Sun Mi is Very Studious

Heidi, the Wonder Girls English teacher, updated her Cyworld recently with a picture of Sun Mi and the caption Sunmi studying very hard ^^ … She’s reading the English book I bought her… she looks studious~ ^^

credit: wonderkid


25 thoughts on “Sun Mi is Very Studious

  1. Ah she is so studious…I hope once they become fluent in english they will join myspace hahaha LOL O_o

    Is there any way I can send a personal message to those girls…???

    I just love them…

    I can’t join cyworld Korea…since I don’t know hangeul and it requires lots of documents too….????

  2. ohmahgahh! sunmi *___* so gorgeous. so beautiful. so pretty. ;____; wahhh she’s a hardworker ❤ rofl i cant wait to hear more of their engrish it’s gonna be so fobby and cuteeee.

  3. sun mi looks so pretty even when she’s studying.i’m sure you can master english you , sun mi dongseng

  4. In my opinion, with the clips I’ve seen the WG speaking, Sun Mi has the best pronunciation, but she just has to speak more. Ye Eun, in my opinion, has the biggest vocabulary and would be the second best in pronunciation.

  5. Ahhh like I said on Spec.
    Sunmi is just soo gorgeous it’s unbelievable.
    And I LOVE that she and the rest of the Wonder Girls are really getting into and working hard at learning English even though they have such a hectic schedule.
    I like what Gita said too xD
    Our one of a kind SunMi..

    thanks coolsmurf

  6. sunmi was soo studious…
    this whole week i have exam…
    uwa…n the papers were the subjects that i’ve always failed
    biology~add math n chemistry..
    oh no…
    i need to study too

  7. sunmi and all the wonder girls are really good role models! so hee has been busy learning english to! wow, they make me feel that i need to study hard towards my dreams too! they really deserve all the good things they have now! WONDER GIRLS HWAITNG!!!

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