Wonder Girls Come To Play Photos (36P) 081103

36 pictures of the Wonder Girls at Come To Play which they recorded earlier this month with Kim Jong Kook. The girls looked really good and pretty in their casual outfits. This will be shown on 3rd November at 11.10pm (KST).

Download (UU) | Mirror Download (4shared)
password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


39 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Come To Play Photos (36P) 081103

  1. wow. the style is absolutely stunning…(: i think mnet dresses them well…much better than the normal style given to the girls…

  2. love what they were wearing ❤ love how they look 😀

    i can’t wait to see this episode, took the download, thanks for sharing ^^

  3. wah ye eun the smiling angel! gosh she’s freakin gorgeous and her outfit was so cute. finally she’s getting better outfits. love her!

  4. YooBin’s skin is getting fairer and her face is much more rounder. It’s surprising that she’s the only one wearing pants.

  5. ohmygosh! i agree! ye eun’s been glowing lately! ^^

    this is the first time i think sun ye’s outfit is CUTE! it’s usually sexy or cool, but her skirt is just adorable! it’s like a skirt MiSo would wear.

    i just love sun mi’s smiley face as shown on the first picture. her smile always brightens my day. =D

    LOL I can’t wait till it comes out with subs 😀

  7. LOL@MiSo.
    They look so bored. xD
    Hopefully taht’s not the case with the actual show.
    They’re so gorgeous!!
    I am in love with Sohee’s long beautiful hair.
    And I LOVE Yeeun’s smile!!
    It’s contagious.

    thanks coolsmurf

  8. guys sunmi’s bangs are like that because they grew too long so their stylist curved them inwards. its not fake D: she needs to cut them xDD

  9. No HongChul! Hahaha ^O^

    I’m excited for this one! I like it when they’re all together! It makes me sad when one of them is missing..

  10. they look amazing !
    but i dont like sunmi’s hair..it looks fake..like it’s just lying on top of her head…i wish the stylist would give her back that wonderful long hair & long bangs. they look great on her.
    i wanna watch this so bad ! 😀

  11. sunye was soooooo pretty…
    her hair n outfit suits her well…
    others also look good except for sunmi but she still cute..
    yeeun becoming more pretty…
    sohee just like usual..not much different from always…
    n yoobin…i like her the best..mayb because she wears pants..
    my love towards WG grows bigger day by day…

  12. aw, yeeun is beautiful when she laughs.
    the girls look absolutely fab and i love their hair. so shiny and pretty~

  13. Ye Eun is much prettier now, that she gained weight compared to what she looks when she auditioned to JYP…and she prettier when she smiles…I like all of them smiling and laughing. Thats what I like about them they are very happy and playful person…

    I love Sunye, Sohee, Sunmi, Yoobin, and Ye Eun…

    I love wonder girls

  14. Ooh! Sunye’s wearing a skirt~ it looks really pretty.

    I don’t really like Sunmi’s shirt and bangs, but other than that everyone looks great here!

  15. LOL at that guy at the first picture!
    he’s telescoping our girls!
    our girls are such fashionistas!
    i love their outfits!
    gosh i want SunYe’s leather jacket!
    they all look so pretty!
    YeEun has one of the brightest smile!

  16. i think the girls have changed alot from last year.. which is a good thing, they have become more comfortable on variety shows and radios! they have improved so much, they look so pretty! especially ye eun, i use to think that she wasn’t pretty and now i think she is gorgeus! i love their clothes and the way they dress up, hope they wear something pretty for the mkmf awards!

  17. ye eun should smile more .she looed gorgeous in those pics.like her straight hair. our leader min is so pretty.

  18. Ye Eun seems to shine more and more these dayz…she’s so amazingly beautiful!<33 All of them as gorgoues too!
    Their skin is so radiant and I loooove their outfits!
    Can’t wait to see! Thanks =D

  19. ye eun should smile more .she looed gorgeous in those pics.like her straight hair.y r so hee n sunmi looked so grumpy . our leader min is so pretty.

  20. the girls look real pwetty!
    something is wrong with sunmis bangs in her solo picture…love sunye’s leather jacket, lover her!

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