Wonder Girls First Solo Concert Confirmed for February 2009

After S.E.S, the Wonder Girls will become the first girl group in 9 years to have a concert next February (2009) with an audience of around 5000 fans.

A JYPE representative said, “The place and time hasn’t been picked but the Wonder Girls will have a concert in February 2009 for 5000 fans.”

It has been 9 years since a girl group opened a solo concert after Fin.K.L consecutive concerts in 1998 and 1999 and their rivals S.E.S in 2000.

Though many idol girl groups have emerged over the years, the main reason why they could not have a concert was due to the over popularity of boy bands. Not only was there no specific girl idol group that could follow Fin.K.L’s popularity, the entertainment companies though that without a certain hit song or having that much popularity, it was risky to open up a concert.

But Wonder Girls have earned success starting from last year’s “Tell Me” then this year’s “So Hot” and “Nobody” and are finally stepping up to open a concert.

The entertainment staff said, “This concert was created based on the members strong desire. After appearing as guests at JYP’s concert earlier this year, they had stated their intention that they wished to open their own concert.”

With regards to this, “The Wonder Girls thought that opening a concert was the best way to repay their fans for all the love and affection that they have given to the girls.” and added, “They are currently busy spending their time promoting Nobody but they are full of energy for their concert next year.”

Wonder Girls became Korea’s Little Sisters last year with Tell Me and they have dominated all music charts with So Hot and Nobody this year.

credit: skye (Ariel) + sportsdonga
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29 thoughts on “Wonder Girls First Solo Concert Confirmed for February 2009

  1. 5000 seats only!?!?! 15 000 wouldn’t be enough i tell you seriously!!!

    Wonder Girls are so HOT right now!!!
    Man…Wish i caould go to their 1st ever Korea Concert T_T

  2. Woah! I’m so happy to hear that in 9 years no girl group has been able to hold a concert and now Wonder Girls is!
    Proud! xD
    I cant wait for their concert, even though I wont be able to go, lol.

  3. I want to go 😦 Oh well. I’m glad that they’re the first girlgroup in so long to do this. They’re always ahead of all the other girl groups out there. πŸ™‚

  4. =O They better make a DVD of it! I’m SO buying it! I wish I lived nearer to S. Korea! I’d totally fly over there! It stinks that it’s in February since I have no vacation time, then. =[

    Maybe they’ll play for Valentine’s Day. ^^

    I’m happy for them! I’m sure those 5000 seats will fill up quickly!!

  5. best of luck for them..
    i hope i can go
    but i’m far away here in malaysia…huhu
    hope they will make dvd for it…
    but 5000 seats seems like a small amount..isn’t it???
    WG..stay healthy…
    n always perform the best..
    may god bless WG…

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  7. JYP better make a DVD or something for us international fans T_T
    The 5000 fans is fixed right? Gosh,they should have more seats. I mean the whole Korea loves WG! ^_^

    You know,I actually love how WG wanted a concert for their fans instead of just think how-popular-boybands-nowadays-so-we-can’t-do-concert.
    It’s just how WG are. Wonderfuls are their first priority πŸ™‚

  8. OMG I wish I could go!!!! But that would be one hella expensive concert…hehehehe the ticket alone would kill me! but I’m sure all the wonderfuls would take lots of fan cams!

  9. omg i would SO love to be able to go…. if only i lived in korea T___T

    thanks for the heads up!

    though i have one correction to add… S.E.S. did have a solo concert after their 3rd album… so like in 1999/2000 — i know because i have the dvd πŸ˜€

  10. i don’t know much about finkl, i’m actually new too kpop.. especially female groups.. i only liked wonder girls, snsd, kara, dbsk, super junior, ft island, big bang and SHINee… but then people kept on mentioning disband groups like finkl, S.E.S, H.O.T and G.O.D… and now i like them all.. kpop is really filled with great idol groups… finkl and s.e.s must have been really big! i like lee hyori from finkl and eugene form s.e.s! i think sunye and eugene sometimes look alike… I hope wonder girls will be as succesfull as finkl and s.e.s… it use to be finkl vs s.e.s and now its like wonder girls vs snsd… although people think them as rivals, i will always hope they become friends and collab soon..

    That’ll be one of the biggest concerts of the year.
    And I LOVED Fin.Kl!!! hahah just a side note there.
    Sung Yuri was my favorite and still is actually! :DD
    And of course Lee Hyori the sexy icon.
    But anywho.
    WHOOOOO! That’s so exciting.
    I reallly wish I could just fly there just for the concert. 😦
    I’m so glad they’re excited for this they deserve to have fun.

    thanks coolsmurf

  12. Are they serious?

    even FinKl, THE FinKl didn’t have a solo concert back then? they were huge, they could have done it -.- now its too late =P lol

    Anyways this is pretty amazing o.o; I’m so glad girl groups are back in the spot light now..I hope the concert goes well and everyone has fun..I’m hoping to go now,, ^^

  13. yay!
    i cant wait for their concert (not like im in korea)
    but still!
    best of luck to the girls
    and also get enough rest for the concert
    be 100% Healthy!!!

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