies look pretty concentrating on their cake! i see yoobin and her team are using kiwies and sunmi and her team using strawberries… i hope wondersubbers subs the episode, cuz the girls are parcitipating in many exiting talk shows, radios that are waiting too be subbed! even the star golden bell episode hasn’t be subbed yet, then there is my favourite, come to play, radio shows… i’m sorry for being impatient, i can’t korean so i relly need subs to understand.. WONDER GIRLS AND WONDER SUBBERS HWAITING!!!

  17. The 5th of November.. as in tomorrow?? O_O The girls are so busy! I’ll be watching for this because it sounds like such a cute show, but they should let the girls focus more on their singing (and school, of course) while they’re still out there performing. I feel so bad when they get ripped apart by dumb netizens for little mistakes when they’re actually running around Korea working their butts off.

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