Wonder Girls @ Music Core 081101

Having performed Nobody for the past month, the Wonder Girls switched to another track from their mini-album, performing the full-length version of Nobody Rainstone Remix. Now I never really like extremely slowww songs, and this was one of them. But was looking forward to something new.

Now imagine my horror at exactly 0:27 when the camera slowly panned onto Sun Ye’s face. Why have the stylists done? The red lipstick and horrible layers of makeup on her face. It looked like an experiment that’s gone horribly wrong.

Seriously, that affected me so much that I could care less about what happened in the performance. Sun Mi looked the most pretty. Same with So Hee and Ye Eun. Then, Yoo Bin appeared with the rap version which was seriously better than the other one. But what they made her wear was so wrong, it made her look chunky. Overall, thumbs down to this concept, makes them look so old.

Sincerely hoping for better concept tomorrow on Inkigayo.

51 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Music Core 081101

  1. i just love to see Yubin this time…she so sexy and cute as usual….I;m from Malaysia and yet my favourite artist is mostly from Korea…especially Wonder Girls…

  2. I agree with what coolsmurf said, when I first saw Sun Ye’s face appearing at 0:27, It was like “Holy Sh*t WTF LOL”



  3. well even thought this does make them look old its something different it makes them look womanli-er, i think >_<

  4. I don’t see how this is not flattering.. Maybe the outfits weren’t. But I didn’t see any issues with the hair or makeup. And the performance was great I thought šŸ˜€

  5. these girls are beautiful
    ive noticed that yoobin has a shorter neck compared to the other girls which is why turtlenecks dont flatter her. but i love her. i dont think she needs to lose weight she looks healthy as she is its just her body is different so some clothes dont look flattering on her.

    anyways. YeEun sounded so good here. Like seriously, she sounded like she did on the track.
    i dont know why but i prefer the rainstone version a lot more then the original. it sounds more emotional. it fits with the lyrics more haha.

    Sunmi looked fantastic. i love her hair. shes so beautiful. they all are. WG FIGHTO!

  6. i’m with y’all on this one….when i saw sunye i was like the grudge….and sunye does NOT look like that….and yes i was kinda disappointed when i saw sunmi’s hair too…but she was the prettiest out of all of them though…and sohee and ye eun didn’t look that bad either….but yoobin UGH i couldn’t even concentrate on her voice cause everything about her was ugly….on the perf of course….and the outfits wow…that’s all i can say about the outfits…but they did a good job though….

  7. There seems to be a lot of negative reactions to this performance, but Yoobin could be slathered in clown makeup for all I care, I’m just happy to see her for longer than 2 seconds at the end of every performance.

  8. eeeeek..!
    what happend???? ģ•„ģ•„ģ•„~~~!
    sunye looks… over-makeup-ed..
    yoobin looks weird with those clothes!
    so hee and ye eun looked…. so-so
    sunmi looks pretty. ^^
    -_- 慠_慠
    i dont wanna see those outfits and sunye’s make up like that ever again… looks weird.

  9. YIKES!

    this is worse than those awful wigs.
    I hope WG’s stylist and makeup crew think of a better concept.

    the perf was good…
    but I can’t seem to watch their perf without cringing
    what did they do to the girls?!! AHHHHH~~~

  10. i don’t think they looked too bad.
    sunmi looked soooo pretty! really like her haircut.
    i thought so hee and ye eun looked super good.
    sun ye was okay. not the best, but when they shot her angle again, it wasn’t too bad. yoobin’s rap was beautiful, and yeah out with the blue skirt please. maybe sun ye and yoobin looked bad because just the two of them had the turtlenecks to wear.

    i like the lipstick! the red and black contrast looks cool~~

  11. Well,ss Wonderfuls we should know that the right thing to do is like JYP said encourage them when they don’t do good so they will perform better the next time,NOT criticize them!

    They did well,and the make-up is alright it just doesn’t fit Sun Ye and Yoo Bin.

  12. when I saw sunye at 0:27 I was shocked! looks terrible! I think out of all the girls in this sun mi looked the best. I hope I never see wondergirls like this again!

  13. looks like the stylists only had time to do sohee’s hair/makeup/clothes. the rest just go their hair straightened and given black turtlenecks and bright skirts, and yeeun just got some unused so hot outfit. once again, the other 4 get thrown to the side…

  14. Sohee looked the best. Her style was pure love. The others, not so sure, didn’t match their personality. And Yoobin did seem to be suffocating in that turtle neck shirt. Other then that, the finger gloves was cool! The styles might be going over board with the look. Please be better tomorrow?

  15. YOOWWW..
    Perhaps she was having a bad day and wasn’t really paying attention to what she was telling them to wear..
    but actually as the perf. went on I got used to their concept..
    It’s still not what I’d prefer it to be but it wasn’t completely halloween based..
    SunMi looks like Yeeun when her hair’s straight!
    I thought I was looking at Yeeun but hearing Sunmi’s voice.
    I’m not feeling Sohee’s hair this time.
    It’s not bad but I’m not feelin it.
    I think Yeeun looks gorgeous with or without makeup. (prefer without or barely any on)
    And Yoobin looks sexy hot any way!
    I don’t think dark colors work on Sunye though.
    Well enough about their looks.
    Sunmi,sunye,yeeun did flawless as usual although I thought I heard Yeeun squeak in the background somewhere.
    Sohee fumbled a bit in the very beginning but then got the pace and did wonderfully in my opinion. I really thought she did beautifully cause I’m always biased a bit whenever it comes to Sohee but this time I’m not being biased.
    Yoobin’s rap is always perfect. I always think it’s the track but I know it’s not.
    All in all it was an alright performance (concept included).

    thanks coolsmurf
    sorry for the huuge comment btw.

  16. oh, i was talking about SUn Ye in the beginning of my comment btw. Forgot to mention too, but their finger sleeve thingies are crazyyy

  17. it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. judging from reactions.
    i think she pulled it off quite well alongside yoobin and her skirt? haha. its idk, innovative aside from the all sleek black outfits since vibrant colors tend to “stand” out more and Wondergirls are most definitely eye catching!

  18. no i don’t think so. i thought sun yeh looked like “Sexy” i liked her lipstick. it reminds me of like lucy lu or something. i didn’t like soh hee’s make up or hair. she looked good from far though lol the only reason why they are performing this version is because JYP said that if they win 4 weeks in a roll in music bank or ingigayo, then he’ll have them perform the rainstone version. except the CoD has gone nuts.

  19. omg! Sun Ye really looked bad in this performance! and Yoo Bin’s eyes looked so small and that light blue skirt didn’t really match her well.

  20. I do not like this version, I feel so tedious .. the look of all was horrible, let alone So Hee like a witch. I think it was very beautiful Sun Mi .. I think it is the only .. Well Ye Eun is always nice ..

  21. wthhh did they do to my binnie and sun ye?!
    the make up and the ugly red lipstick!? omgg.
    and those horrible outfits. i was so excited for
    them to perform the rainstorm remix until i saw
    this. i think none of them loook good here compared
    to the rainstorm remix they performed before. their
    stylists are like terrrrible. i wouldd so complain to
    the stylists if i can! buttttt they did a good job
    performing this song !

  22. i LOvee the rainstone version of Nobody!! but then…whatsup with the makeup and outfit? i prefer them to wear back their “SEXXYY BLACKK” outfit!! cuz it looks so GREAT on them!!! woooo! they shud wear thos back =)
    and the makeup..hmm…whos screwing SunYe’s makeup?? gotta kill them!!grrrr >=( JKZ!! lols well id like that personT-T
    hmm..at least they got their chreography and vocals perfect! and gotta admit that Yoobin’s rap was great!! and she sang it with so much passion! =)
    WG fighitng!!!

  23. they looked so old with all that make-up..
    it was horrible and this is saying much since I think
    I’m the only one that actually fully liked all their outfits
    this time around… STYLIST PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER!
    So disappointed… I couldn’t get into the perf, I was so
    shocked…. Thankfully Binnie took me out of my daze with her

  24. I dont like them performing this song. Sounds to slow for me, and the dance šŸ˜” sunmi jjang!! the outfits are ugly though =.=

  25. MYWG

    i’m a malaysian and excited to see a malaysian fanclub…but sadly i dont understand chinese..bummer

  26. wth lol what happen to the sexy black outfit? the outfit is just plain UGLYYY!! . . the red lipstick wasn’t as bad as the outfit. I was actually looking forward to those black outfit, the song goes well with that then this.

    sohee outfit is not like the others O__O , & sunmi look the prettiest out of all of them. She also cut her hair , *sad* but it look good on her & her full bang is now gone. Ye eun look pretty too but it look like they didn;t do much to her. I love sunye’s hair but really they could have lighten the red lipstick like how they did to sunmi.

    i knew yoobin gain weight BUT WTH? LOL . . i bet she not going to be happy when she see photo of this performance.

    overall the vocal & mood & everything on point, they sound really good. But all of us here is to shock by their looks we forgot about the performance LOL.


    let pray for tomorrow, for a better outfit DUDE >.<

  27. its halloween inspired outfits and make ups!
    its the only reason i could think of!
    if they will still have those looks for tomorrow at inki
    then its not its stylist itself!
    great vocals… check!
    great choreography…check!
    halloween inspired outfits and make ups… check! lol
    i dont care anymore! i love the song i love their vocals
    i love the choreography i love the girls!
    thats enough for me! even those outfits and make ups are off!

  28. you know, they should wear the outfit they wore on the first or second performance
    they looked amazing on those.

    what the crap happened to So Hee’s hair?!?
    what’s up with that stupid lipstick?!
    gosh ._.’

    I hope they get better clothes and better makeup for the next performance :~

  29. i liked sunmi’s hair.. what is wrong with their clothes?!! i was expecting really spectacular outfits like the ones they wore on their comebacks!!! and the make up is too much!!! geez… i was shocked to see the sunye! hope they wear something better next time! OMG!!! THE STYLIST BETTER DO SOMETHING!!! CUZ I REALLY DON’T WANT TO SEE OUR GIRLS LIKE THIS AGAIN!

  30. why only chalky and goth look for leader min?:(
    the other girls didn’t have that sorta make-up.

    Binnie should not be given that super tight turtleneck top, she looked a lil too stuffed.

  31. not liking the outfit. yes, i agree with poor chunky yoobin..i wonder if the girls have any say in what they wear…i like brown eyed girls’ stylist..she should style the wonder girls instead…haha.i quite like the song though(:

  32. i hate how thier styllists put SOO much makeup on them..they look like clowns!
    and i dont like the gloves ye eun and yoobin are wearing, matching with the black it makes them look like burglers or sth!
    dont get me wrong, i love this song tho~ xDD

  33. Sun Ye reminds me some Diana Rigg (as Emma Peel from the old English TV show “The Avengers”) and there’s a 60/70 european style for this performance… the best outfit is So Hee one… They should use this one and decline it in different colors for the others.

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