Wonder Girls Talks About Keeping Themselves in Shape

The Wonder Girls got their 4th Cyworld Digital Music Award for Nobody which was Song of the Month for September earlier at Jamsil Lotte World.

On that day, the MC asked the Wonder Girls what do they do to keep themselves in shape. Yoo Bin said smilingly, “I try not to eat before going up on stage. Even drinking water alone will make me have a small tummy.” Sun Ye then said, “Before our comeback this time round, we had a systematic plan in place. After filming our concept video (for Nobody and then you see all the tight outfits they have to wear while performing), we felt that we needed to manage ourselves properly. We really put a lot of thought and effort into this.

Sun Ye then revealed something about Sun Mi, “Actually Sun Mi eats a lot at night, but she just doesn’t put on any weight no matter what.” Sun Mi didn’t defend herself, saying that she is actually the one who can really eat.


25 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Talks About Keeping Themselves in Shape

  1. wow wish i was her im so envious of sunmi i wanna be that skinny and able to eat alot without gaining weight. guess i just have to starve myself.

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  3. yeah watching YuBin at So Hot before and now at nobody
    i can see she really gain weight!
    YeEun must have influence YuBin with her love for food! lol
    also SunMi but SunMi dont gain weight no matter what she eat! YeEun lose weight. shes more slender now than before!
    so seexay!

  4. Hahahah I love SunMi.
    I know how she feels.
    I eat ALL THE TIME but yet I’m still at 100-103 pounds.
    Ahh well.
    I hope they don’t get too into “staying in shape” cause I love them exactly as they are !

  5. I used to be just like SunMi until I stopped doing sports. Now I just don’t snack as much so I don’t gain weight.

  6. Yoobin this day seems to be a bit chubby, it’s like her weight with the season, Sunmi is not the only one eating what she wants haha.

  7. i like yoobin’s hair..
    sunmi just like my friend…
    she eat almost every hour even in class..
    but her weight remained the same…40kg only…

  8. Mannn so jealous of Sunmi.
    She eats the most but is by far the skinniest in the group~

    Sohee looks so happy in that pic!

  9. Woot I’m like Sun Mi.
    I can’t eat the whole day without gaining weight….

    Well yeah I can’t tell about how it is to know what to eat, how much to eat and what not to eat etc.

    As long they won’t hurt them self by not eating and faint…

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