Wonder Girls Peripera Wonder Line Pictures (8P)

Peripera has today released pictures of the Wonder Girls modelling their own makeup line to the media, Peripera Wonder Line. For more news about this, read this news article. Enjoy the HQ pictures because I sure did!

What do you think of the Peripera Wonder Line design and packaging?

Peripera Wonder Line goes on sale starting 4th November.


49 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Peripera Wonder Line Pictures (8P)

  1. OMGOSH!! Sohee’s second pic is SOOO GOODD!!! dang it!
    i LOvee all of the girls pics they are soo BEAUTIFUL!! =)
    i liike the makeup packaging..but then i dont use makeup xD well..if its lotion then ill want to buy them x] well..im not in Korea..hopefully i can buy it online??!! =)
    Supporttt the girllss and buy the products u guys..well thos of you who use makeup xD!! WG<33333333333333

  2. like that they use just a little bit of make up for the pics
    looks really good

    like the pics from sohee and sun mi they are cute

  3. ye eun is sooo pretty… she has blosomed so much in the recent months. d other girls are also pretty of course 🙂

  4. It’s retro like with a splash of youth and care free look…kind of nice…O_o

    The Girls look so good with the pictures above…

    So Hee has to solo photos…looks good…

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  6. Binnie — cuteness!
    Ahn– pure!
    Sun–gorgeousness!, looking a lot like son hae kyo with her new hairstyle. Hope there are more pictures to come.

  7. The packaging looks cheesy and cheap =(

    The Girls can do better then this 😦

    Otherwise, the pictures are pretty xD

  8. i think the design for the packaging….is a bit….
    well at least to me it seems….pinky-ish?
    i’m not a fan of pink so perhaps it is only me againist the pinky-ish design….
    but the lipstick do look nice.

  9. Oh,you know what Ye Eun’s photo reminds me of? A nutregena commercial you know where the girl is trying the product and then splashes water in her face,I agree she is truly commercial worthy and should have her own endorsement.

  10. Wow,they are looking so beautiful,and especially Sun mi and Ye Eun, Okay…I am being a bit biased,but seriously wow Ye eun with little to no make-up looks really amazing,and So Hee looks so cute and pretty in her second pic, Yoo Bin looks really nice and her pic has a cute image to it,and Sun Ye really wow,she looks gorgeous. Oh,and Sun Mi well what can we say about our 4 dimensional sun mi except for the fact that she is always looking her best,she should definitely be a model.

  11. yayy, the natural concept ! 😀 sunmi & yeeun look especially stunning with their natural looks!!

    sohee, yoobin, and sunye dont really look like themselves…

    why’d they have to wear the wigs in the group picture? haha

  12. It never fails to amaze me how openly bias they are with Wonder girls, always has to be one more solo shot of sohee.

    So sad that prettier beauties like sunmi and ye eun with talent can’t even get one more solo picture, lol. How sad.

    Anyways, sunmi ye eun and yoobin & sunye look great<3 🙂

  13. wah sunmi and ye eun’s pictures are so cute! ye eun looks so naturally beautiful! i hope their make up line does well!

  14. theyre toooo pretty! (:
    they have flawless skin!

    i love all their pics & im glad Sun ye has her old hair back in her solo pic ❤

  15. i like all the pics except yoobin. i don’t know but her smile looks kind of awkward.

    i wish all the girls had two solo pix, not just sohee.

  16. I think only sunye looks nice in the first pic with wigs and mebe sohee too, sunmi looks like seo in young.

    looking at sunye’s last picture I’m guessing these were taken before her haircut?
    I hope they update the pictures according to their present looks.
    Girls looking so cute!

    Min-Ahn jjang!

  17. I totally agree with nameless
    Little to no makeup I love it~!!
    They’re just so damn gorgeous I can’t take it!!
    I have to say that I think Yeeun,SunMi, and Sohee’s pics stand out
    Yeeun’s is soo commercial worthy
    While SunMi and Sohee’s pics are just soooooo cutely beautiful! (Sohee’s first pic.)
    I don’t wear makeup but I’d so buy like 10 cases of this.

    thanks coolsmurf

  18. I didn’t like the first pic (because of the wigs). Maybe wearing some flashy outfits would’ve made up for the ugly hair monsters.

    Wonder Girls are the perfect models for a make-up line! All natural beauties with beautiful skin ^_^
    Makes me want to buy make-up now, even though I’d have no clue how to use each thingy… (I once confused eye-liner with lip stuff…)

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