Yoo Bin’s Mum is a Die Hard Kim Jong Kook Fan

Yoo Bin revealed an interesting fact during a recording of MBC Come To Play recently, “My mum is actually Kim Jong Kook oppa die hard fan”.

During the recording, Yoo Bin expressed, “My mum who is in America has been Kim Jong Kook ssi’s fan since his Turbo days. She was very happy when she heard the news of Kim Jong Kook ssi’s new album.” That day, Yoo Bin and Kim Jong Kook even tried contacting Yoo Bin’s mother on the phone.

Besides singing the title song Today More than Yesterday from his new album, Kim Jong Kook even tried to dance to Wonder Girls Nobody dance.

The Come To Play episode starring Kim Jong Kook, Wonder Girls and Hong Kyung Min will be shown this Monday, 3rd November at 11:15pm on MBC.

credit: o-cha (translation)


18 thoughts on “Yoo Bin’s Mum is a Die Hard Kim Jong Kook Fan

  1. Aw, they TRIED to call her? Meaning they couldn’t reach her? Aw. That would be so cute and lucky of Yoobin’s mother. ^^

  2. OMG HAHAH! When i read the title at first i was like…YOOBINS MOM DIED O.O? Then i reread it and was like ohhhhhhhhh haha *phew*.

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  4. They all look so gorgeous from the screencaps! Now, why can’t they have this more natural makeup when they perform on music shows? I really like KJK’s new song 🙂 His voice is very unique… can’t wait to see CTP!

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