Wonder Girls @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 081030

Pictures of the Wonder Girls appearing on MBC FM Shim Shim Ta Pa radio program on 30th October midnight, hosted by Shin Dong and Kim Shin Young.

So Hee was missing as she was learning english. (credit: cutegiurl)


21 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 081030

  1. lols Sunmi looks like shes so tired and bored or sth ..is it bcuz of missing SoHee?? xD
    aww..its oaky Miso couplee =)
    SunYe ‘s new hairstyle made her look so pretty!! and woo YeEun! PEACEE =) i really like the colour of YeEun’s hair..but i noe its beeen so long wen she dyed her hair..but its just so pretty and shiny..the colour matches her so much!

  2. I wish Sohee was there too.
    I think perhaps it was that she might’ve needed a little more help than the others.
    Aw SunMi looks sad. Perhaps it’s because her bang ool ee isn’t there? :DD
    They’re all sooo gorgeous and talented
    Ahh I love them!

  3. They all look gorgeous 🙂 and guys YooBin’s leg probably just looks that dark because of the lighting. And yeah for SoHee! Hope we get to hear her speaking some english soon.

  4. it’s already on youtube (without subs) but i can’t understand too much of it=$ btw they call sohee on telephone and speaking a lot with her and then (i dunno what’s the question but) she says in english: ,,sorry but i don’t know” it’s so cute^^
    you can see it in sunmikiwangjang’s channel;)

    they all look pretty in those pictures esp. yoobin. (i love that outfit in her^^) love their fashion<3

  5. Wow they look pretty ^^
    look at yoo bin 1st pic she look like
    TOP when she do victory fing ,,
    I love Sun Ye & Yoo Bin ^^
    Soo Hee learning English Cool then she’ll
    can sing with Eng ^^

  6. Sohee must be into English a lot. She rather study then be with the girls. 2nd time no appearance with the girls. It’s sad, but a good thing because her English well develop more and she would speak it more fluently. This remind me of Big Bang – Taeyang “I don’t hungry” sorry I got carry away. But back to my Wonder Girls, I love what they’re wearing. Thanks.

  7. i just watch this radio uuummm…yubin isn’t wearing stocking
    yeah…that her real legs!!! but in vid her legs not dark like this ^^

  8. i love when leadah wearing oversize clothes too
    that make her really pretty and look good on her ^_^
    love natural sunye ^^

  9. seems like only sunye removed her stage makeup and her hair..the rest still sporting that look..
    dun like wht sunmi is wearing…sunye is really into wearing oversized clothes..which only enhances her petiteness..she looks very pretty…:)
    love yoobin and yeeunnie too!

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