Wonder Girls TBJ ‘08 Winter Pictures + Wallpapers

TBJ has finally released possibly the full set of photos of the Wonder Girls modeling the jumper series for ’08 Winter collection. Enjoy the spread!

Solo, couple and group shots

The following are wallpapers from the Winter 08 series and comes in 3 sizes.
Click for 800×600 | 1024×768 | 1280×1024

Click for 800×600 | 1024×768 | 1280×1024

Click for 800×600 | 1024×768 | 1280×1024

Click for 800×600 | 1024×768 | 1280×1024

Click for 800×600 | 1024×768 | 1280×1024

Once again, cutegiurl has compiled every single picture and stuff from TBJ ‘08 Winter series into a zipped file for you to download, visit this link at her blog to get it for your own collection. Download Behind the Scenes of TBJ ’08 Winter Photoshoot (right-click, save link/target as). Many thanks also to MISSMORE@Soompi and iHeartWG.com for the pictures.


46 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ ‘08 Winter Pictures + Wallpapers

  1. Ok is it me or are these things getting more and more popular? Not that its a hoodie but look at the dang Snuggy, I would have never guessed that those would become a hot item.

  2. sunye has been receiving a lotta hate these days 😦
    shes really a nice girl so i just cant understand why..its here, on yt and on soompi..reminds me of the early sohee bashing days…

    sunye fighting!…my all time favorite even though i love all the girls.

  3. i wish the couple shot with sunmi in it was a solo shot..kinda hesitating to out it as my background cos i don’t exactly like the guy ):

  4. Why do koreans love to match couples for example;

    Sunmi+Sohee = Miso
    Sohee+SunYe = MinAhn

    and make some speculations that something is romantic between them??? please enlighten me with this?

    Also I wonder why so hee’s kissing scene with kim bum gathered much talk than her kissing her female classmate????

    Is same sex OK with koreans? I am just wondering? ^_^

    however I really love Wonder Girls

  5. There’s so much fighting about who is the better WG lately! Good Lord.

    I myself am a huge YeEun fan, so I get irked whenever I see another TBJ campaign where she’s either nowhere to be found or styled less than stellar. (Though I think SunYe got shortchanged the most this time around..) But each of the WG excels in different areas (like YeEun with her musical ability and SoHee with her fantastic modeling and hopefully acting, etc.) and they’re all so happy with each other so people should just be happy for them. Why do people always project their feelings onto these girls?? Anyhow, I’d rather see any WG in a TBJ ad than not. And frankly, I’m more annoyed when TBJ stretches the girls’ legs to unrealistic lengths than anything–though this time it’s less an issue as the last campaign!

    Go Wonder Girls! All of you!!

  6. Wow. Usually I’m complaining because there are no YeEun shots but what happened to SunYe? She deserved to have more pics. And guys, yes the WGs were built around SunYe but that doesn’t mean she’d be better off solo. She shines as the leader of the WGs and because she leads them they all shine brighter. So guys, try and be true fans and stop with this nonsense. Support the WGs as the group we love. Haters come and haters go.


    I feel a lack of MISO pictures. There’s usually more, but I’m sure there’s gotta be more in the zipped file, right??

    Ye Eun look GORGEOUS in that one close up shot with her hoodie on. Actually, Ye Eun looks gorgeous overall for the whole shoot. Definitely a favorite picture.

    Another favorite is Sun Mi’s couple picture along with her solo full body shot. Her legs just look so nice because she has long, skinny legs!

    I agree with you guys that again, Sohee is favored more, but to be truthful, if you really know WG, you should know that Sohee really IS the best model out of all of them, popularity aside.

    Anyway, my last favorite that’s posted here is of SOHEE! With the white glasses and her pouty face!

    I wish TBJ sells online internationally! They keep wearing those colorful frames, and I want one! Also, I’ve been looking for beanies like those! Even Seo In Young and HwangBo wear those beanies on WGM!

  8. Dont worry, TBJ always give to much ptshoot to miso ^^ and miso always do it great, i thing TBJ know that miso have MODEL sense more than other girls please LOVE ❤

    and i dont like when you guy say sunye to go solo..
    ummm….i think if she want to go solo in the first time she probably say to JYP and i believe JYP will approve her to go solo! because JYP think to debut sunye in solo artist before he decide to creat girl group and let sunye to leader if now sunye leave group to go solo, many things that she do for wonder girls it will be waste…..

    and you know popular artists getting so many fans and anitis in the same time, it same with sunye and sohee in group..
    sohee always got bashing about her voice
    but for sunye…. you know only reason that i can find is because they ‘jealous’…like you know sunye is like perfect girl

    why i feel like sunye know what antis say, one thing that antis always say is she so much outstanding and in spotlight…. recently, when they perf live if you notice, if they have interview, sunye is the one that not say anything or not much like usually….i always pray that she will not see that antis comment by herself and she will not be like sohee in tell me days…

  9. @ Casey

    Wonder girls the group is built around SUNYE

    Whether or not WG fans want to admit it, sunye is the staple to this group and if sunye leaves this group is done. Sure sohee is popular, cute but has too many anti fans to stand alone.

    SunYe is to JYP what BoA is to LSM, basically their favourite.
    Girl groups are always built around one member, and sunye is it, and if people aren’t going to respect her then sunye can do so much better than an idol group where she isn’t getting respect as a leader and as someone who spent their whole childhood in training.

  10. why ye eun looks different?
    so different…
    its do not look like her..
    especially at the 1st pic..

    but why yoo bin’s pic so little? ye eun too..
    not like the rest..
    im feel so sad..
    i dont like that situation.. =(

    they are look so cute..

  11. That’s really low of you.
    Why would you say that towards Sun Ye “Go solo if people can’t appreciate you”.
    What do you think JYP has worked so hard for with Sun Ye? If he sought for her to go solo, then that would have happened, but it didn’t, because he saw that a girl group was in the making, and looked what happened… WG are the Most Wonderful =P (Corny, but true).

    Seriously, it’s fans like you who make me puzzled.
    Yes, your looking out for Sun Ye, that is great.
    But shouldn’t you think.. JYP warned them it was going to be a tough industry.
    Every one has had their highs and lows in this group, so why think about the last straw and go solo? Why can’t she just work harder and prove everyone wrong?
    She’s Leader Min.. w/o her would ruin WG, and why would you want to ruin something as spectacular as them?
    We love WG as a group — and as for every member that makes up WG. Them together is something brilliant and shouldn’t be given up upon.

    Anyways, this photoshoot is fab.. Though I don’t like to see my favourite member (Yoobin) underneath too much, nor do I like Yeeun underneath either.. even though she’s like a bomb and grabs my attention o.O!!~

    Sohee looks like she had fun on this shoot, and the Miso pictures are lovely.
    And I agree with a previous comment.. I don’t get why Yoobin+Sunmi = Nyuma.
    Can someone explain? Thanks~

  12. Wow..sunye is totally being neglected these days. By fans, during shows and performances and now with this spread.

    I heard she hasnt been keeping well for quite some time,maybe its because of all the anti-fans, she has been known to go and read all anti comments ( and I’ve seen a lot of hate here these days) . And has taken them to heart as well.

    SunYe, know that they are still loads of us who support YOU! Do not take these comments to heart.

    If it gets too hard, then just go solo. No use being part of something if people can’t appreciate you.

  13. I love love love the new tbj spread!
    i’m so glad they didn’t photoshop their legs so much this time~
    Sohee’s smile is…. precious!

    thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Finally a shot of Sunye and Kwonnie together!!! <333
    Ok my faves picture gotta be the group pictures,Yeeun wearing the hood (she looks like a sexy diva!),Sunmi solo shot.
    Okay,actually I like all of em XD

  15. how come the set of pic that you uploaded were different from mine? how come there are pics that i didn’t see in the official site? that’s pretty odd…

  16. ‘Yubin+Sunmi=Nyuma’
    I’m probably just being super slow, but i don’t see how this works out.

    I love all the pictures, lots of cute SoHee ones, gotta hand it to the girl she’s hella photogenic. Not nearly enough solo SunYe though, but the beautiful Yeeun shots are great. Yubin is looking hot and damn SunMi is like a natural model- her legs are so skinny.
    2AM don’t have that many shots, heck Changmin aint got one at all ><

  17. Wow I think some girls didnt have enough shots! but its okay they looked stunning in all the shots they did have!

  18. so hee is so cute!

    her smile always makes me happy ^O^

    others are pretty too!

    but i think 3 unni are not enegetic enough! heheeh!

  19. I love the JOSUN pic!…SunYe gives a very g-dragon feel in that picture!…her legs are looking super-long in these pics!..shes lost a LOT OF WEIGHT!..

    sohee is cutensess personified!

    i wish sunye had more solo pics..

    WHEN ARE THE IVY PICS COMING OUT!!!!!!!!..can’t wait

  20. this is so cute! 🙂 thanks for the upload

    BTW, thank u for finally featuring yeeun on the side ^^;

    and sorry if that’s been up for a few days ; i haven’t been here in a while.

  21. why ppl always call Sunmi+Yeeun is ‘YeMi’ couple
    in korea we call them ‘EunSun’ couple
    for ex.
    Sunmi+Sohee = Miso
    Sohee+SunYe = MinAhn
    > <

  22. Really good pics,and is it just me or have any of you also been seen a lot of more Yemi moments than usual?

  23. once and for all, TBJ only signed 2AM up in addition to the Wonder Girls. Simple as that. 2AM is 2AM, 2PM is 2PM. They aren’t together.

  24. can someone please tell me why 2pm doesn’t get a chance to do a phostoshoot with the wonder girls like 2am does??? i like 2pm and i think nickhun and sunmi looks hot together!

  25. I always love their TBJ photos. They make it look so fun you know? And they look like they really enjoyed posing for the photos which is awesome. 🙂

    So stunningly gorgeous. 🙂

  26. TBJ is the most bias pathetic company I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Seriously, this is getting real old.

  27. why are 2pm not doing a photoshoot with them??? i think tbj is deciding on the looks.. its not fair really… the unnies look so pretty and enjoyable… i’m so jealous that its winter soon and snow… we don’t have snow here in Malaysia…

  28. Ahhh
    I agree with giantdino and Mari.
    I would LOVE more group photos/solo Yeeun photos/etc.
    But I really hope you guys don’t start to dislike Sohee or Sunmi or whoever for it because it’s not them who’s asking for the pics.. 😦
    But even so I have to say MiSo looks SO cute,happy,GOOOORGEOUS,HOT!,and just amazing in their photos!
    Of course same with everyone else but I couldn’t help noticing MiSo the most.. (probably because they had the most pics..)
    I especially love the last MiSo pics.. 🙂
    GAH~ I wish I lived in Korea ..
    Or wished at least that we would have a TBJ here fully equiped with Wonder Girl merchandise haha.

    thanks for the pics coolsmurf.

  29. err, I had the same feelings with Mari

    but pls don’t bash other members.

    It is tbj problem,not the others girls.

    So hee looks so cute and adorable in those pictures.

    Ye Eun just looks stunning,pretty.

    TBJ should be fair.

    Why ye eun always get the less pictures?

  30. if you thought that yeeun/yoobin/sunye didnt have enough shots just look at ChangMin or the lack of him at all!

    what happened????

    hopefully they have more pics cus there wasnt too
    much WonderDay, only 2 members of 2AM are in most
    of the pics with the girls…. and mainly MiSo….

  31. Looking as wonderful as ever, but you should know why I’m upset with TBJ again. Why do they always do that? T.T

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