Sun Ye First Impression of the other Wonder Girls + News Snippets

“My first impression of So Hee and Sun Mi? They looked like babies”, as Sun Ye revealed her first impression of the other Wonder Girls on Come To Play.

Leader Min Sun Ye confessed, “I first met So Hee and Sun Mi when they were 6th grade elementary school students. So to me, they were like babies. At that time, I didn’t even think that we would be in a group together.”

When describing her first impression of Yoobin, the whole studio burst out laughing upon hearing Sun Ye’s answer. Sun Ye said, “When I first saw her, she was so frail and skinny that I thought ‘she would faint’ if I touched her. However, when she said “Hello” in her husky voice, I was super shocked.

Yoobin replied, “From young, my friends would make fun of me because of my low voice. But now I feel like my voice is good for rapping, so it’s all good.”

The following are little bits of small information

Remember the news article saying Younha and Yoo Bin had a special bond? This was Yoo Bin’s reply which was simply, I am still interested in guys.

Ye Eun and Yoo Bin will appear on a blind date with 2 members from SS501 in Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong MBC We Got Married segment. Program will air at 5.20pm (KST) today so check your timezone for exact time.

Unsurprisingly, Nobody which won Cyworld Song of the Month last month after only a week of release in September, has won it for October too. This is a remarkable achievement. The Wonder Girls will touch down in Singapore tomorrow night and perform the following night. Can’t wait!!!

credit: wonderkid


32 thoughts on “Sun Ye First Impression of the other Wonder Girls + News Snippets

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  2. me too!! i can’t wait to see WG for real!!
    can’t believe they are going to touch down tmr night and i will be able to see them performing the night after. OMG
    tell me if i am dreaming!

  3. wow two cyworld song of the month in a row I didn’t know such thing could be possible.
    Congrats to the girls!
    and thanks coolsmurf for sharing.

  4. right now is 5pm in Malaysia… what time is the episode available for us wonderfuls who lives outside Korea to watch?? i’m really excited!

  5. OMG YEEUN AND YOOBIN ARE THE TWO GIRLS FOR THE SS501 MEMBERS?! i m even more excited to watch it now! omg i cant wait! i want yoobin and kyujong together =)

  6. ahhh! i didn’t get to watch this weeks ep. of wgm but now i really have to go and watch to see ye eun & yoobin! wg <3!

  7. are you sure it’s november? coz november has just started lol…maybe it’s for october ^_^

    oh and just a random question…do you know where i can download the latest ep that will be airing later in torrent file?

    MiSo are still babies but they are turning into beautiful young ladies before us.
    Hyu Deh Jjon?
    Random lesbian wonderful I’m guessing?
    Hahahahh they’re so funny.
    Woah september AND november?!
    That’s amazing! Has that happened to anyone else!?
    Grats to Wonder Girls they deserve it!
    Hahaa@Sunye too..

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. to me sohee and sunmi are still babies lol. if i were yoobin i would’ve said the same thing the ufo comment was awkward to begin with.

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