Wonder Girls @ M! Countdown 081030

The Wonder Girls were up against DBSK for the second week running but didn’t win it again as the latter picked up their 3rd consecutive No.1 on M! Countdown, winning by 26 votes (63 to 37). They wore white fish-scale dresses plus some feathers. Love their horse ponytail hair extensions.

I wouldn’t mind them performing in this when they are in Singapore next Tuesday (just 4 more days). But somehow, I have been picturing them wearing the horrific wigs and retro outfits in my dream nightmare!


48 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ M! Countdown 081030

  1. I think I’m the only one who is impressed with the camera man’s work for this. WG should hire this guy as their permanent camera guy. I mean…wow…Sun Ye was always beautiful, but here, she was smokin’. HOT.

  2. sigh. i hope korea is not as conservative as me..as much as i like their figures…i dont like the way its being shown on camera, even if they always had this sexy image…i guess i always preferred their personality..

  3. thank you MYWG! i’m from Malaysia and its about time we have a malaysian fanclub for WONDERFULS!!!

  4. omgomgomgomg.
    their expressions during this performance were amazing.
    sun mi looked frkn adorable around 0:38-0:40 seconds with her puppy dog pout<3

  5. the camera men here make me angry. they have horrible camera work. im seriously getting dizzy

    i love how everyone cheers on yoobin’s part

  6. i don’t think ye eun is flat. i think she’s scared of cracking so she doesn’t do so good on the high note. too many people*ahem…mnet* make fun of her mistakes so she probably lost a bit of confidence on her high notes and singing. i feel bad for her but i think she has been doing good and has potential to do better. the perf was good, outfits were good just need to fire the camera man omo what if it was a camera woman 😛

  7. Love their outfits… I think Yoo Bin gained pounds. She used to be thinner in So Hot and Tell Me days. WGs look sick and tired, especially Sun Ye and Sun Mi, and maybe even So Hee too. I thought Ye Eun will be the most tired one because isn’t she the busiest?

  8. Today’s camera shots were weirder than usual for Mnet. Awkward moments.

    Actually these aren’t new outfits. The girls wore these same dresses on music bank 081010. I know for sure since I just burned some of their earlier Nobody performances.

  9. WHY is Ye Eun always flat… i would think she would learn from hearing how out of tune she is on that note she holds

  10. Erm.. Is it me?
    or what
    -.- I think the stage is back and front
    it looks like someone is performing at the back XD lol i’m
    weird 😀
    I love their armpits PUHAHAHAHA >.<

  11. I would say “M! makes me sick!” because WG didn’t win, but it’s just motion sickness from the camera work. :-p And the booty/booby/crotch-cam was worse than ever!

  12. Lol@szai.
    I’ve noticed that since the beginning.
    Their armpits are PERFECT!
    I’m very jealous :).
    But anyway
    I lovin the outfits and hair.
    Not my favorite but still lovinn em.
    PFft DBSk.
    M!Countdown… screwww you
    Haha and yeah I think it’s already been said that M!Countdown has the most perverted cameramen out of all the music shows.
    Our girls did WONDERFUL and even though they didn’t win they are still the best. 😛

    thanks coolsmurf
    BTW I’m SO JEALOUS that yo uget to see them in 4 days!

  13. OOH~ i LOvveed their perf! it was really GREAT!! and their new moves too =)
    but..okay..whatsup with the BODYSHOTS??!! thats like so perverted to shot the WonderGirls like that =(
    AND ITS ON TV TOO!! godd…
    but still..WG FIGHTING!!~ <33333333333

  14. i don’t like the stage.. and the cameraman is weird… they did well like always! no.2 is still good!
    @ naturalhonee
    yeah thats what i thought! they are dominating the charts in music bank lately and dbsk have been dominating other charts! i haven’t seen dbsk on music bank lately… i’m still hoping for a collab though… or another wonder bang collab would be amazing!!!

  15. Wow that stage really looked cheap and that cameraman needs to get his mind out of the gutter. -_- But the girls did great as always 🙂

  16. does anyone know why the girls arent around during the end?
    ive noticed that for several shows now, even tho they’re up for the awards at the end, they arent around
    (for m countdown AND inkigayo’s take 7)

    like..were they sure they werent gonna win?!
    cos it wouldve been pretty embarrassing if the girls did win at the end, but werent around to pick up the award..

    im thinkin they were absent at several show ends because they knew they werent gonna win..
    its the same situation with DBSK on music bank – wonder girls have been k-chart winners for weeks on end. and how many music bank shows have DBSK been on?
    whats going on bts..

  17. @ddalgi: Yeah, it wasn’t even in a subtle way.

    And except for the total zoom-out shot of all of them, the camera work was just shoddy all around. Why does he need to follow SoHee’s hands as she’s doing her dance? That makes no sense to me. Haha. The SoHee fans out there would be better off seeing a still shot of her than some shaky video of her upper-body.

  18. ^lol do it count when the girls end their performance DBSK come right out. LOL but at the end the girls wasn;t there AGAIN

    anyway tho they didn’t win hey they got no.2 baby right after the gods that pretty good to me.

    & yes the cameraman is LOL.

  19. yeah mnet cameramans are perverts…-_-; they will always focuses on parts of the body like legs,, butt and other parts….does mnet hate the girls so much? what’s with the small space? they do look like they will bump each other anytime -_-;

  20. sunye solo pic?

    all girls looking pretty..they lost to dbsk again?
    any WONDERSHINKI moments? Btw, any wondershinkers here?

  21. oh yeah…and it really pisses me off how the cameramen are so perverted!! argh, they always are. getting shots of their booties & whatnot. argh sickos

  22. hahhaa yeah their armpits look amazing !
    they probably wax them, not shave.

    dude…it pisses me off how SOHEE has better & more womanly hips than me. all of them (cept maybe not sunmi shes skinny) have great womanly hips !!! X_X; i’m jealous of that. gahh, theyre so lucky theyre born with womanly hips !! haha i’m like a log.

    anyway! yeah..i hope they dont wear those other outfits too…!

  23. I love your blog! I’ve become an even bigger Wonder Girls fan because of it! I check your blog at least once everyday! Thanks for always keeping us updated!

  24. sunmis legs are looking real awkward in the last grp picture.
    love sunye here, where are yoobin and her solo pictures?
    please put them up too

  25. I love their performance here, nice energy.

    I hate the cameramen. omg. I haven’t felt so dizzy watching a performance shot by the studio’s camera…I really thought I was gonna puke at one point.

    Shall we banish the cameramen from working ever with cameras??? hehehe.

    Though I like seeing a different angle on the stage, and I think the cameramen are following the beat of the music…damn…I was never ever dizzy watching a performance. Even fancams are not that dizzy, since there is usually only one…

  26. someone’s peeping under the curtain in the second picture!!!

    yea…they look scaly to me too. thou i really want to see them in the dress they wore from the promo shot, the one with the purple curtain backdrop.

  27. I totally forgot about Mnet, that just shows how much I love that show… I`m not going to watch it, but the pictures look very cute…. oh mo na, are those CURVES?!?! likey! lol

  28. did anyone else feel that the stage today was really really cramped?
    Sunye looked super pretty today , liked her bangs …she was the only one with em. I love Yoobin!..haha..total fangirl spazzing right now.

    I totally agree, he kept focussing on sunye and yoobin during the other girls parts?.. He must be a fan!!..hehe
    I notice that the older males give a lot of attention to these two..heard that sunye was the one supposed to come on WGM( wish that she along yebin could have been there..sigh!)

    hey, are there no solo pics of yoobin and sunye?..could someone please let me know where I can see them. I really really wanna see..

  29. Okay, hate that camera man. The constant shift in angles made me dizzy. And what’s up with the stage? It seems so… cheap.

    ❤ WG!

  30. This video seem like a fancam. It’s so annoying. Someone please shoot that pervert! Neither less, their vocals are amazing.

  31. @szai and rachel
    their super confident and umm i admit it i loved their armpits (weird) lols
    they should do an under arm cf lol

    love the outfit..
    but the camera angle seems to love sunye and yoobin
    i think the cameramens are a little perverted with capturig their back and everything..well if im the cameramen i cant help but capturing them too..sorry lols

    thanks for the news!!!

  32. I’m not partial to their outfits with the feathers on them, but I think the performance was nice. I wish Yoobin had more camera time too. :/ GOD they must be tired of of this song over, and over and over again!

  33. coolsmurf… thanks to this blog, i become more aware about these girls^^ got a chance to see the performance live yesterday. hmm, sunye, sunmi, and ye eun are definitely the best singers in the group. yoobin’s is definitely a rapper^^. sohee acted so cute just like usual. she still needs lots of practice, yet she is much more improved. love their new song “saying i love you” ^_^ soooo nice.

  34. what is up with the cameraman? such a perv. unnecessary shots of the girls’ assets… ok well, i know they’ve got great figures, but still. -_-

    anyway, good performance yet again by the girls. i don’t quite like their dresses but totally loving the hairstyle. sunmi looks adorable acting all cute and being pouty, teehee :3

  35. i can’t help but be amazed at how their armpits looked!
    wow! i think i am nuts!
    who can i blame!??
    and i think i am not the only one!!! hell yeah!!

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