Younha and Yoo Bin Shares A Special Bond

Being of the same age, Younha and Yoo Bin shares a special bond.

Younha expressed in her recent Sports Korean interview, “Yoo Binnie is filling the spot of my boyfriend. She takes care of me and we have a lot of fun so I’m never lonely.” Yoo Bin replied in kind, “If it wasn’t for Younha, this fall would have been very sad and lonely. Tell everybody that we are dating.”

Both Younha and Yoo Bin are 21 years old and debuted around the same time. They became best friends as they ran into each other pretty often at the practice room. In addition, both their dorms are located close to each other so they meet up a lot as well. It’s great to see them so happy, being able to talk and share their 20’s with each other. (last sentence is reporter’s viewpoint)

By the way, Music Bank will not be showing today. The Wonder Girls will switch to performing Nobody (Rainstone) starting with Music Core tomorrow.

credit: gomdorii (translation)


32 thoughts on “Younha and Yoo Bin Shares A Special Bond

  1. ….my two favourite korean female singers…..(i cant say my two favourite people or favourite girls/women because I also like Shin Ae unnie -and shes not a singer- ^^)

    YounHa and Yoobin(+Wondergirls)! ❤

    Thank you Coolsmurf! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know many of my favourite stars! Just like Alex oppa, Big Bang, everybody I mentioned and lots more!

    I check everyday for updates, so please don’t ever go. I also watch your channel on youtube.

    You Rock!

  2. lol yoobin is always the ‘boyfriend’ in the relationship hehehheheh lol
    can’t wait for the rainstone remix!!

  3. looking at the so hot pic, i’m glad binnie gained some weight (though she looked HOOT, but too thin)….I can’t wait to Mucore…Rainstone remix is LUB!

  4. Younha and Yoobin are so cute. XD

    I’m not really looking forward to the Nobody (Rainstone Version) stages. I haaaaated the way they performed it, ack. I think it might have something to do with how weak Sohee sounded (she sounded better in the regular Nobody perf)… 😦 I hope they change it up!

  5. LOL that’s so cute
    “Tell everyone we’re dating”
    I love that.
    I love Younha!! Her songs are AWESOME and she’s so talented.

  6. If it wasn’t for Younha, I would have never known about the Wonder Girls.

    I was searching for Younha’s videos on You Tube and I came across one where she was doing the “Tell Me” dance. So of course I became curious about the dance so I searched for that and saw the Wonder Girls and the rest is history.

    I’m glad YooBin has someone to have fun with since most of her family is here in the US. I wish all of them well.


  7. i saw 3 unnies (sunye/yeeun/yubin) are best friends of younha for long time since their irony days > < wonder girls and younha are my fav hehe LOVE THEM ❤

  8. ooh la la!!! Younha and Yoobin!!! hahaha
    For the longest time I thought it was Sunye and Younha
    but this is just as good!

  9. yoobin is betraying ye eun? is this her counterattack because ye eun & sun mi are super close nowadays?

    haha i love wonder girls and add younha i just love their friendship.

  10. glad that Younha & Binnie are wonder i saw Younha’s message sometime ago on Binnie’s cyworld..Her message to Binnie: “Let’s go travel together!”..isn’t that’s so sweet of her?

    so Younha is the girlfriend and Binnie is the boyfriend?LOL!

  11. i really love their friendship
    since younha is very close with 2YeBin
    i hope i can see more and more of their collab
    piano battle in recently is so cool ^^

    and and and and …. finally ….
    they will perf nobody Rainstone again!!!
    i love the girls and the chairs hehehe
    love yubin rap in this ver so much
    and my leader so so so so sexy <333

  12. haha they’re so cute together:D i can imagine it that they are talking and fooling around with each other.
    love younha+yoobin<3 younbin couple everyone?xD

    ooh and i’m so happy they’ll perform the rainstone remix tommorrow^^ can’t wait~~

    Wonder Girls+Younha hwaiting!

  13. can’t wait for the nobody rainstoned version! i’m glad younha unnie makes yoobin unnie feel happy, it must be lonely for yoobin unnie when her members have gone back to their families… her family is in the u.s… i really like younha, i can see that she is really close to wonder girls and kara… she looks really close too yoobin, sunye, ye eun and nicole, seo hyun from kara!

  14. yay!! i like younha!!
    she hangs out with all the good girls!
    she’s a good girl/young woman too!!
    they sorta makes a Circle of some sort.
    love those girls!

  15. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol im excited because of the last sentence that you said….finally! hehe more Rainstone Remix performances!!!!!!!!!!

    i saw this on wonderholic and i was like “what they are together?” lol so i didn’t post it coz i know you will post a clear translation of it hahaha so yeah now i get it haha ^_^ lol to tell you honestly it would be great if Yoobin is a guy! haha ^_^

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