Wonder Girls @ UClean Concert 081101

Pictures of the Wonder Girls performing at this evening’s Beautiful Digital World UClean Concert 2008 which also included So Nyeo Shi Dae, Shinee, Younha, etc. Looks like they didn’t have time to change into another outfit or it was set for the day. This will be broadcast over MTV Channel at 1pm on 8th November.

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42 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ UClean Concert 081101

  1. even if she’s “gaining weight”…she still look sexy and hot right?????Soo……there’s no need for her to lose some weight.

    But if she admitted that she is gaining weight,now that’s a different story.

  2. None of them need to lose weight. They could stand to gain a few pounds–especially Sun Mi, though she did say that it was hard for her to and I remember being that thin at 16. I’m guessing that they are all crazy busy (especially the ones who have school to worry about too) and don’t have time to work-out like mad and be as perfectly-toned as everyone would like, but they’re not chubby!

  3. sunye’s make up looks way better.
    miso and yeeun looks so pretty (smexy?:D) and also yoobin^^
    btw i still don’t like those outfits and the make up..i hope their stylist change it quickly..

    – – – –
    lol. you guys who says ,,yoobin should lose some weight”.. are you MAD (or just bling..)???! ok i don’t say she is skinny like sunmi but she is really NOT fat. she has a normal weight to her height.(moreover i think she has got gain weight not lose..) she is so hot&pretty the way she is. i don’t understand why are you saying that she has got some weight to lose. and also this outfit is really not good for her cuz it’s accent her body shape in the wrong way..

  4. the chair’s back actually says “WG”…
    i couldnt even see it on music core’s performance…
    – –
    anyway,,, it looks ….. weird that they performed “so hot” with that outfit….
    awww,,,, jyp should really pick another set of outfit for them for the up coming performances…

  5. Gosh, you can’t please the world, so get over it. As long as yoobin’s healthy, what’s there to complain about?

    I’m not really digging the outfits X__X but hey it’s all good.

  6. during the so hot days people were saying yoobin looks as if she was loosing weight… and now people are commenting on how much weight she has gained! i mean, i think she’s hot the way she is! its just the costume that is making her look as if she has gained weight! the oufits needs to go! please… in the music core performance the make up was too think, it was scary… they can be sexy and pretty without those hideous outfits and horrible make up… what happened to the clothes they were wearing during their comebacks?? those outfits are really pretty!!!

  7. People need to stop worrying about Yoo Bin and start worrying about those awkward looking gloves (look st So Hee’s hand in the close-up!).

  8. What’s with the weird gloves? Those need to go. It’s so weird seeing them perform their other songs in these outfits – their concepts totally clash. Still despite the ugly clothes (except SoHee – love her dress!), I’m sure the girls delivered a great performance!

  9. love them & yoobin’s weight is fine.
    styling & make up was allllllll wrong.

    i might be the only one, but i miss sunye’s old hairstyle 😦

  10. i think yoobin looks HOT
    i don´t think she needs to lose weight cause i DO NOT see anything which is fat on her . i love how she looks now
    she looks HOt and not like some stars who are so skinny that u thing they might get broken if u touch them .

  11. also i wanted to add that when you guys mentioned the zipper i had no idea what you were talking about. i studied her picture for 5 whole minutes untill i found it.
    wow… you guys must have been really trying hard to look for her flaw.

  12. Wow after readin all your comments I kind of want to punch some of you in the face.

    Yoobin is a beautiful, normal, healthy girl. She can’t be a stick all the time. She is just like any other woman managing their body. She just has the unfortune to be under the media all the time. Think about how hard it is for a girl to mantain the “perfect body” and be under media pressure all the flippin time.

    You think you guys aren’t being mean by just saying “oh she just needs to lose a little bit of weight” ? Well guess again. Seriously it sounds like you’re saying she’s fat. No matter how you word it or how much you sugar coat it, you’re still saying she’s fat.

    And when you compare her to the other members, thats stupid. None of them are nearly as curvacious as her. And curvy women are a lot more attractive than stick thin girls.

    “OH MY GOD! HER ZIPPER IS DOWN! SHE’S SO FAT!” That’s how all of you are sounding right now. She was dancing for three whole songs what do you expect her zipper to do? I know for a fact that whenever I perform my zipper NEVER stays up.

    And I DEFINETLY KNOW that all of you commenting on her weight don’t have the perfect body or not as curvy as her. So I dont see your reason for judging her. You guys are just being hypocrites.

    If I were Yoobin and I was reading this I would probably cry. Seriously is that the way you would treat her?

    If you guys were really Wonder Girls fans you would love them no matter how they look. I love them for their personality and humanity not for how they look. Do You?

  13. get over it,people.
    theyre young women, & women’s curves are what separate them from men in their outer appearances.

    but seriously,the outfits & makeup is gross.
    it makes them look so old!!!
    but i like their hair though. haha

  14. are you guys being serious. everyone is flipping out over a zipper. who CARES?! they ALL look fine.

    them girls got some curves though!

    p.s. – sunye marry me.

  15. In my opinion I don’t want to be mean, but Yoobin did gain a lot of weight. I mean she is fine the way she is. But you know people always brag about how artist and celebrity should look like if they’re famous. Idk, but I like how she looked in So Hot days. Not feeling her image here in Nobody.

    Sohee is pure beautiful. Her outfit and everything on her matches her cuteness personality. The outfits Yoobin, Sunye and Sunmi are wearing is too plain & deadlive.. nothing appealing. And Yeeun is pretty as usual.

  16. ^^
    really no need to bring ppls mothers into this.
    noone was bashing on binnie, just saying it in context to the material not being to flattering on her.

    sun mi and sohee look so pure, yeeun too.

    My fav girls, sunye and yoobin totally wronged with the makeup today, also why give them those suffocatingly tight tops which overly emphasise their body shape.

  17. your mom needs to lose weight~!

    yoo bin is perfect, if she tried to lose more weigh she would look like some thing from the holocaust so yeah leaver her alone~!

    if you feel fat then don’t bash skinny people that they are fat and try to make yourself feel better, instead try to lose some pounders your self so skinny people don’t feel so bad

  18. So they did 3 perfs?
    I see Nobody, Nobody rainstone mix version or whatever, and So Hot.
    I agree I think they lightened up on Sunye’s makeup here so it’s not as bad as before..
    Yoobins sexy hot.
    SunMi is always GORGEOUS hot.
    Sohee is cute hot (but I think here I’d go with hot/pretty rather than cute)
    Yeeun is beautiful w/ whatever she goes with
    And I really think Sunye isn’t that bad.
    I’m gonna stop there cause I don’t wanna rant about her bangs..

    And oh my goodness are you guys kidding me?
    Lay off Yoobin and her weight.
    The zipper is BARELY open. BARELY. It’s most likely from the dancing and it slipped a little from the moves. The only reason it seems so big is because Yoobin’s pic is the only pic where you can actually close up on the zipper.
    I seriously doubt it’s from her weight.
    Shes fine the way she is.

    thanks coolsmurf.

  19. I think Yubin looks fine. I don’t mind the outfits too much, in particular i love sohee’s the best.

  20. i dont know why but i love sunye’s body more n more ^^

    and i think yubin should lose some a little weight
    not becos this perf and that zipper LOL
    cos i saw her before on radio
    and yeahhh… her face look really chubby ^^

  21. Yoobin gains weight a bit too much, it’s so unflattering for her if you compare with the So Hot promotion where she was a bit to skinny too, so sorry for her it’s must be hard to control her weight. Even before at begin of the year Wonder Girls have been to New york after their break she was chubby but honestly i’m a bit worried this time as one of her fan cause her shape is really affected now.

  22. omg, sunye’s abs are so flat, washboard abs.
    looks gorgeous here like song hae kyo and looks real cute in the so-hot pose.

  23. I agree with some of the post above, Yoobin is perfect the way she is, she does not need to lose weight. I blame the stylist.

  24. i don’t see anything wrong with yoobunnie~ though those outfits are extremely unflattering and cheap in material. they don’t look like they were made to fit the girls at all, at least not when you look at sunmi and yeeun’s pictures…

    (i wouldn’t be surprised if the zipper was cheap to, and it just didn’t stay up on yoobunnie’s skirt.)

  25. well yoobin definitely needs to lose weight, the zipper is not going all the way up.

    sohee and leader look good here.

  26. oh yeah SunYe look so much better!
    but i agree i think YuBin need to lose a little bit of weight
    not like lose weight and be like a walking stick.
    just a little.

  27. Is it me but i disagree with you guys about YooBin need to lose weight. She fine to me.

  28. my favorite girls are looking so bad. Bin’s first solo pic, the zipper isn’t even fully up.
    Leader looks better here than the music core performance. Stop putting the chalky make-up on her and yoobin.

  29. THANK GOD THEY LIGHTENED THE MAKE-UP ON SUN YE…she actually looks nice here..

    binnie needs to lose some weight if she has to wear that outfit..:( (look at the first picture!)

    wg jjang!

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