Wonder Girls MNet My Favourite Photos (69P) 081027

We have 69 MNet.com official HQ pictures of the Wonder Girls when they were guests at Mnet My Favourite on 27th October. Enjoy the spread!

Download (SB) | Mirror Download (4shared)
password: singapore


34 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MNet My Favourite Photos (69P) 081027

  1. Could anybody show me how to download this cause when i download it, it didn’t allow me…..I don’t know why

  2. Soo Hee looks SOOO cute in her second photo!!! 😀 Aww dumpling cheeks!! These are all amazing photos! Thanks

  3. @nepurr: Yes! I really want to sub this for all the non-Korean-speaking WG fans because I think it’s my favorite WG appearance to date! But alas, my tech skills are limited.. TT_TT

  4. they’re all so pretty in this pic, mnet always have the best batch of pic, so gorgeous, and ye eun really cute in that… twirling lollipop?
    thank you for sharing! im grabbing the zip

  5. OH MY!!!
    They look sooooo pretty…dude wth!!!
    Sunye stop smiling, you will give me an heart attack!
    Sunmi, is a big OH MO NA!
    Yoobin what a dork with her little board!
    YeEun looks delicious
    Mandoo, stop being so damn cute

    I could go ob for hours and huours!

  6. Aw SoHee looks cute in that pic where she looks up.
    And SunMi looks really pretty. Smile made my day ^^

    I’ve noticed YE EUN has been really pretty lately.

    SunYe’s hair+smile = PERFECT

    Yoobin CUTIE with the spoon!

    And i’ve seen the video of them singing Saying I Love Yu. I must say their fashion is pretty AWESOME!

  7. Hahahhah I loved this episode with them on it!!
    It was just soo cute and a really good show all in all.
    One of the best they’ve been on in a while actually.
    Where they can just have fun and relax.
    Where she was doing her ice cream CF and she made that CUUUUUUUUUUUTE face

    thanks coolsmurf

  8. Ye Eun looks so pretty in the second picture, and Yoobin and Sohee look adoooorable in their second pictures!!!

  9. LOL!! Yoobin looks so cute in her second picture where she was biting her spoon xD
    omgoshh..look at YeEun and Sunmi!! Their smiles are sooo natural and they look the happiest out of the group there!!
    Miso Couple~ looks they look pretty and cute! Sunmi is getting really pretty and Sohee still has her cute babyface<3
    WG FIGHTING!! <333333333333

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