Yoo Bin Idolises Eun Ji Won

Yoo Bin admitted recently that she is a fan of Eun Ji Won.

On a recording of MBC Come To Play which will be aired tonight, Yoo Bin expressed that she was once a fan of Sechs Kies (Eun Ji Won’s former group).

Yoo Bin said, “I was a die-hard Sechs Kies fan when I was young, especially over Eun Ji Won (if you wonder why she mentioned this, Eun Ji Won was on the same episode). She also shared the days where she chased them fervently, “I was so die-hard that I would memorize all the schedules that they had. Although my mum did not allow me to join the fanclub, but I managed to use the phone to verify the schedules everyday without fail and note them down.”

12 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Idolises Eun Ji Won

  1. Yoobin mentioned this again in their recent Star Golden Bell episode November 22th, 2008…. and Eun ji won was in the same episode again! hahah.

  2. really?
    thats really cute.. eun ji won mustve felt blessed..
    i hope someone subs this part! i want to see his reaction ;D

  3. Is stalking legal in Korea cause fans go extreme tracking celebs there. In the US we just have papparazzi do the work.

  4. her love for sech kies is actually something she has confessed a bunch of times before.. FINALLY a YeEun admirer!!

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  6. But Eun Ji Won said he liked Ye Eun in Come To Paly

    What A Pity.

    YooBin surely felt a bit sad

    but any way yoobin is a popular girl .

  7. I remember that she always kissed a poster of sechs back in the day too xD I could be wrong, but im pretty sure she admitted to that haha

    She’s such a cute fangirl

  8. LOL that’s so cute!
    I wonder what his reaction was that the sexyhot Yoobin from Wonder Girls used to be his die hard fan!
    I guess we’ll have to wait and see..?
    Ahh I can’t wait to watch this!

    thanks coolsmurf

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