Dongguk University Accepts Sun Ye Into Class of 2009

Wonder Girls’ leader, Min Sun Ye, has gained entrance into Dongguk University for the year 2009 after passing the university’s entrance exam.


Entrance into Dongguk University is based 20% on performance accomplishments (in singing, dramas, movies, CFs, etc.), 30% on student records (high school grades, etc.), and 50% on practical examinations. The university’s selection process is known for being difficult and peculiar.

Sun Ye graduated from Korea Arts High School this past February. Last year, she had applied to Dankook University, but was unable to gain entrance.

Other notable applicants in the celebrity circle who also gained admittance included fellow JYP Entertainment singer. Joo of Because of A Man fame and So Nyeo Shi Dae member YoonA who will graduate from high school next year.



50 thoughts on “Dongguk University Accepts Sun Ye Into Class of 2009

  1. ohhh, finally Sunye could entered this university.
    im so glad for her ^^ CONGRATULATIONS!! LEADER!!
    this year i’ll have the admission test in Thailand too
    i really hope my dream will come true like her!!
    need to read some more books now haha

    This news encoraged me a lot to read books XD
    i got a lot of energy after reading this news hehehe ><
    thanks for news!!

  2. Congratulations Min Sun ye!!! I really believed (all wonder fans out there too) that you can be admitted to a university…

    You have so much determination to succeed thats why there is nothing that you can’t reach…

    Go go go Leader min sunye… 🙂 You really deserved to be the leader of the Wonder girls…

    You really deserved all the success that you are getting right now!!!

    Fighting!!! 🙂

    Wonder Girls are Wonderful!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. my korean friend said she do her entrance exam while she has serious sick [i think mnet perf period], im really proud of her, she such a strong person, never give up and never make herself look tired in front audience, im really glad that myself love her so much ^^

  4. congratulations sun ye! (: you’re such a talented and girl and leader! i’m supporting you all the way! and thanks for the great performance in Singapore! looking forward to seeing the wonder girls perform again! 😀

  5. congrats! 😀 so happy for sunye, she finally got into university! wow joo and yoona made it, grats to them too!

    coolsmurf, love your webby! but just to let you know, sunye isn’t accepted into class of 2009… class of 2009 means the people that graduate in 2009 lol.

  6. FELICITATION!!! Je t’aime Sun Ye et your fans are proud of you very much…. not good in my french But we support you!!! :DD

  7. congrates!!! sunye!! she finnaly got into her prefered college..that is awesome!!

    i hope she can balance school and schedule and still have energy
    anyways! go leader min!!!~

  8. Yay! I was so happy to hear that Leader Min got into her first choice! Congratulations, SunYe! You deserve it!


  9. congrats leader min 😀
    i know you could do it .

    sunye is such an insparation to me (:
    school, promotions, reality show. denng this girl is amazing 😀

    sunye fighting !

  10. WOW! YAAY! I literally yelled out “YAY!” when I read the headline! I’m so happy for her! Even that picture looks like she’s celebrating. ^^

    And Yoona’s going to college?! I thought all of SNSD’s not planning to go to college. Good for her!!

    And nice to hear about Joo going into college, too! Congrats, Joo! I wish we’d hear more from Joo! C’mon, JYP! Bring the JYP Family into FULL FORCE!!! =D

  11. Congrats Sunye! That’s strange that admission is based on your “performance accomplishments”. If you weren’t famous, then I suppose it would be really really hard to get in.

  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUNYE DESERVED TO GET IN!!!

    She’s worked so hard! I know she’ll continue to pursue her educational career and work just as hard there!

  13. dongguk and dankook are different unis or same? i thought coolsmurf wrote sth about sunye wanting to apply back into the same uni…

    I had no doubt in my mind that she would get in!!!
    Congrats to family member Joo too!!
    That’s amazing she must be so excited!!
    I hope she has so much fun and learns so much
    Ahh I’m so happy for herr!!

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. Proud of HER!!!!!

    Btw, what about her dreams at Dankook Univ? Regardless, I am just proud that she sees the importance of a higher education.

    Like my sister always says “you decide what college you want to go to… as long as you get your education, I will be proud of you” (I have tooo many other siblings so my parents worked and she pretty much raised me).

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