Wonder Girls TBJ ‘08 Winter Off-Camera Shots

TBJ have released some photos of the Wonder Girls off-camera from their photoshoot, wearing the jumper series for ‘08 Winter collection. Enjoy!!!


26 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ ‘08 Winter Off-Camera Shots

  1. Haha. There’s YeEun’s signature pose again ^.^V

    Sun Mi is adorable and the last picture is just too precious!!

  2. looking pretty^^
    and omg our 4D girlxD being herself<3

    the kwonnie+minnie (lol:D) pic is totally adorable~ love them:) they make a cute couple hehhe..

  3. i guess their hair is supposed to be like that but it sohee’s hair looks kind of fizzled up .

    they look cute here. the clothes arent that apealing to me but the yoobin looks so pretty 😀

  4. LOL.
    Sohee smiling
    Sohee smiling again
    Sohee smiling for the 3rd time in a row.
    And then..
    SunMi*sad face*
    I’m going to guess that Sunmi’s just being silly.
    They’re all so beautiful!
    I’m both jealous and in awe at the same time.
    SUNJO! (or JoSun) xDD

    thanks coolsmurf x4 cause I didn’t say it in the last 3 posts either. :X

  5. is their hair supposed to be like that? lol xD
    i lovee their outiftss!
    sunye and jokwon seem to be rely close :]]

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