Wonder Girls Participates in Leaving Love Volunteer Activities 081028

Yesterday afternoon (28th Oct), 5-member girl group Wonder Girls, Sun Ye, Sun Mi, Ye Eun, Yoo Bin (without So Hee) opened Leaving Love volunteer activities at the Korea Welfare Foundation’s One Love Village located in Gwangju.

This year is the 6th “Nong Shim Leaving Love Corps” where the entire nation’s youths participate in a variety of volunteer activities and practice “leaving love” wherever they go. Today, the students of Suji High School participated with the popular group, the Wonder Girls. The girl group with the high school students will help children with impediments and/or serious diseases for one night and two days in a variety of activities: bathing, feeding, cleaning, laundry, etc.

A love concert featuring the Wonder Girls, etc will also take place on 9th November at Jamsil Olympic Stadium as part of Nongshim’s charity event.

credit: Kay & RedMangoLover@wgjjang.wordpress.com


42 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Participates in Leaving Love Volunteer Activities 081028

  1. SUNMI- Where did you get your red sweater from? I adore your outfit! It looked so comfortable but classy as well.

    Could you post where it’s from?

  2. I’m so glad that they would take the time out of their busy schedules to do something like this. WGs are definitely wonderful role models. And SunYe looks so beautiful in these pics. Love YeEun’s smile 🙂

  3. Some of this pictures are NOT flattering. o.o Like Yoobin’s first solo pics.

    Does anyone else agree that Sun Mi looks hecka like Ye Eun in some picture??! In WG, I feel like Sun Mi and Ye Eun look alot alike sometimes, and Sun Ye and Yoobin look alot alike.

    Also, in Sun Mi’s 4th solo pic, I think she even looks a bit like SNSD’s SeoHyun, and I know I’m not the only one who sees a resemblance between them.

    Anywaaay, I love Sun Mi’s outfit! And you can really tell Yoobin loves children! ^^

  4. aww, ye eun and yoobin looks like good parents
    the pic with yoobin and sun ye LOL
    it was as if sun ye was one of the babies
    and one of the pic with sun mi,
    looks like she was glaring at the little kid hahah ❤

  5. i heard from some interview that said sunye’s health isn’t as well as usually since she was young, so when JYP promote the girls like crazy -*- you can say that sunye always have some problem with her health (maybe you can’t say because most of people didn’t notice that, i know – -“) she be like that since irony days, when you saw her on stage she always look like she’s fine, but when you see her like above pic .. it’s make me feel sad

  6. awww would`ve been nice to have Sohee there…but the rest of the girls look like they had a blast! SunMi looks so maternal…wow

  7. nowadays sunye is the one who always look really tired, mayb cause her entrance exam in next month? and now they’
    re so hard working also she’s leader her working always x2
    poor leader TT_TT

  8. I heard that sunye has not been feeling well for the longest time and hence explains the tired look and dark circles.

    But, I still think shes gorgeous…so are the others.
    But shes got that sumthin special.

  9. They’re so pretty without makeup~~~~
    I love how pure Sunmi look in the pictures. I mean,look at the way she looks at the kids!
    Sunye look so tired in the pictures T_T I love the picture of her and the baby on the piano 🙂
    Yeeun and Yoobin look sooooooo pretty!

  10. haha…i thought the first picture was not exactly flattering for yoobin either…then again its nice to see such naturally taken picture of them for a change…

  11. leader look really tired this day its obvious when u saw her w/o makeup, honestly, i really worry about her health – -, i saw her look down since cyworld award, god.. hope she ok….

  12. wow..sunmi looks gorgious in those shots….day by day she becomes more beautiful

    yoobin and yeuen looked cute holding the kids..sunye playing the piano with the baby was cute but the one where she’s olding the baby with a sadish face upset me…god only knows how they feel seeing those kids in there situation..its sad and heartbreaking

    where was sohee?:(

    the girls looked tired..yes those panda eyes! but no or minimal makeup always looks good

    i am in love with the picture of sunmi reading with the kid and sunye’s piano playing!
    thanks coolsmurf!! you are the best

  13. leader looks like a mother in this, she’s got this tenderness to her that sets her apart in these pictures.

  14. they all look pretty but they look really tired – -”
    i love really Sunmi smile and YuMin couple is so cute ^^
    i wanna hear Sunye play piano in that pic > <

  15. they are toally glowing…
    i love wonder girls… really… not becoz of their looks…
    but their kind hearts

  16. even though the girls are booked with perf.s
    they still find the time to attend these events
    they looked really natural, but also you
    could tell that they were physically tired
    (i saw lots of panda eyes!)
    althought they didnt show it through with their
    emotions…. they were definetely glowing!

    Sunmi looks so beautiful! WAAAH! im spazzing at
    her beauty! well all of them do but, i just love
    Sunmi’s shots the most!

  17. You can tell how young Sunmi is, like she fits right in with the kids. So adorable.

    The three elder members look like mothers, I love how natural they look. Ye Eun looks so tired though, I hope they are all getting some well deserved rest!

  18. aww…so cute… i don’t think they are wearing make up, they are so pretty without make up… Yoobin unnie looks really friendly with the kids… sunye is so sweet… sunmi is pretty like always and yeeun is beautiful.. wonder girls looks like they are having fun, i bet the kids really liked their visit.. wonder girls especially sunye, ye eun and yoobin will become a good mother one day! i’m sad so hee wasn’t there to parcitipate… WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!

    I love them so much
    How can you not love them?
    They take the time and effort and sincerity to do these things for the people who really need it.
    And I totally agree with dooberap.
    I couldn’t stop looking at Sunmi’s pictures.
    She looks genuinly happy and GORGEOUS.
    I noticed that they don’t have makeup on (or much of it anyway.) and again I LOVE that.
    But yes I’m absolutely in love with SunMi and her pictures.
    Especially the one where she’s reading with the little boy.
    I’m gonna stop now cause I’ll probably end up taking up the whole page if I don’t..

    Haha thank you coolsmurf for posting this.
    It really just made my week. (possibly longer).

  20. lol yoobin looks so cute with the little baby in the pink ^^
    they look so natural and normal here (esp. yoobin and her shiny nose LOL xD)

    Looks like they had fun with the babies and kids ~ ^^

  21. aww there so cute….yoobin would be a great parent…the rest of them too…and i see some sunbin love :D….i dont think there wearing make up…but if they are then the put very little on….

  22. Where’s Sohee? She’s probably in school or filming something again huh? Will its too bad she couldn’t be with Sunmi and the kids. lol.

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