Wonder Girls @ Inkigayo 081102

Wonder Girls performed Nobody Rainstone Remix for the second time on Inkigayo today and it was a million miles better than on Music Core.

Now their outfits remained remained almost the same with some changes here and there, especially the colors. Their makeup was lighter and suited the unnies better. Sun Ye for one, she looks so much better and different from yesterday, and prettier today. Yoo Bin’s outfit suited her better while Ye Eun had an improved hairstyle which just looked better. The maknaes were just like yesterday. Performance-wise, it was better sounding than yesterday.

Unfortunately, despite the absence of DBSK, they still couldn’t win Mutizen award which went to their sunbae, Rain for Love Story.


38 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Inkigayo 081102

  1. I didn’t mind the gloves even. The makeup was just too harsh before. Especially SunYe’s lipstick. It’d probably work for pictures, but on video with all the other changes, it was just too much. She looks much prettier here and they all sounded so pretty!

  2. dang it! This perf is soo PERFECT that im keep replying it xD lols well..thats what i usually do but this video..makes me watch it over and over again like.. i keep replaying it in 2 hours or sth..like seriously..and watching it every single day..cuz its so good..i LOVee rainstone version too and their makeup ourfits are soo good in this perf.!! WOOH! WG FIGHTINNGG!!! =)

  3. I really love their new outfits!!! I was just wondering the other day if they were going to do the ballad version again

  4. thank god they got rid of those hideous gloves! ewww!
    uh.. if you haven’t noticed they all have sad faces. i mean it would look pretty weird if were being really happy and smiling while singing this really slow and sad song.

  5. much better than yesterday! i miss sunmi’s long hair… but her new hair is pretty too! ye eun looks gorgeus with that hairstyle! sohee so cute! sunye and yoobin looks better! i’m glad the stylist took note of the critism towards their outfits! WONDER GIRLS HWAITING!!!

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  7. ^^ ahh i was wonder what the extra material was for, i think their bras were a little bit visible yesterday (well i didn’t think it was their bra’s i though it was top underneath or something lol).
    Great performance, and yep the makeup was much improved. The fan cheers were loud too.

  8. the turtleneck has to go!!!!!
    BTW, did people notice that they added some material around sunye and yoobin’s top?
    supposedly its because their bras could be seen through the material yesterday and was visible in a few pictures :(.
    They must have been really upset if that actually happened.

  9. Yoobin looked so much better today!
    The only gripe I have though is that her makeup looks too pale for her.
    & I miss Sunmi’s long hair T_T

    Thank goodness they lightened up their makeup though >_<
    I have no idea what their stylists were thinking yesterday..

  10. lol. the stylist knew she had to change the concept of dressing our Wonder Girls over board. thank goodness she listen or else everyone will go mad. much better today. Sohee didn’t change because everyone love what she was wearing. the rest had to change because it was too much for them. I’m glad it’s different from yesterday’s image. But I still don’t like the turtleneck. It’s annoying, seem like Sunye is suffocating!

  11. yooobin looked soo pretty! omg i love her straight
    hair! and i actually like the redish lipstick on her
    today! sun ye make up looks so much better today!
    and sun mi’s hair! omg i loved her side bangs ! whyyy!
    oh why did they cut it!? lol.

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  13. awww they gave sohee her old irony remix hair. the puffy braid. i always thought that looked so cute.

    anyways the perf. was cool. and the outifts and makeup loads better. the girls are gettting more comfortable performing this. and the fans were actually good for once on inkigayo. usually you can never hear them.

  14. today perf was so much better than yesterday ^^
    i really love sunye makeup and outfit, perfectly!!
    but for some reason i dont like sohee/yubin’s outfit much
    and i think yeeun look gorgeous with straight hair more
    and poor sunmi – -” she’s the 3rd member who got hair cut..
    but overall i love today perf ❤

  15. Oh My! wat happened to them. it seems that they changed a lot.. i don’t know but they looked something that have undergone plastic surgery?? perhaps yoobin looks fair here unlike previous perfs she was tan.. sun ye’s face very thin..

  16. @mrs. crawford

    well she was supposed to look sad. SunYe jjang, I guess they are always going to give you the ugly outfits..sigh!
    SUnYe=Song Hae Kyo, they look alike these days.

  17. congrats to Bi! oppa glad u are doing well…

    the girls looked BETTER…also i felt like there was more energy…it just looked better and i didn’t cringe this time…Can we please have the outfits from their first ever perf back? the “femme fatale” ones…Those were seriously the best! GREAT PERF WG !!!

    I’m excited for Cyworl, so i don’t care for music shows anymore…

  18. what are you talking about? He did win it for Rainism, although Love Story was nominated as well.

    Thank goodness the girls don’t have the red lipsticks anymore. It made them look too old.

  19. love that perf<3
    so much better than yesterday..

    i’m glad they changed the make ups (a little) and the outfits. it’s looks nice.

    the girls did a great job with the singing and dancing too. and they look pretty. (esp. the maknaes)

  20. the outfits looks much better on them unlike yesterday.
    the halloween inspired make up is gone too!
    great vocals
    great choreography
    great song
    great girls
    great performance
    that will do!

  21. Lol oh the irony for Bi oppa..
    But yes I agree with the makeup.
    SO much better today.
    I love Yeeun!
    I think she’s soo pretty
    I like it but I think I prefer her other style..
    This one looks a loooot like Yeeun’s straightened hairstyle.
    I MISS SUNMIS BANGS! :(((( They were a part of her..
    I noticed Sunye’s hair is getting longer again!! Yayy.
    And Yoobins hair looks WAAAY straighter.
    Sohee still has her messyish braided ponytail like yesterday
    But I like it! she looks so cute with it.
    For outfits I have to say I like Sohee’s the best.. perhaps because it’s a onepiece instead of a separate colored skirt over black.
    Very nice perf all in all.

    thanks coolsmurf

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